Spray Disc Cleaner With Buffing Cloth

Spray Disc Cleaner With Buffing Cloth

Price: $10.95


  • Brand: Proline Digital
  • Manufacturer: Proline Digital
  • Model: CDS-28
  • Weight: 100


  • Simply Spray On and Buff Off
  • Used By Libraries Everywhere to Maintain Huge Disc Collections
  • Safe and Effective, No Harmful Vapors, Does Not Contain Alcohol
  • Use Regularly on All Disc Formats, HD DVD Discs,Blu-Ray Discs,Book on Disc,Game Discs and More
  • Soft Disc Buffing Cloth is Included with Every Bottle


8 oz. Spray Disc Cleaner is an effective and proven formula that makes it easy to remove microscopic dust, fingerprints, light stains and other stubborn deposits from all disc formats. Use to maintain all of your DVD discs, Blu-Ray discs, Game discs, Music CD's and Book on disc for perfect optical tracking. Regular cleaning is recommended to ensure precise disc reproduction of all disc formats. No harmful vapors plus it contains no alcohol in this high quality formulation. A soft disc buffing cloth is included with every bottle.