Starter Tethering Kit w/USB-C to USB-C, 15' (4.6m) ORG

Starter Tethering Kit w/USB-C to USB-C, 15' (4.6m) ORG

Price: $104.55


  • Brand: Tether Tools
  • Color: orange
  • Manufacturer: Tether Tools
  • Model: Starter Tethering Kit
  • Weight: 90


  • STARTER KIT: Includes everything you need to get started with tethered photography
  • CABLE: Cable is constructed to the highest possible USB specifications and incorporates all of the latest technology ensuring consistent and reliable conductivity, and the fastest and most reliable transfers
  • JERKSTOPPER: Protect your camera port from stress and pulls to the cable utilizing the Tether Tools JerkStopper Tethering Camera Support and USB Support
  • CASE: The Cable Organization Case is an easily accessible, durable storage case for tethering cables, straps, and cable retention devices
  • CABLE TIES: JerkStopper ProTab Cable Ties are designed for durability and convenience. The JerkStopper ProTab Cable Ties are reusable and have a guaranteed life span of 10,000 applications per tie.


If you're looking to get into tethered photography and don't know where to begin, try the Tether Tools Starter Tethering Kit w/ USB-C to USB-C Cable. This kit includes all the accessories you need to begin tethered photography. The high-visibility orange TetherPro cable has become synonymous with tethered photography, used by professionals everywhere. Keep all your ports protected from damage using the JerkStopper supports, and keep it all neat and organized with the JerkStopper ProTab cable ties and the cable organization case.

TetherPro Cable

Constructed to the highest USB specifications, the Tether Tools TetherPro USB-C to USB-C connects your camera to your computer with the smaller USB-C port. The choice of photographers and videographers everywhere, the TetherPro USB-C cable is fully reversible, so no matter how you plug it in, it's always right side up. The cable allows for direct connection with no adapters or dongles and is designed to filter out signal noise and reduce transmission errors. All cables are fully shielded and plated to protect against external signal interference.