LANMU Power Adapter for NETGEAR Arlo Security Camera (Replace Lithium Batteries CR123A)

LANMU Power Adapter for NETGEAR Arlo Security Camera (Replace Lithium Batteries CR123A)

Price: $16.90


  • Brand: LANMU
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer: Lanmu Direct
  • Weight: 20


  • No Longer Change the Battery:The LANMU power cable was special designed for Arlo Wire-Free HD Cameras,you do not have to change the battery any more.With it,you can let your Arlo cameras continuous power supply,continuous running,super convenient and save time.
  • Easy to Install:Just a few minutes to install it,you just need to put the charging adapter in the cam then push hard,it will fit and stay in the cam very well. No Interference from it,make your camera work great.
  • Perfect Compatibility:Fits into the Arlo cam very tightly which is necessary to make it weatherproof. Adopt advanced charging technology solution,high charging efficiency and power supply comes from the adaptive charging technology,can strengthen the speed of the electricity,offer multiple protections for your Arlo cameras charging.
  • Born for Power Supply:The LANMU Power cord for Arlo can prevent overcharge,overheating,short circuit and overcurrent,provide you with a perfect power supply solution.
  • Ultra Long DC Power Cable:Equipped with a 6.56Ft long DC power cable,this length allows you to through the main gate or side door in your house without any scuffing,let your camera can work outdoors as well.


LANMU Power Adapter for Arlo Camera,Battery Charger Adaptor for Netgear Arlo VMC3030(Replace CR123A Lithium Batteries)

Input: AC100 ~ 240V
Output: 6V & 1A
Length: 94 inch/240cm

Package included:
1 X Power Adapter
1 X Battery Adapter with DC Power Cable

NETGEAR Arlo Security Camera
(Not compatible with Arlo Pro)