CINERA Dual 2.5K (5K Equivalent) HD Giant Screen 3D Blu-Ray Player Supported 1440P Input Virtual Reality Home Cinema Travel 3D Theater VR Glasses Movie Headset (Jet Black)

CINERA Dual 2.5K (5K Equivalent) HD Giant Screen 3D Blu-Ray Player Supported 1440P Input Virtual Reality Home Cinema Travel 3D Theater VR Glasses Movie Headset (Jet Black)

Price: $749.00


  • Brand: CINERA
  • Color: Jet Black
  • Manufacturer: Cinera Inc.


  • 5K Ultra HD Dual 2.5K resolution (5120 X 1440) breathtaking movie experience with Ultra HD image quality.4X Sharper Images Four times sharper than other video headgears on the market.
  • 66° FOV Dive into the action with a massive 66° Field of View. There is no other movie headset that tops Cineras immersive film experience. Be Warned, hard nerves needed to watch Horror movies on Cinera.
  • 3D Blu-Ray support. Bye -Bye 3D SBS. Cinera is the only movie headset that is HDMI 3D ready! No more quality loss! Prepare yourself to get blown away by the best 3D effects in a movie head set that's currently available on the market.Glasses-Friendly Use Cinera while wearing your favorite corrective eyeglasses.
  • Most comfortable movie headset. Every Cinera set includes the burden free arm which erases the need to attach heavy and uncomfortable head straps to your head. Stay free of neck pain or sore shoulders.
  • Android 6.0 Super easy and simple User Interface. Add your favorite movie apps, social media apps, 3D viewer apps, Drone flight apps, etc. Cinera offers totally customizable user interface that shows all your favorite apps. Excellent for parents to control what their children watching.


Cutting-edge soon-to-be THX certified immersion goggles put you in the center of your favorite movies,
TV shows, and video games from the comfort of your own couch-no additional equipment or space required.
Enjoy the highest quality home theater system at an unbelievable cost.

THE CINERA DIFFERENCE At CINERA, we look at things differently. Instead of asking how we can make your home
cinema more like a movie theater, we asked how we could make your home movie-watching, show-streaming,
video-gaming experiences better? A WIDER VIEW A lot of the reason why movie theaters provide such an enthralling
experience is because you feel immersed in the film. Typically this is done by making a physically larger screen.
However, bigger doesn't always mean better. Your vision consists of two portions: a central portion
(30 degrees in either direction of the center), and a peripheral portion (the rest of your vision range).
Even though we perceive objects in our peripheral area as blurred, making an experience truly immersive requires
that the visuals extend into that space. After extensive testing, we believe we have found the perfect
combination of clear image and the feeling of immersion: 66 degrees. DUAL SCREEN SOLUTION Most existing
headsets use a single screen and split it down the middle into left and right regions. This leaves each eye
with a square-like peephole with an aspect ratio of 0.89. If you're wondering why this feels so inadequate,
it's because most movies have an aspect ratio of 2.39. So when you play a movie on a typical headset,
to keep the ratio, only about 47% of the screen can be used-rendering over half the pixels useless.
With more than half the pixels out of commission, it's no wonder the image quality suffers.

To give you the highest quality display ever, CINERA provides an entire unique display panel for each eye.