(Pack of 2) Sony TDG-500P Passive 3D Glasses

(Pack of 2) Sony TDG-500P Passive 3D Glasses


  • Brand: Sony
  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Model: 4330079954


  • Using the same passive 3D technology used in movie theaters, feel the explosive excitement of theater-like 3D.
  • Slip on the latest generation of light, comfortable 3D glasses.
  • Allowes you to enjoy your favorite 3D movies.


Passive 3D Glasses: The Sony passive 3D glasses (TDG-500P) are just like the ones you get at the movie theater, so they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The 3D image formatting is done solely on your compatible Sony 3D LED-LCD TV, so the 3D glasses are passive (no batteries required) and don't need to be synced, enabling you to enjoy 3D images anywhere in your room and free from the interference of other objects. The passive 3D glasses design also lets you enjoy 3D images from any viewing angle; whether you are sitting on the couch or laying on floor.
Compatibility: The Sony passive 3D glasses (TDG-500P) are currently compatible with the following Sony 3D LED-LCD TVs (as of 5/22/2013).
KDL-R550A series
KDL-W802A series
XBR-X900A series
Designed For: Sony KDL-42W805A, KDL-47W802A, KDL-47W805A, KDL-50R550A, KDL-55W802A, KDL-55W805A, KDL-60R550A, KDL-70R550A Sony Internet TV KDL-47W802A, KDL-50R550A, KDL-55W802A, KDL-60R550A, KDL-70R550A Sony KD 55X9005A, 65X9005A Sony KLV 65X900A Sony XBR 55X900A, 65X900A