Energizer Rechargeable D Batteries, NiMH, 2500 mAh, 2 count

Energizer Rechargeable D Batteries, NiMH, 2500 mAh, 2 count

List Price: $7.50

Price: $6.99


  • Brand: Energizer
  • Manufacturer: Energizer Batteries- Consumables
  • Model: NH50BP-2
  • Weight: 16


  • Leading-edge technology makes NiMH round cell rechargeable D batteries ideal for the most advanced high-drain devices
  • These include digital cameras personal digital assistants (PDAs) handheld electronic games, portable CD players and palmtop computers
  • High capacity cells provide as much as 70 percent more power per charge than standard NiCd batteries, and allow upto 1, 000 recharges
  • They can be recharged to full power at any time using A wide range of chargers
  • Since they are both renewable and reusable, batteries are both A good economic and A good environmental choice


Energizer e2 Rechargeable NiMH Battery of D size is economical and can be recharged 100's of times. Battery which lasts 4 times longer than ordinary alkaline batteries is perfect for high drain devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players or 2-way radios. Sold as a pack of 2.