AudioQuest - USB-A Noise-Stopper Caps (Set of 4)

AudioQuest - USB-A Noise-Stopper Caps (Set of 4)

List Price: $30.00

Price: $29.95


  • Brand: AudioQuest
  • Manufacturer: AUDIOQUEST
  • Model: CAPUSB


  • Eliminate Noise from Your System
  • Cover all the unused USB-A inputs or outputs in your system
  • Keep distortion from getting into your components
  • Caps slide right over unused USB-A jacks
  • Provides both sonic and environmental protection


AudioQuest USB-A Noise-Stopper Caps Fit Right Over the Unused USB Inputs and Outputs of Your Gear: Simple, Inexpensive Devices Block Noise from Entering Active Circuit and Protect Against Dust Prevent RFI and EMI noise from entering the active circuit of the unused USB-A inputs and outputs on your audio/video gear with AudioQuest USB-A noise-stopper caps . A simple, easy, effective, and cheap upgrade, these caps fit right over the unused ins/outs and also protect against dust and corrosion. AudioQuest's RCA noise-blocking caps have been in use for decades. These apply the same concept to USB-A ins/outs. If you have gear or components with unused USB slots, consider these caps as essential as a power cord. You'll hear (and see) the difference! (Sold in sets of four.)