Compatible Optoma ZD201 3D Glasses (DLP-Link) by Quantum 3D (N44)

Compatible Optoma ZD201 3D Glasses (DLP-Link) by Quantum 3D (N44)

Price: $59.99


  • Brand: Quantum 3D
  • Manufacturer: Quantum 3D


  • Active Shutter DLP-Link 3D Glasses
  • Liquid Crystal Active Shutters triggers 3D viewing in a full color spectrum...enhances your 3D viewing experience with intense vivid colors (produces sharp clean colors that bests passive technology)
  • Duo Sync TechnologyTM
  • Universal 3D Glasses compatible with all major 3D TVs and 3D Projectors
  • Sleek frame design and material make it a stylish and comfortable fit


The N44 3D Glasses have a unobstructed view and generous lens surface area. Once you slip these over your eyes and the arms cradle your'll feel 3D technology at it's finest. So simple to use...just press the ON button, hold it, and the smart thinking N44 3D Glasses will seek out your signal and connect. Now you will capture 3D content with performance 3D Glasses and watch 3D content the way it's meant to be viewed... in comfort, clarity and leap years ahead of your neighbors 3D Glasses.