Tacloft Unisex Adult Polarized 3D Clip-on Glasses 2 Pack (RealD & IMAX)

Tacloft Unisex Adult Polarized 3D Clip-on Glasses 2 Pack (RealD & IMAX)


  • Brand: Tacloft
  • Manufacturer: Tacloft
  • Model: 1058-3D-CLIP-BOTH
  • Weight: 30


  • The clip on design is super convenient for near-sighted person who wearing spectacles
  • This professional high quality clip on 3D Glasses, provide a brighter and sharper image
  • Portable,Light Weight and Comfortable for long time wearing. Simply bring the Real-D 3D glasses to the RealD, MasterImage and Disney Digital cinemas, Take the IMAX glasses to the IMAX theatre, without having to use their recyclable ones
  • Please note one work in REALD 3D theaters, the other one work in IMAX theaters. remove the blue protection film when use
  • 2 PACK 3D Clip-on Glasses one for RealD Televisions, Cinemas, Home Movie Theaters & Projectors, The other one for IMAX 3D Cinemas


Tacloft Unisex Linear Polarized 3D Clip-on Glasses 2 Pack (RealD & IMAX)

Functional & Fashion Glasses, TACLOFT is No.1
Tacloft focus on a wide variety of functional glasses from night vision glasses, prescription glasses, sports cycling glasses, professional driving glasses, anti-blue ray radiation computer glasses to UV400 protection polarized sunglasses

Features And Benefits

Easy to clip on to any regular glasses
Light and comfortable feeling to wear
Fashionable with compact and delicate design


Frame length: 128mm (~5.04")
Lens height: 38mm (~1.50")
Bridge width: 15mm (~0.59")  

This passive(the non-electronic type of 3D glasses) clip-on polarized 3D glasses is specially designed for myopia spectacle wearers to watch 3D movies easily.

Benefits of Linear Polarization

The process of linear polarization allows for lower light-loss than the process of circular polarization. Simply put, all things being equal with bulb brightness, screen, and throw distance, IMAX 3D is brighter than circular-polarization 3D systems. The brightness of image for a 3D film is a common complaint and almost all 3D systems suffer from significant light loss compared to 2D projection. This is an important factor for IMAX using Linear Polarized 3D Glasses, as they aim for premium audiovisual presentation.