ALLMAX All-Powerful Alkaline Batteries- D (12-Pack), Ultra Long Lasting, Leak-Proof, 1.5V Cell

ALLMAX All-Powerful Alkaline Batteries- D (12-Pack), Ultra Long Lasting, Leak-Proof, 1.5V Cell

List Price: $18.99

Price: $13.99


  • Brand: ALLMAX
  • Manufacturer: ALLMAX
  • Model: 901PB12


  • ALLMAX only produces one type, one grade, and one color of Non-Rechargeable All-Powerful Alkaline Batteries to most of your household devices with All-In-One unbeatable powers. ALL-POWERFUL ALKALINE BATTERY, WE ONLY MAKE THE BEST!
  • Always Moving Forward - 8 times longer lasting power capacity than heavy duty batteries, enable your devices with longer work time and perform their best. Always Performance - ENERGY CIRCLE technology holds the power up to 7 years in storage, offering you real and effective service quality
  • Always Leak-Proof - Leak-Proof with improved sealing structure to protect your devices from damage caused by the leakage. Always Green - free of Mercury, Cadmium, and Lead to maintain a sustainable environment
  • Always Compatible - With ONLY one type and premium quality of All-Powerful Alkaline Batteries, any of your daily household high and low drain devices using size D / 1.5V batteries can be powered by our size D batteries
  • Always Fresh - We always deliver the FRESH batteries to Amazon customers that are produced within one year, wrapped with heat shrink film to well manage the batteries, clearly identify them from unwrapped and used, and prevent mis-contacting the terminals. Also, the batteries are all packed with sturdy corrugated box for protection and storage


ALLMAX! All-Powerful Alkaline! ALLMAX Battery is a professional battery manufacturer. ALLMAX represents our goal to develop and manufacture the highest quality of batteries. Alkaline battery is one of our product categories which provides consumers a choice of greater power for their electronic products. ALLMAX All-powerful Alkaline battery is so powerful that it is perfectly suitable for a variety of battery-powered devices. On high-drain devices,ALLMAX All-powerful Alkaline batteries even perform better. ALLMAX All-powerful Alkaline battery is produced by the new production lines adopting advanced technology from Japan and South Korea, which ensures strong power, durability, safety and environment-friendliness of the battery. ALLMAX All-powerful Alkaline batteries is always your best choice!