Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit with two A19 LED light bulbs and bridge (hub), Works with Alexa

Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit with two A19 LED light bulbs and bridge (hub), Works with Alexa
From Philips

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #118 in Home Improvement
  • Size: A19
  • Color: Hue White
  • Brand: Philips
  • Model: 455303
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.86" h x 7.28" w x 11.22" l,


  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Hue Bridge hub required and included, Alexa device sold separately). Android 2.3 and upwards
  • Starter kit includes 2 soft white LED light bulbs and a bridge that wirelessly connects up to 50 lights
  • The bridge enables you to control your lights from your smart device via the Philips Hue App. Add Hue accessories or connect to Alexa to control your lights your way
  • 2nd Generation starter kit comes with brighter bulbs (upgraded from 600 to 800 lumens) and more internal storage for lighting scenes
  • Experience guaranteed smooth dimming with Philips Hue white LED light bulbs

This 10-Watt (60-Watt Replacement) Hue Bulb Uses Led Technology To Deliver Up To 80 Percent Energy Savings. Along with the Hue Bridge, this kit is the perfect way to start building your Hue personal lighting system.

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5Works Flawlessly With Echo
By Paul Basquez
Works with Echo. Was very easy to set up and use. This starter kit included two bulbs, but we quickly realized we wanted more. Searching Amazon for additional WHITE bulbs that were compatible with the HUE Bridge was confusing and ultimately pointless (and I've never felt like that - they usually have everything).

But I found the correct bulbs at Bestbuy for $15 each. I went and picked up 7 more the day after Christmas. In case you are struggling to find the white wireless bulbs for the HUE Bride, search for Model: 455295 / SKU: 4374300

If you are using with Echo, make sure to create "Groups" and name the groups something simple, like "Living Room". Echo had a very hard time understanding "Alexa, turn Hue Lights On", but she understands "Alexa, turn the Living Room on" every time. You can even create sub groups. For example - I have "Living Room", Dinning Room", "The Lights" (Which is both living and dinning room) and even small groups like "Lamps" (which are just 2 of my living room lights).

Easy and it works.

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5It's 2017 up in here!
By Brown Bear
I recently decided to see what the whole commotion was in regards to an "Automated Home." Several Amazon Dots and various smart accessories later, my home is tricked out and I must say, it's awesome. This is one of the rare purchases and features that makes me stop and say "Damn, the future is now". Out of all the smart accessories I purchased, the Hue is my favorite. It took all of 3 minutes to setup and has been working like a charm. I initially purchased the TP Link version of smart lighting, but they couldn't stay on my network for the life of them. One quick exchange later, and the Hue was here and set up. It's quick, responsive, pairs with Alexa in no time at all, and the best thing yet; it's almost endlessly upgradable (for the normal sized home, that is.) if you have been throwing the idea of automating your home around, and have a couple houndred dollars lying around (I automated pretty much everything for around $400 which includes the Amazon Dots for a few different rooms), pull the trigger. You won't regret it. Just make sure your Network has full coverage of your home to prevent frustration. Also, to anyone disappoint the hub is not WIFI based there is a reason for that. Reliability. This hub transmits the signal to all of your Hue devices. Nothing would frustrate people more than a dodgy wireless signal relaying their request to their other devices. A hardwired connection ensures every relay is transmitted correctly and appropriately. Hard wired connections may be "ugly" but they ensure quality transfer rates!

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4Great Alexa Integration For Philips Bulbs/Switches, New Install Super Easy, Upgrade From Gen1 MAY Be a Pain
By Stephanie Sullivan
The 2nd generation of my old 1st generation Philips 453761 Hue Lux 60W A19 LED Starter Kit. I like my old kit and it integrated with my Amazon Echo (Alexa) and recently my 1st generation FireTV (now with Alexa). The new generation adds Apple HomeKit compatibility and has different bulbs that are a bit more than 10% brighter.

Like the first gen hub you can control your lights from anywhere through the Philips Hue app. This generation has all the features of the older one and just adds to them.

Integration with Alexa/Echo is great for Philips bulbs and switches. I have never been able to get 3td party bulbs or switches to work with Alexa using the Philips Hue hub even though most work fine with the Hue app! If you want a all-Philips environment for Alexa voice control it's great but another hub might be a better choice for Alexa control of bulbs and switches from other manufacturers.

I'll use this review to compare the first and second generations. I liked my first gen kit and I like the new one but it's not all rose petals.

The contents of the new kit are much like the older one:
+ Hue square bridge (the older model had a round bridge)
+ 2 Philips 455311 Hue White Extension A19 Bulbs (Old kit had Philips 433714)
+ Power adapter (2A output compared to 800ma on previous)
+ About 3ft LAN cable (same as the older one)
+ Various getting started and marketing paperwork (similar to the older)

The biggest changes are the new bulbs are slightly brighter, run hotter and are shaped more like incandescent bulbs. The hub is square, requires a little more power, and now supports Apple HomeKit. The power adapter is bigger and I had to move around plugs on my power strip so it would fit.

Warning: I wanted to see what a new install would be like, but if you are upgrading I suggest pairing your bulbs to your old hub first, then migrating your configuration to the new hub. I wanted to experience a first-time installation for this review and didn't do that, and oh what a PAIN!

New Install:
If Installing the new gen kit as a new first time installation, it is wicked easy! Install the hue app (I had it installed on my iPhone already), create or login to your account, discover the bridge, search for new devices. If the included bulbs are on they will auto pair. Easy Peasy! I did this first.

Upon installation I was asked if I wanted to add the device to my home (Apple HomeKit)., This is new with this generation and nice to see and be able to use Siri as an additional voice control channel to Alexa.

Upgrade Install:
Installing as an upgrade was not so nice.for me as I had already setup this hub as a new install. During setup the app *really* wanted to migrate my old hub's configuration to the new hub - the dialog in the app leads me to believe that they can not coexist so nicely. In the process of the upgrade the new bridge's configuration was cleared, the old hub's devices migrated to the new one. Then the old hub's configuration was then cleared.

During the upgrade I was warned I would have to re-pair any previously pair devices or bulbs like those included in the kit. When I went to pair those nice new bulbs. What was previously seamless and easy before became a frustrating task. I finally had to resort to manually pairing the kit bulbs manually by using their serial numbers then doing them one at a time. It was an annoying pain that took several tries.

I was also able to pair a new Cree Connected 60W A19 LED Light Bulb manually. The trick with the Cree is to make sure you start the manual paring immediately after turning on the bulb. The timing is very close with the Cree and it took me two tried to get it paired. This was the same experience as with the old Hue hub.

Once things were paired I was able to mate the new Hue hub with my Echo and Alexa happily turned my hue bulbs on and off, but would NOT recognize or control any of my Cree light bulbs connected to the Hue hub. The Hue app worked them perfectly. This is the same as the older bridge and still a rather annoyingly closed system.

HomeKit compatibility is a plus for Apple users and gives a voice option other than the Echo (my preference). I've only just tried it a little so far. Alexa (Echo) is my home voice control preference.

The new bulbs are about 10% brighter and that's just noticeably brighter to my eye. The new bulbs are shaped more like incandescent A19 bulbs than the older style Hue Lux bulbs. Like the older Lux bulbs these are fairly heavy bulbs and may not be appropriate for some track lighting or swing-arm lighting fixtures. The Cree Connected bulbs are only a little heavier than incandescent bulbs and probably a better choice for more delicate fixtures.

The bulbs also seem to run hotter than the old ones. In an open socket the base got uncomfortably hot to the touch. In a similar situation the older bulbs got warm but never what I would call hot. I am concerned running hotter means a shorter life.

Speaking of shorter life, one of the two bulbs failed with between 1 and 2 hours of operating time. I turned it off and then it would never turn on again. A bummer for sure and I hope an anomaly.

Quality of light from the new bulbs is not much different from the old ones. The lighting pattern does not seem much different even with the more round shape.

For my environment where I am using the Hue app and Alexa/Echo the new generation offers little new. For HomeKit users this will offer new possibilities. If I had to pay for this upgrade I would have passed. If I were buying for the first time I'd get this new kit.

For new users setup could not be much easier, migrating from an old hub may be frustrating as it was for me. Maybe if you never pair the new bulbs or pair them with your old hub before migrating you will have a better experience than I did.

Philips Hue system seems to only begrudgingly support non-Philips devices. Echo can't control my Cree bulbs I connected through the Hue bridge. They work fine through the Wink hub with Alexa. Late in 2015 Philips released a firmware update that prevented pairing of non-Philips products, but quickly reversed that decision. Bottom line is this: If you want to stick with Philips I think the Hue is a great choice, but if you want a more open system select another option.

All things considered I think the Hue White Starter is a 3.5 star experience. 4 stars for a new user, 3 stars for a upgrade. No half stars so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and 4 stars it is.

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