RIF6 CUBE Pico Video Projector with 120 Inch Display - 2 Inch Mobile Portable Mini Projector 20,000 Hour LED Compatible with HDMI Devices Phones Laptops Tablets Gaming Consoles - Includes Mini Tripod

RIF6 CUBE Pico Video Projector with 120 Inch Display - 2 Inch Mobile Portable Mini Projector 20,000 Hour LED Compatible with HDMI Devices Phones Laptops Tablets Gaming Consoles - Includes Mini Tripod
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Product Details

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: RIF6
  • Model: RF00040
  • Dimensions: 2.50" h x 8.00" w x 8.00" l, 1.76 pounds
  • Native resolution: 854x480
  • Display size: 120


  • MEET THE CUBE -- The CUBE though small in name is designed to make a BIG impression by turning virtually any setting into your own entertainment environment. The CUBE is great for: home cinema, office, education, entertainment or anything else you can come up with. Equipped with its own speaker, internal battery and SD card reader, the CUBE is a completely autonomous projection unit that can instantly bring any room or space alive with light, colors and sound!
  • THE CUBE IS YOUR SMART PHONE'S DREAM COME TRUE: Removing the frustrating limitations imposed by the size of your screen you can now: share your favorite media on the go, project your pictures, play your games and even stream movies directly from your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop to a 120" display on any wall or ceiling around you --- all with crystal clear and vibrant video!
  • The CUBE's single piece aluminium casing is built to be durable so it can withstand continually usage and look sleek and modern while doing it. It weighs less than a regular piece of fruit and is a powerhouse at just 2" cubed. So whether it is for work or play, your CUBE can immediately transport any setting or environment into a personal or professional presentation center. With this type of flexibility and freedom... WHERE WILL YOU TAKE IT?
  • LONGEST LASTING LED LIGHT SOURCE -- Our proprietary LED digital based light source shows picture in stunning color and clarity. Unlike conventional lamp-based projectors, our LED Lamp can last up to 20,000 hours. That means you could watch 1 full-legnth movie evey day for the next 20+years with your CUBE lamp still shining bright.
  • The CUBE is built on and powered by marvelous engineering including the latest advances in LED and optical lense technology. Connectivity: Micro SD, MHL & HDMI, Native Resolution 854x480 (WVGA), Throw Ratio 1.99:1 Dist/Width, Video Input up to Full HD 1080p, Dimensions 2"x2"x1.9", Brightness Full 50 Lumens.

Meticulously designed for unbridled imaginations, the cube works with your MHL/HDMI devices so you can transform your 5-inch screen into a 120-inch display. Discover how the tiny cube will make a big impression. Small, but made for big things, the cube is engineered for portability and performance. From grand adventures and strokes of genius to channel surfing and movie marathons, go places and take it with you, or stay put and be transported. Apple devices and latest generation Samsung devices require an adapter for compatibility. Contact RIF6 support to find out how to connect your device!

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By Super Woman
This item first and foremost is super dope lol I bought this item from Amazon warehouse and it was literally half the price as if it was new, and let me tell you people don't be intimidated if an item you purchase on Amazon says it has scratches and it's acceptable. It is still inspected by Amazon warehouse deals and they would not sell it if the thing didn't work, ok so now let me tell you more about this product. I purchased it to have outdoor movies with my kiddos and I am by far not a technical person although I love gadgets, this product is super easy to use. I could not believe how simple and clear and compact this product is. I have used it with the following products, iPad first gen and Itouch 4th generation, and I purchased the hdmi cables both here on Amazon for about 16 dollars which is not bad at all. So I read a bizzilion reviews about this product before deciding to purchase it and let me tell you NOBODY out of all the reviews I read was specific with this one information.... You can use this projector WHILE the projector is charging and that will allow you to use it passed the 90 min that it gives you if you just used it with out it charging. Meaning this projector has a battery inside of it that works for 90 mins.... Sooo Having said that I read you can connect a usb external portable battery charger and it will work but for me it did not I just dragged one of those orange long cables put it outside with the projector and WAMMOO I was able to watch 3 movies without the projector dying on me at the end of each movie. So I am just trying to be as specific as possible people you can connect it and use this projector at the same time. I have included several pictures unfortunately I can't seem to upload any videos, to show you the projector in action but it's awesome, the remote that comes included with the package was damaged and cracked but it worked so I really didn't complain about it, I do hear it's cheaply made and I agree compare to the projector itself. There is 3 separate cables that come with the projector and honestly for me except the actually charger cable all of the other cables was useless and they should consider adding a cable for apple product users considering there is a huge amount of consumers like myself that use that product. Now I was going to spend freaking 300 bucks on a projector screen so a little tip for my fellow amazonians, go to Home Depot or lowes and get you a 3 1inch pipes and 2 elbows to hold the pipes in place and a white or light cream cloth canvas mine is about 9ft tall and I think 12 ft wide and get some rope and make your own projector this will save you tons. This is what happens when you have a household income of one lol well I hope this review helped you all and if you have any questions please let me know :-)

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5Very AMAZING little projector... some additional accessories needed, but trust me, it's worth it!
By SweetPea
[[VIDEOID:131b93e7a9cc4c2dd71a4e0351c469ad]] This projector is amazing! Really it is. It is so tiny, but packs a HUGE punch. I am so amazed at what that little cube can do. I purchased it right before mu daughter's sleepover and they had a great time watching Ghostbusters projected on the wall (and at some points even watching it on the ceiling)! I am very happy with this product, have told many people about it and I look for every opportunity to use it. lol! I can't wait until it gets warmer so we can have movies in our backyard and I have big plans for movie nights when we go camping in the summer. This device is perfect for that given it is so small and so easy to transport.

So here are some details on experience with this projector:

QUALITY OF PICTURE: The quality is pretty good with this little device. The larger the picture gets, the grainier it will be so take that into consideration. also, it really does need to be very dark for the picture quality to be as good as possible. There are some projectors that will work pretty good in low light situations, this is not one of them. You really need it to be dark to get the best picture. Also, I find that the quality is better on animated movies vs live action. But live action still is good! Don't get me wrong.

SOUND QUALITY: The sound quality of the cube sucks. Don't believe any review that says it is good. You will need to supplement the sound. The only way to use the cube as is, would be to sit (or lay) right next to it and have the room very very quiet. The sound will not fill a room. I know that RIF6 has a sound cube, but I did not buy it/try it. I used some existing speakers I had. See details on that below.

SOUND SOLUTION: To help with the sound, you can use the AUX outlet on the projector (marked with a headphones symbol) to connect to a speaker. I saw some people hemming and hawing about the fact that this is not bluetooth. This is EASY to get around. Purchase a bluetooth transmitter. I bought one for about $16 and it works perfectly. I connected it to two bluetooth speakers (Kardon Onyx bluetooth speaker and Jawbone mini jambox) and we had AWESOME sound for our projected movie. Luckily, I already had these 2 bluetooth speakers at home.

CONNECTING TO DEVICES: The easiest thing for me to connect to was my computer. I could use the cord already provided and had not issues connecting and projecting. We could pull up the Netflix website, go full screen on the laptop and voila... perfect. Connecting to mobile devices are harder and in more cases than not, will need additional hardware to make it work. But fret not, it's possible! The projector comes with two Android connectors. I have a Kindle, but the connectors are not compatible, you need to purchase some separate. Since a Kindle is not my main tablet (an iPad is) I selected not to invest into making that work. If you want to connect an iPad or an iPhone, you have to buy an lightening port to HDMI connector. But BEWARE. Some of the connectors will NOT allow Netflix, which I can imagine a lot of people want to project. So read, read, read, before buying. ALSO, consider the adapters recommended on the RIF6 site, as those are more likely to work. BUT before you spend a lot of money purchasing something, think about what you REALLY will want to use this projector for. There may be a better solution (like using a laptop or a streaming device), especially if it is just for something like Netflix. Originally I was very gun-ho on connecting my iPhone, but eventually came to the realization that I just wanted it for movies, I already had a Chromecast and the additional adapter needed was much cheaper than the iphone one and it would project more.

USING STREAMING (Chromecast, Netflix, Roku): LITTLE KNOWN SECRET.. streaming devices are very, very easy to hook up. I hooked up my Chromecast and was able to cast movies, shows from Netflix, HBO, Showtime, etc... with NO ISSUE. I can imagine that the same can be done with a Firestick or Roku as I believe they both connect via HDMI. BUT if you select this path (which I HIGHLY recommend) you will need to get an adapter. Luckily there is one that is only $7 and works like a CHARM!

TRIPOD: The tripod is cute and I love how flexible it is. To use, you just screw in the holder, then slot in the projector. Note, the projector corners should be in the corners of the holder to keep it snug. Once in, tighten the screw. ALSO, the tripod mount is universal, so you can attach the projector to any tripod. I actually used my taller camera tripod for our movie so it was head on.

KEEP IT SAFE: This thing is so tiny, I was concerned with dropping it (or my kids dropping it) so I purchased the silicone case that RIF6 sells. It was very cheap, under $10 and worth it. One note, once you put the cube in the silicone case it will no longer fir in the tripod holder, BUT the silicone case has it's own tripod connector at the bottom.

MY PERFECT SET-UP: So below is my perfect RIF6 projector set-up:
-Projector in silicone case and attached to tall tripod (both case and tripod would be separate)
-Attached to Chromecast using additional HDMI connector
-Bluetooth transmitter connect to AUX outlet
-Kardon Onyx bluetooth speaker and or/ Jawbone mini jambox connected via the bluetooth transmitter (Jambox can be connected via the AUX cord as well)
-While the projector does have a rechargeable battery and can project without being plugged in, I keep it plugged in while projecting so we don't have to cut it short after 90 minutes
-Lots of popcorn!

Here is list of the products I used for my set-up. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2W98B3KINOSKG/ It may seem like a lot and it makes for a LOT of cords (plus the need for a powerstrip) it works and I think it is worth it.

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, let me know by clicking "Helpful" below.

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5:: Amazing Projector, but not For Some ::
By CritiQ
**Let me just say that i own several LED projectors, and have a good base for comparison.

I will cut to the chase. This is a fantastic product, if used for only certain applications, for some it might be a more of a gimmick. Let me explain:

.... There are so many things I love about this product. Size is almost stupid small, this little guy is really amazing to hold and it is so impressive when you turn it on, its bright compared to the size. Built quality it top notch, aluminum casing, with piano black hard plastic on the sides.
Even the box is impressive, inside there is high density foam that holds the unit and its accessories.

..Speaking of Accessories, it has it all: HDMI cable, Power Cable, Audio-Video Cable, Remote, Projector Octopus stand, even a Tablet Mirroring cable (it was compatible with my Samsung Tab Pro tablet). Everything you will ever need for this projector!

.... Performance (I will review this from a positive side for now, for its size performance is stellar, but with size there are downsides, and I will place them under cons section). Again-For-it's-Size image is bright, best used in low lit rooms (Like most LED projectors), any sun will wash out the image.
I tested this unit on a 92" projector screen, and found the projector to be most effective around 50", anything more than that will lower picture quality, and make it less bright. Color saturation is good, sharpness is good for its size. With most pico projectors speaker is crap, low detailed quiet mess.
The unit has a MicroSD Card slot where you can directly play back Video and image files. Some movies did not play, mostly less common file formats, or 1080p low compression video files that need more processing power. Same goes for images: Highest megapixel images either failed (not all), or took a long time to load. Overall SD card function is very useful, and menu has a good navigation.
Fully chargedninternal battery lasted 1.5h.

…. My biggest complaint is image quality and brightness… Projector's native resolution is 854x480 (WVGA) which is stuck between Standard and HD resolutions. Text really suffers on this projector, its fuzzy and not very sharp. I browsed on amazon through my projector and at time I could not read descriptions (see my closeup photos). Company claims up to 120” screen, that is total exaggeration, anything above 50” will diminish very quickly. I work with half of that and in my opinion this is the best this projector can do!
Another little annoyance is that you cannot power on the unit from remote, you physically need to press the power button on the projector. For some reason I find that weird.

Despite the cons mentioned above this projector is a marvel of technology. You literally can put 50-120” TV in your pocket or purse. For general use, it is great, but don't expect deep black levels, sharpness, HI Def. We have come a long way, and this gadget is a living proof!

* I chosen and received this product at a considerable discount in exchange for a honest unbiased review. My goal is to credit or discredit a product to my results and observations.

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