YI Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System (US Edition) Black

YI Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System (US Edition) Black
From YI

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #35 in Camera & Photo
  • Size: 4.49" x 1.30" x 3.07"
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: YI
  • Model: 87002
  • Dimensions: 4.49" h x 1.30" w x 3.07" l, .53 pounds
  • Display size: 0


  • Records in 720p HD to capture clear images for your records and while using 2-way audio (built-in microphone and speaker). 720P/20FPS,700Kbps; 360P/20FPS,200Kbps.
  • 111° wide-angle lens, 940nm infrared non-invasive sensor, 4x digital zoom. Capture the scene in clarity with the wide-angle lens and zoom capabilities. The non-invasive sensor will not disturb your sleeping children.
  • Built-in support for 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz (5Ghz currently not supported) WIFI band. Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to access your camera with YI Home App on mobile device, and YI Home App on PC at anytime, anywhere.
  • No monthly subscription fees: Secure your videos on a micro SD card, own your video content and access video history anytime. Supports upto 32GB SD micro SD cards with FAT32 format.
  • Real-time streaming to your phone & activity alerts when motion is detected. YI Home App allows you to customize your settings according to your preferences: defined activity regions, camera sharing, customize alert schedules, and more. Available for iOS and Android.

Simple set-up: 720P HD and full glass lens. Captures crystal-clear images with an all-glass camera lens with F/2.0 Aperture and HD resolution (1280x720), 111 wide-angle and 4x zoom, own your content, 940NM infrared sensor, night vision, activity alerts and motion detection, monitor activity on your phone. Multiple camera management & camera access sharing, monitor your entire house or small business with multiple cameras. Talk and listen with 2-way audio.

Customer Reviews

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515 of 538 people found the following review helpful.
5An affordable, simple security option.
By J. Palmer
**Updates: A year later in the South Carolina weather, the outside camera is working great, as are all cameras. I discovered that if I set the channel on my home wifi router to a static channel (1, 6, or 11), the cameras are much more reliable when trying to connect. I am adding an additional camera to an upstairs window, so that I can have a clear view of my front yard, the mailbox, and the traffic on the street. Lastly, Yi has released a PC app for viewing your cameras in a grid arrangement without a smartphone.

Original review:

After seeing recent reports of car break-ins and garage thefts in my area, I decided to look into developing a camera system for the house. Knowing that a quality/professional security camera & recording system can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, the emerging market of inexpensive, wireless, Internet-capable products available will suit my needs perfectly. After a lot of reviews, research, planning, and budgeting, I came up with two different options for our home and I’m going to share the details with you, in case you have been thinking about the same thing.

Here were my requirements:

• Cameras for the front and rear of the home, and interior as needed.
• Day and Night Video Capability (Infrared, or IR, Illumination)
• $200 total budget
• Wide Angle Lens
• Recording Feature
• Motion Detection, with Customizeable Zones & Alerts
• Wi-Fi
• Remote Live Streaming
• Fully wireless or close enough to a power socket

That’s a tall order, right? Enter the Yi Home Camera

The Yi Home Camera is a relatively new product, released late 2015. It is a Chinese brand, known for a popular, competitively priced action camera. This camera is quite similar to NestCam and DropCam products, although at a much lower price. At first glance, it can be difficult to differentiate the Yi from Nest. The cameras are well built have good reviews. Although the Yi is one of the few products to forego a PC or Web interface, I find the required iOS/Android app to be well featured, reliable, and frequently improved. Instead of recording to the “cloud” or another device in the home, each Yi camera has a built-in MicroSD slot, which can hold over an entire week’s worth of HD video. The cameras have a wide 111° view, which makes them great for security, and their USB connectors make installation and extending cables very simple. I bought three cameras for, plus three 20’ gold plated USB cables, and three MicroSD cards from Amazon, for a total cost of $200.

I’m fortunate to have a nice view of my driveway and garage from my front window, so I mounted the first camera up high inside the window. Here, I can see anyone walking up the driveway, over to our car, into the garage, etc. My garage exterior LED lights are quite bright so I don’t have to enable the IR illuminator, which doesn’t work through windows. I invested in an electronic timer to ensure that the garage lights are always on when I need them to be.

I mounted one camera on the back patio. I realize that these cameras are not made specifically for outdoor use, but I mounted it high, well out of the effects of rain. Out here, I can enable the IR illumination to capture people or animals approaching our back door or windows at night. I wouldn’t be the first to mount a Yi outdoors successfully, and I figure that if I lose a camera to environmental factors, it’s inexpensive enough to replace. I could either put one in an enclosure, which is risky due to high temperatures, or put one in the back window and install an exterior IR illumination source.

Lastly, I put one inside the house, with a wide view of the livingroom and kitchen. Heaven forbid I would need video of an intruder, but it could be nice to check in on the home while we are away on a date or vacation. IR Illumination means the entire area is visible in the dark.

To further customize my cameras, I adjusted the motion zones and alerts, which are pushed directly to the Yi Home app. A short clip is included in the alert, but additional video must be retrieved from the camera or transferred to your PC via MicroSD card (or copied to your phone’s camera roll). Alerts can be configured to 3 specific schedules, but video will always be captured upon movement. I disabled the front status lights to draw as little attention as possible. I easily added the cameras to my wife’s phone and disabled her alerts, since she is not interested in the frequent notifications. Thus far, alerts have been mostly triggered by flying bugs, birds, heavy wind, although I am learning how to easily differentiate the useful alerts. I tucked away the cords as best as could, to keep a somewhat professional looking installation. Overall, I am quite satisfied with this system and look forward to testing the cameras’ durability.

Wide Angle (111 degrees)
IR Nightvision
Recording (Accessible through smartphone app)
Best Value
Customizable Motion Detection and Alerts
HD Video (720p)
Simple Setup
Two-Way Audio
Fully Independent Cameras

Video storage is only as secure as the camera itself
App-Only: No PC or Web Interfaces
Limited Customization
Non-US Company
Limited Reliability Information

471 of 500 people found the following review helpful.
1YI uses these cameras to collect unneeded information.
By reviewer of things
Collects data, passwords, browsing history, time spent on websites unrelated to the company, etc...

I had these cameras for about 2 weeks. They were exactly what I needed and I really liked the image quality.
After an app update I read the "privacy policy". I will post screen caps of it. It doesn't match the one posted on the website. it states that they collect information ,including browsing history, passwords, etc..., and stores the info on the servers. It also states they'd can share it with third parties. There is no need for that. Returned these for a refund.

565 of 601 people found the following review helpful.
1Was great until latest firmware (201604071151) , now it's awefull.
By David H
Got these cameras a few weeks ago, two of them..Really liked these cameras, worked very well and would have given them 5 stars.. until the latest firmware update. ( Now the night mode is almost useless, the quality of the night images are terrible - they used to be very sharp and clear. Now it's nothing but fuzzy and blurry on both cameras. Also recorded video used to be smooth, now it's choppy and dropping frames on both of them. No way to restore to previous firmware, sent an e-mail to support no response. If you already have one of these DO NOT UPDATE TO firmware!!.

*UPDATE 4/28 I did get a response back finally from support, they sent me the previous firmware, and I uploaded it to both cameras and now the night vision is sharp again. I attached two photos from the same camera, you can clearly see the loss of detail, exposure and usefullness that firmware 201604071151 caused. The working firmware they gave me is 201601071352 and I'm happy with this older version. Hopefully they will fix this in a new firmware release.

Update 9/1/2016 They have still not released any new firmware since the broken 201604071151 firmware to resolve the quality issue, they seem have have dropped any development or support of this camera and only are supporting their newer YI Home camera 2 and the new pan tilt. So the only fix is to load the older firmware and never update.

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