Read Right CD/DVD Kleen, 75 Wipes per Pop-Up Tub (RR1420)

Read Right CD/DVD Kleen, 75 Wipes per Pop-Up Tub (RR1420)

List Price: $10.62

Price: $10.58


  • Brand: Read Right
  • Manufacturer: Advantus Corp.- Office
  • Model: RR1420
  • Weight: 45


  • 75 pre-moistened wipes per tub
  • Clean CDs and DVDs
  • Remove dust, dirt and fingerprints
  • Prevent data errors and skipping
  • Regular cleaning maintains quality of CD/DVD data


Don't let your CDs and DVDs go to waste. These CD/DVD Clean cleaning wipes help keep your favorite discs functioning by removing dust, dirt and fingerprints - helping to eliminate data error and signal skips. These high-quality, pre-moistened wipes help eliminate data errors, skipping, mis-tracking and distortion. Regular cleaning of CD-ROMs removes contaminates and ensures optimum sound quality and fidelity. There are 75 wipes in this convenient pop-up canister. Advantus Corp. is dedicated to providing innovative quality products at fair prices.