BJC Coaxial Digital Audio Cable, 6 foot, Black

BJC Coaxial Digital Audio Cable, 6 foot, Black

Price: $22.75


  • Brand: Blue Jeans Cable
  • Manufacturer: Blue Jeans Cable
  • Model: B1694ADA6B


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Rated CMR for in-wall installation (higher than CL2)
  • Highest-quality Canare RCA Plugs ensure solid contact without excessive grip
  • 95% tinned copper braid shield over 100% Duofoil shield
  • Compatible with all coaxial digital audio standards


Blue Jeans Cable's Coaxial Digital Audio Cable is manufactured in our shop in Seattle, Washington using the finest precision 75 ohm coaxial cable stock from Belden, the world leader in quality audio and video cabling. Unlike most other assembly houses, Blue Jeans Cable is a Belden Certified Assembler for coaxial cable products--our precision electronic stripping equipment and high-pressure pneumatic presses, together with the expertise of our trained staff, ensure that every cable we assemble meets the highest quality standards. These cables are compatible with any coaxial digital audio connection found on conventional consumer audio/video gear, and are rated CMR (better than CL2) for in-wall installation.