Impact Fresnel Spot S-Mount Attachment (10-40°)

Impact Fresnel Spot S-Mount Attachment (10-40°)

Price: $54.95


  • Brand: Impact
  • Manufacturer: Impact


  • For S-Mount LED Lights and Flash Heads
  • Adjustable 10-40° Spot to Flood


The Fresnel Spot S-Mount Attachment 10-40° from Impact is a clever light shaper that allows you to do sharp shadow, long throw or old-style Hollywood effects with your S-Mount LED head or monolight flash head. A simple rotation of the barrel adjusts the focusing range from 10° spot for maximum crispness to 40° flood for wider coverage. Four colored gels are provided and snap into place for additional creative effects.


  • Glass Fresnel lens with adjustable-length housing focuses light
  • Rotating lens controls angle of the beam and adjusts from spot (10°) to flood (40°)
  • Brightness increases in spot position
  • Color gels included for special effects
  • Compatible with LED lights or monolight flashes with S-mounts