Xbox One S 500GB

Xbox One S 500GB
From Microsoft

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  • Sales Rank: #95 in Video Games
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Model: ZQ9-00001
  • Released on: 2017-07-01
  • ESRB Rating: Rating Pending
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Dimensions: 10.40 pounds


  • Bundle includes: Xbox One S 500GB Console, 1 Xbox Wireless Controller (with 3.5mm headset jack), HDMI cable (4K Capable), AC Power cable, 14-day Xbox Live Gold Trial
  • With Xbox One S, watch 4k Blu-ray Movies, stream 4K content on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and Microsoft Movies apps.
  • Experience richer, more luminous colors and video with High Dynamic Range technology
  • Play over 100 console exclusives and a growing library of Xbox 360 games on Xbox One

Xbox One S 500GB Console

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5Time for an upgrade
By Carlos Ramos
Had the original xbox one but felt it was time to upgrade. Saw this excellent deal and decided to go for it. Came with various promotions and an excellent game. Runs faster than the original one and is considerably smaller. Also like that it comes in white. The only thing i didnt like was that it's only 500 GB. Very small amount of storage for this new generation but you can always use external hard drives.

Also really enjoy that it can play 4k movies so now i can finally watch things in 4k. All in all a great deal.

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1Caution if buying this system because of the included game codes. (UPDATE: Good system, very poor support in this instance)
By P. Wheeler
They system itself is good and as expected for a Microsoft product. It was clearly new and well packaged. I also bought a second controller and some rechargeable batteries which runs the system price up a bit. I was enticed to finally move ahead with this purchase because it came with download codes for FOUR games. Keep in mind the game files are LARGE.This means, depending on your internet connection speed, it will be a while before you can play these games and the 500 GB drive on this system gets pretty full (I am around 63% capacity after install of three of the games). The Xbox 360 games that I had which can (eventually) be played on the Xbox One also require LARGE "update" downloads (think 10 gb), so don't think, like I did, that you are just going to pop in one of your old games to play while the new ones download. Being said, once games/updates are downloaded, things work pretty well. (UPDATE: Having downloaded 3 out of the 4 games that this system came with plus the "update" downloads required in order to play four additional games for which I have the discs, the 500 GB hard drive is 94% full. So, if you want a library of more than seven games or so, either this may not be the console for you or be aware that you may need to purchase an external hard drive. Seagate Game Drive for Xbox Game Pass Special Edition 2TB - White (STEA2000417)).

Why are only THREE of the promised FOUR games installed on my system, you ask? Well, the initial download code provided for Forza 6 returned an error that "this code has already been redeemed." I immediately contacted Amazon customer support. In a quick online exchange, they said they would have someone from Amazon's Marketing department get back to me in 24 hours. Indeed, I received a second code from Amazon within that time frame. Unfortunately, the SECOND code ALSO "had already been redeemed" and did not work. I contacted Amazon again. This time they replied requiring me to take recourse through the manufacturer. They provided no link directly to the manufacturer, only a link to my sales receipt as "the manufacturer may require proof of purchase" (which, by the way, was not accessible to the Microsoft agent because they were prompted to log into my account). I replied that this is inconvenient for me as I did not buy from the manufacturer, I bought an Amazon deal from Amazon and expect Amazon to deliver on the promise that got me to make this purchase (from Amazon) in the first place. I received another reply that had almost the precise same "form" language as the previous reply, along with a refusal to provide me a different code.

So, this is not acceptable to me and is not typical of the usually excellent experiences I've had with Amazon over my many years as a Prime member. I'm giving Amazon about a week to provide me with a valid Forza 6 game code, per Amazon's product description. If I do, I will update this review with a description of my experience and an update to the star rating. If I do not, I will package up the game system and begin the return process to Amazon. Glad I kept my Xbox 360.

UPDATE: Despite my reticence to follow Amazon's instructions to try to hold Microsoft responsible for Amazon's inability to fulfill their order by supplying me with a valid game code for Forza 6 and in an effort to "leave no stone unturned," I DID reach out to Microsoft to inquire about getting a valid code from them. We happen to have a Microsoft store nearby so I stopped in and spoke to them. There was nothing they could do in-store and they recommended that I try online support. I learned from Microsoft's online support that, short of me BUYING a new code from them, there is NO OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE where Microsoft could provide me with a valid download code for Forza 6. Furthermore, Microsoft was able to provide me with the precise dates of redemption of the Amazon-supplied codes I had been previously given, which turns out to have been a full month before I purchased this system. As I expected (and as is completely reasonable), Microsoft indicated that, since Amazon had advertised and sold the system with the codes, it is Amazon's responsibility to fulfill that order.

So, per Amazon's instructions, I communicated once again with Amazon and provided them the evidence that I had attempted (unsuccessfully) recourse through the manufacturer. During this session, the Amazon support person gave me two additional codes for Forza 6 that turned out to have been redeemed. For those keeping score at home, that's FOUR invalid ("already been redeemed") codes I have received from Amazon.

In the meantime, another customer replied to this review having had the same problem. However, they got resolution to their issue by Amazon refunding a portion of their purchase (or crediting their Amazon account) in an amount equal to the purchase price of a valid download code for Forza 6. After the fourth code failed, I requested this recourse from the Amazon technical support person. They insisted that they were unable to fulfill this request and that they had to forward my request to "the Marketing team," which is the same referral I received last time.

I was completely dismayed when I received almost the exact same form email from the Marketing team as I had gotten the first time instructing me to attempt recourse through Microsoft. I replied, referencing my previous emails and communications and indicating that I had already gone down that dead end street. That was two days ago and I have not received another communication.

Interestingly, I did mysteriously receive a refund on a completely unrelated order from over a month ago that is in an amount that is approximately what the Forza 6 game code costs. This refund came without explanation but was for a product that I did receive and for which I had not requested a refund. I am only making the connection because of the timing and the amount. In the absence of an explanation, I am hesitant to use this refund to purchase the game code. If I do so, Amazon could then claim that the refund was in error and re-charge me for it, thus having gotten me to "buy" the game code. If this is indeed the case, I would appreciate email confirmation that the credit I received is intended to be used to purchase the game code.

This has been a frustrating experience and I sincerely hope this is an aberration rather than reflecting an overall change in Amazon's level of customer support.

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4Faulty Game Code
By CSchmidt
The Xbox is great. Looks great, runs great, and was a great price. But the dang Ghost Recon code doesn't work. Instead of downloading the full Gold Edition, it just downloaded the Peruvian Connection DLC which I can't even play.

Hopefully Amazon will remedy this, but seeing as the reason I bought this particular bundle was for the game this is extremely disappointing. I will update this review when Amazon remedies this, but as of right now I would avoid this package.


Amazon has resolved the issue and everything works now. The right code was in an email which I didn't receive until later on. Great deal on an Xbox and the gold version of wildlands (which is normally $100) for $250, so it was still totally worth it.

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