GP Rechargeable NiMH Batteries, D Size, 2-Count Packages (9000MAH)

GP Rechargeable NiMH Batteries, D Size, 2-Count Packages (9000MAH)

Price: $21.95


  • Brand: GP
  • Manufacturer: GP
  • Model: 900DHC-2


  • Type: D 7000mAh GP700DHC-C2 | Dimensions: 34, 2 x 61, 5 mm
  • Capacity: 7000 mAh | Voltage: 1.2V Package size: 2pcs/blister
  • Last longer than Alkaline batteries Stays charged when not in use Can be recharged for hundreds times
  • Excellent high drain performance, Up to 1000 recharge cycles, Environmentally friendly
  • No memory effect Replaces: Bty Aaa 12v, Soshine 12v, Toshiba Size 15v


GP's NiMH rechargeable batteries are especially designed to meet the most stringent needs of today's high drain applications such as digital cameras, MD and MP3 players and other portable devices. GP Rechargeable batteries are all round, powerful and suitable for a wide range of applications. These models stay in power over time and can be recharged for hundreds of times. The broad range ensures a proper solution for every situation.