Cmple Digital Coaxial Cable F-Type Male RG6 Coax Digital Audio Video with F Connector Pin Satellite Cord - 3 Feet Black

Cmple Digital Coaxial Cable F-Type Male RG6 Coax Digital Audio Video with F Connector Pin Satellite Cord - 3 Feet Black

Price: $5.44


  • Brand: Cmple
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Cmple
  • Model: 370-N
  • Weight: 0.13


  • HIGH QUALITY: RG6 cable (also known as RG-6/U cable, RG-6 cable or RG6/U cable) connects TVs, VCRs, Satellite receiver, cable box, a cable television, router, cable modem, antenna and other devices with RG6 F-type coaxial (RG6 F-pin coaxial) port
  • DURABLE: Low loss cable for exceptional signal and picture quality, even over long runs. Works great indoors and outdoors, with a highly durable weather proof and UV resistant PVC outer jacket. High quality consistent 75 Ohms throughout the whole cable.
  • GOLD PLATED connectors and high quality PVC material will not pull off, break and minimizes interference and provides a reliable smooth surface that connects perfectly with the mated surface, plus this cable is corrosion resistant.
  • WARRANTY: Our cables backed with Lifetime Warranty.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE: Coaxial RG6/U cable with F-Type connectors, 3 Feet Black


RG6U F-Type Coaxial Cable

This 3 ft coax cable connects any 2 video components equipped with 'F' type jacks.

RG6/U Coaxial Cable is professional-quality cable with 18 gauge copper clad steel center conductor - high performance cables give you maximum video quality with Low-loss 75ohm wire and foam dielectric ensure optimum picture resolution and color.

A foil and braid shield protect against unwanted noise and interference. The molded connectors attach to an ultra-flexible jacket, and allow for easy installation. Heavy-duty connectors ensure long-lasting, high-performance connections. You can use this cable indoor and outdoor.


  • Also refer to as RG6/U cable, RG-6/U cable or RG-6 cable
  • Indoor / Outdoor Rated
  • 18 AWG Conductor
  • It uses F-plugs to connect on both ends
  • Swept tested to 3000MHz
  • 75 Ohm coaxial cable is rated to transmit digital audio, video and data
  • Dielectric insulation and layer of aluminum shielding
  • Ultra Flexible PVC cable jacket for easy installation
  • Ideal for Antenna, Satellite Dish, TV, HDTV, DVD, VCR, receiver, cable, DVR and High Speed Internet
  • Gold Plated corrosion-resistant connectors ensure long-lasting quality
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 3 FT

    Our RG6 Coaxial Cable with F-connectors is compatible with HDTV, VCRs, cable modems, satellite receivers, antennas, and much more.
    Cmple cables comes with a Lifetime Warranty.