Super Clear Passive Circular Polarization 3D Glasses for Movies,Suitable for Polarizing(Non-Flash) 3D Cinema Theater TV Projectors(RealD) 2PACK

Super Clear Passive Circular Polarization 3D Glasses for Movies,Suitable for Polarizing(Non-Flash) 3D Cinema Theater TV Projectors(RealD) 2PACK

Price: $17.99


  • Brand: AoHeng
  • Color: (RealD)2PACK
  • Manufacturer: AoHeng


  • ❤ There are more and more 3D movies,and 3D movies have stronger visual impact and better visual experience.No matter whether the theater provides 3D glasses or not,it will be cleaner and more hygienic to have own 3D glasses.AoHeng focuses on the development and production of theater 3D glasses.We will develop more theater 3D glasses and clips according to users' most real needs and strive to be the best theater 3D glasses service provider.
  • ❤Since non-glasses wearers rarely wear glasses at ordinary times,our glasses are more comfortable to wear than cinema 3D glasses.The integrated nose pads have no pressure on the nose,and the frame is elastic and does not clip the face.ABS material, lighter,stronger and more durable.Also,as non-glasses wearers seldom wear glasses,so as to prevent maladaptation,the frame is designed wrap around to help us focus more on the film.
  • ❤We choose the better GIP flat optical 3D resin lens,which adopts the LIGHTS CLEAR technology,with shallow edge coloring,high clarity and High transmittance,scratch resistance,no double image and eye protection,making our 3D glasses safe to wear,broader and clearer vision,and more durable.
  • ❤Hello!Please wear prescription glasses customers don't choose this glasses,AoHeng recommended glasses wearer only using 3D clip.If you find that the 3D glasses seller doesn't have this tip,and even recommends wearing two glasses,it indicates that they have not done any 3D product experience at all for users.Hope our professional attitude can get your trust.
  • ❤WARM PROMPT:THIS IS A PASSIVE CIRCULAR POLARIZED 3D GLASSES,THESE ONLY WORK IN "REALD"3D THEATERS OR POLARIZING NON-FLASH DISPLAY.AoHeng products provide permanent quality guarantee,If any customer has any problem in the use process, please contact us by email,We will provide a satisfactory solution within 1 working day.30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE-You have no risk to try and we will provide you the best service!


✈AoHeng focuses on the development and production of cinema 3D glasses.The time of a film is very short, but the time of a lifetime of 3D films is very long.Life is a constant journey.AoHeng 3D makes your 3D movie-watching travel more perfect.

▲Advantages of AoHeng 3D glasses
➊Better quality
AoHeng selects better ABS plastic as glasses frame,which is lighter,stronger and more durable.It complies with ROHS certification standards.The better 3D resin lenses work very well.
➋Better design
We compared the eyeglass frames of the same type of $25 products in the market,and upgraded the products and refined the design,so that the products are unique in texture,visually beautiful and three-dimensional,better frame surround design.

✎Product parameters

Product lens: 0.72mm imported lens.
Product type: non-flash,Circular polarization.
Product support Angle :RealD Format.
Product weight: about 20g.
Polarization: 99.99%


1 Beautiful black packing box
2 Portable and beautiful black checked super fine fiber cloth bag
2 Super clear 3D glasses(RealD)
2 Durable, high grade and easy to clean suede glasses cloth
1 Polarizing lens test card