303 Sonic Blast CD/DVD Repair and Cleaner

303 Sonic Blast CD/DVD Repair and Cleaner


  • Brand: 303 Products Inc
  • Manufacturer: 303 Porducts Inc


  • No Buffing,
  • No Compounds
  • No Added Damage to the Surface
  • Resists Smudges and Dust
  • 2 oz bottle treats up to 300 Discs


303 Sonic Blast is a completely unique product. It is not a polishing compound, or a coating, or like any other "CD Repair" product. It is a specially formulated liquid that leaves behind a micro layer of product that adheres to the Polycarbonate surface of a disc. This coating not only cleans the CD, but also makes it highly resistant to dirt, dust, fingerprints, grease, and future scratching. In addition, it makes the disc virtually static free. But its real purpose lies in its ability to actually repair scratched or mistracking discs. The coating left on the disc re-directs the Disc Readers Laser so minor scratches and scuff no longer create mistracking. DVDs play smoother, cleaner, and CD Games have improved performance in tracking and shuffling. Not only is Sonic Blast the finest product available for disc repair and cleaning, but it actually enhances the audio and video of any disc - even Brand New ones. By removing all debris from the surface of a disc, and by ensuring the correct tracking, it will increase dynamic range, smooth trebles, clarify bass tones, and intensify the overall ambience of any disc.