XGIMI DLP Link 3D Shutter Glasses for All Brands DLP 3D Projectors

XGIMI DLP Link 3D Shutter Glasses for All Brands DLP 3D Projectors


  • Brand: XGIMI
  • Manufacturer: Salange
  • Weight: 7


  • 1. DLP-Link communication: XGIMI DLP-LINK shutter 3D glasses adopt latest DLP-LINK communication technology, suitable all brand DLP-Link 3D projector.
  • 2. XGIMI active 3D glasses adopt less than 2.0ms response light value LCD lens, luminousness has increased 8%,reduces ghost image, and enhanced the definition and colorfulness of images;
  • 3 With 178 wide degree view angle, its size of lens enlarge 10% than normal 3D glasses;
  • 4. 80 hours long battery life on a single charging,which has low power cosumption chip and low battery auto detect design;
  • 5. Weight is only 32.3g(0.07lbs), super light,more comfortable.


Bright and Clear
Adopts less than 2.0ms response light valve LCD lenses with excellent transmittance, so it effectively reduces ghost image

Comfortable to Wear
Large space design, and big enough to have a myopic lenses inside. The lags of glasses are using high elasticity PC material, so it is more comfortable to ware

Product specifications
Name: XGIMI DLP-Link active 3D glasses
Wight: 32.3g
Power supply: polymer lithium battery
Continuous working hours: 80 hours
Shutter mode: liquid crystal shutter
Best viewing distance: 2-7M
Contrast: 10000:1
Operating temperature: 0-45 ºC
Power supply: rechargeable Li-ion battery

Packing List
3D Glasses x1
USB charging cable x1
Cleaning cloth x1
Portable Bag x1
Instruction x1