Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones with Microphone, Black Sapphire

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones with Microphone, Black Sapphire
From Samsung

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Product Details

  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: MAIN-85748
  • Fabric type: plastic
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 7.93" h x 1.02" w x 6.33" l,


  • 12mm Speaker Units deliver high-quality, clear sound
  • Dual-Mic Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation reduce outside sound interference and feedback during calls
  • Magnetic ear buds for convenient wear when not in use
  • Battery Life up to 11 hours talk/10 hours play/ 500 hours standby
  • TROUBLESHOOTING:Refer page15 in the user manual attached in this page for troubleshooting support.

The Samsung Level U is an ideal choice for high quality music on the go. Ergonomically designed for long term wear, these headphones feature a flexible urethane joint to wear around your neck and stabilizing wing ear gels for in-ear comfort. The magnetic earbuds conveniently clasp together, reducing clutter when not in use. Large 12mm speaker and active, dual-mic noise reduction ensures quality sound and ease of wear

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5Best bluetooth earbuds in the price range. Get it
By Dan H.
I can't rave about these enough!

Coming from the LG Tone's, I found myself unhappy with the latest "Infinum" ones, especially for the price. I tried the Samsung Gear Circle, and I was not happy with them at all.

And these Level U's are just what I've been looking for. I LOVE how they fit in the ear. No, they do not seal. No, they do not cancel noise. But they do direct sound in the ear canal better than anything else. Pretty similar to the Apple Ear Pods, but these have the rubber fitting which makes all the difference. They fit insanely snugly and super comfortable and the sound hits your ears just right.

The sound is pretty good. Not the greatest. But the base and clarity are great.

The form factor is a home run. The around the neck portion is a mostly rigid but has a flexible joint which makes the fit great. The balance is nearly perfect and have yet come off of my neck unintentionally, which is perfect. The earbuds, when not in use, fall around the front of the neck and magnetically join. Its not quite as perfect of a solution of LG housing the buds in the body, but that tends to take up a lot of area on the side of your neck and it doesn't look half bad (like the Gear Circle *barf).

The buttons are placed on the right side (front). 3 Buttons. + Volume/Previous Track, -Volume/Next Track, Action/play/pause/call/end call. When you hold the large action button, you activate google now (not the stupid voice dialer). Full featured google now. It is really great to be able to navigate, play music, check scores, check weather, and even read all notifications without even touching your phone, even if it is locked (on android 5.0+). I'm not sure if this works on Siri. I have never been a fan of too many buttons so this is perfect for me and the buttons give a great feedback click so you know when you hit the button.

The app (for android) and the voice control are what really does it for me. The app works by essentally streaming all of the phone's sounds to the headset. Notifications can be set to simple (Announces what app is the notification) or detailed (reads the entire notification. Perfect for text messages) on a per app basis. They are verbal which is great. NOTE: Your phone's TTS (Text To Speech) engine probably sucks (Samsung's does). I installed Google's from the play store and set it to the default in the phone's settings (this will make your gps navigation sound better too!!).
My FAVORITE feature is that it reads out the name of the contact/phone number on incoming calls so you don't need to pull out your phone to see who is calling. I have not found a headset/app that works to do this so well. I'm so happy with this feature.

The neckband does have vibrate for notifications and phone calls. It is juuuust a little to weak but is functional.

The battery life is great. Right in line with what you may have come to expect with LG Tones. 2-3 days with heavy use. 4-10 with light use.

Overall. The sound. The form factor. The earbud fit. The notification feature set. Killer. Great job Samsung. Ignore those hating just because they don't like how the earbuds fit. That alone doesn't make it 1 star.

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4Great headphones - with a neck collar.... but had to buy another samsung product & not another company's...
By Zeus
I do say that I like these headphones, just wish I could have found one that did not feel like I'm wearing a animal collar....
The other thing is, it seems like Samsung intentionally made their TVs "ONLY" use Samsung wireless headphones... I tried Amazon Basics for BT and as wired connection. No success.
Samsung 2016 un50ku6300 UHD tv has no headphone jack AND no RCA jacks, which the Amazon Basics uses. Connecting via BT did not work either. (samsungs' 2015 un55js8500 SUHD tv has headphone jack & RCA)
Next, I tried buying different converters - using RCA and HDMI and optical (TOSLINK) converters - no success at all. -- Talked to Amazon 'tech expert' and he had no success either.
-- The Amazon Basics worked fine on my S6 cell phone wired & BT. But I got wireless headphones for the tv, so I returned them.

Called Samsung support and after getting run around from support, to sales, to parts and back to support over two days - a tech suggested I buy these headphones.
They worked straight away via BT, so, you can see my concern about Samsung ONLY allowing Samsung device connectivity & only gave it 4 stars for that reason....

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3Works OK but Characteristic Bluetooth Issues
Decent Audio Experience.
I find housing the electronics in the neck collar to be a very clever idea and also makes the battery last an extremely long time.
OK for general use.
A bit too scratchy and err...Bluetooth like for Business Use.
Went through way too many Bluetooth Headsets already so I gave up on them. This one reminded me again of the weaknesses of Bluetooth for Phone Calls.
Would probably work great for an inexpensive Computer or Phone Headset if you don't want premium connection, premium sound or premium microphone characteristics.

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