Panasonic KX-TGE233B Expandable Cordless Digital Phone with Large Keypad - 3 Handsets

Panasonic KX-TGE233B Expandable Cordless Digital Phone with Large Keypad - 3 Handsets
From Panasonic

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Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Model: KX-TGE233B
  • Fabric type: plastic,metal
  • Number of items: 3
  • Dimensions: 3.20" h x 5.40" w x 3.50" l, .40 pounds
  • Battery type: NiMh
  • Native resolution: 103 x 65 pixels
  • Display size: 1.8


  • Long range, excellent clarity, enhanced noise reduction and greater security
  • Amplified volume with dedicated volume key
  • All-digital answering system
  • Functions include tone equalizer, intelligent eco mode and power back-up operation
  • Includes 3 cordless handsets (expandable up to 6 - sold separately)
  • Use the handset away from sources of electrical interference to increase the sound quality of call

The Panasonic KX-TGE233B DECT 6.0 Plus Amplified Expandable Digital Cordless Answering System, with 3 handsets, features extra-large buttons and amplified volume with a dedicated volume key, ideal for those who have a hard time seeing or hearing. Enhanced noise reduction suppresses background noise around the caller while simultaneously enhancing their voice so it's easier to hear them if they're calling from a noisy location. To maximize clarity, the Tone Equalizer control actually lets you adjust bass, mid-range or treble tones in a caller's voice. Plus, a powerful battery back-up system keeps you connected even when the power goes out.

Customer Reviews

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5Great phone - Very satisfied with purchase
By Ray S
I purchased the Panasonic KXTGE232B system with 2 handsets at the end of April, and so far I am very happy with it. This was a replacement for my Panasonic answering system that was about 8 years old. This one has a lot of features, and after purchasing I got caller id to take advantage of them. The menu list is extensive but does provide shortcuts. It did take me quite a while and a lot of keying to setup the phones and phonebook initially, but once that was done all that was left was some fine tuning later on. The included manual does a decent job of explaining features and telling you how to move thru the menus. Settings that are shared between the handsets only have to be entered once. Some settings are unique to each handset/base unit though. To get things working like I wanted them to did take some trial and error, but I was quickly able to get things right. I have had no problems with sound/signal quality.

Things I like about this phone:

-Uses standard AAA Ni-Mh batteries for easy replacement
-Power backup function (if your electricity goes out, the base unit handset keeps phone powered on. Two days after I got the phone, lost electricity for 3 1/2 hours. I was able to make/receive calls on the remote unit and still had 2 bars left for the base unit battery)
-Lighted buttons, large display
-Call screening on handset and/or base unit, message waiting base beep (You can turn this on/off. Each handset has blinking indicators when there are messages.)
-Talking caller id (sometimes not the easiest to understand, but acceptable)
-Call blocking for 250 numbers (with caller id)
-Can assign different ringer tones for each group of callers - 15 choices (with caller id)
-Silent mode (no ringing) for each handset/base for a specific time period with group bypass
-Easily interfaces with telco voice mail if you choose to use that instead of the answering machine
-There is a volume switch on the handset so you can easily adjust the volume while on the phone
-Each phone can have it's own default ringtone (group ringtone will override)
-Small base unit for easy wall mounting
-And many more features (Alarm, speed dial, one cell phone locater, etc.)

I believe this was a good purchase.

UPDATE 1/28/15: I was having a problem blocking a range of telephone numbers. Instruction manual said to enter 2-8 digits to block. I wanted to block a prefix in an area code. Example, I wanted to block all numbers in the 310 area code that started with 325 (1 310 325-XXXX). I entered the numbers as displayed on the phone, 1310325, but they were not being blocked. I called Panasonic and they told me I could only block an area code. After some experimentation, I found out I got some bad info. The fix was to never enter the 1 preceding the phone number, even though it was displayed on the phone. Once I dropped the 1 and entered only 310325, everything worked okay. To block an entire area code, enter the area code only, do not start it with a 1.
I still love this telephone!

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5Finally, my life is complete, the perfect phone.
By J LeRoy
I need a phone you can silence when you want, blocks up to 250 numbers, has the option to silence the dreaded first ring on a blocked call, talking caller id., NOISE REDUCTION/Smartfunction key, side dedicated volume button, and have a led light on top of each handset that flashes when a call comes in, and after a message is left, handy in the middle of the night when you have it in silent mode. This even has a one hundred entry phonebook (more than plenty for my needs) w/9 groups and you can select a desired group to ring thru, that wasn't on my list but is now. Large easy to see, truly backlit keys/buttons, and feels good in your hand. The last couple years they gave us the memory for up to 250 blocked numbers but took away the flashing message alert. Finally I'm happy. Have no use for the cell pairing Bluetooth and all the other bells and whistle models.

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4A Great Simple Cordless Phone.
By Karen
I was looking for a new cordless phone to replace another cordless phone that was not working very well. With so many phones on the market with different features and functions. I had to find a phone that my mother could use with ease and had the features and functions that she will like. Read the reviews, spot a few that said the phone was good for the older people.

I saw the Panasonic KX-TGE233B DECT 6.0 Expandable Digital Cordless Answering System, 3 Handsets, and few other phones. As I was comparing the phones, noticed when the phones made/when on Amazon date, the price, the features and functions. The reviews helped also.

What made be buy the Panasonic KX-TGE233B DECT 6.0 Expandable Digital Cordless Answering System, 3 Handsets was that it looked simple, something my mother would have no problems using. Had a feature that will voice the caller who is calling so one can get up to answer it or let the answering machine get it. Get so many annoying robocalls Also this phone will block 250 phone numbers more than other phones will allow. The buttons are big to where she can read it with ease. On the screen the name and numbers are easy to read. Another feature, it has Power Back-Up Operation, so when the power goes out it will still work. That's something new and is needed.

This phone has different ringers tones, As I was showing my mother all the ringing tone sounds and to see which one she would like to use. She spoke up about the Christmas ringer tone to use during Christmas time... The ring tones are generic music tones, from songs, video games. Has phone ringing sounds and some sounds that sounds like an alarm to doorbell. Has 5 Tones, 10 Melody tones. Kinda sounds like the early days of when the cellphones came out in the 90's and early 2000's.

So this phone will have something someone would like and get excited about. For myself I was not impressed with the ringing tones, not the best. I have heard better ringing tones on phones. I give the ringing tones a C. I guess I like phones sounding like phones, not something fake sounding or lame. For cellphones I like non phone sounds rings. A duck quacking etc just feels better and don't bother others in public. For as landlines phones goes, I like phones to sound like phones. A strong good ring. Am I the only one that feels this way?

The phone is light, yes it does feel little cheap almost toyish like. So dropping it might feel like it will shatter in million pieces. In consideration, for my mother use of the phone, it might not get used much, so the wear and tear will be very low. That is something one has to think about when getting a new phone, how it's gonna be used, how many people will use it, how rough are people. Products are getting more and more plastic each day. Something people can not avoid. So I would rate this phone for people who are low to moderate users. So it might wear out faster if one is a heavy user or have more than one person who use the phone.

The numbers on the soft key pad might wear out as in the numbers might get rubbed off, the soft plastic might start to rub off and leave behind jaggedness. Has two hard plastic buttons, that big square button next to the talk and off, on that key the ink might come off. And the Noise Reduction key, but this key lights up and is a transparent plastic, so that key will not wear out. The soft plastic has a soft feel to it, was hard to be to get used to. I didn't like it to much as I touched it.

Set up was easy, way easier than the other cordless phone she had that was from mid 2008. I followed the instructions, because that's how I roll. I think it would be easy to set up for others who don't like reading the instructions. I read the instructions to find things I would not know since phones are always changing and very different from each other. As some info might not be listed when buying the phone as one has to get to know the features and functions.

On the side of the phone it has a sound up and down button, black soft plastic. On the top of the phone when the phone rings it will light up, hard opaque plastic. This phone has an Orange/Amber glow when taken out of the base and when the phone rings.

I give the phone 4 stars. Not the best but just an okay phone for light to moderate usage, good for older adults on earth. Has good things and blah things but it's an okay phone. Just A Great Simple Cordless Phone.

I give 5 stars to the seller since the package came fast, I bought this phone on June 21 and received it by June 24 by USPS. Very surprised it came so fast. Also I got this phone few dollars cheaper, I think there was a Father's Day sale happening because the other items I ordered was way cheaper then on Monday it seemed the price of everything went up. Very happy with the seller, and how my package arrived.

These phones are one of the best sellers from Panasonic, sold at big names stores. Over all these phones are good or just as better than other phones with less features. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

I will give updates about the phone if we run into problems or something. As of now everything seems okay.

1 - UPDATE 7/4/15:

No problems with the phone. Tried out some of the functions like the Alarm Clock. Can use the phone to wake you when sleeping, Time something. Can come in handy when needed. Weird feature on a phone.

Already using the phone to block robocallers, have it to where it will ring one time. Then can view who the blocked caller was on the CID and it has a symbol to show who is blocked when viewing the CID list if one missed calls. Which makes it so much easier when knowing who keeps calling who is blocked. When a person who is block calls they get is just dead silences. The caller can stay on the line for about 20 seconds before the call drops.

Like the talking caller ID. Wish we could pick a voice for that function. Same with the Answering Machine. The talking CID has a woman's voice and the Answering Machine has a man's voice. Would be nice if we could change the voices. For the amount of things added to cordless phones now days, seems they could add it in the future.

On this phone when robocallers call, it does not turn the answer machine on when they hang up. On the old cordless phone that was replaced, robocallers called and the answering machine picked up as they hung up their phone. I guess it is a good not to have those annoying hang ups when listening to the messages on the answering machine. Seems like people have to stay on the line longer when the answering machine goes through the motions.

Also on the answering machine, You will not hear the answering machine message as the phone call transfers to it. On the old cordless phone, we heard the message. Had to get adjusted to this new thing. You will hear the person who leaves the message, on each phone. That's really helpful when not at the main base when someone calls and leaves a message, that one or all people in the household can hear someone leave a message on the phones.

Talking CID is heard on all phones. One can remove it if they don't like it.

Some phone functions change all the phones and some phone functions just change one phone.

Over all the phone is a wonderful upgrade from the old phone. This phone is worth getting.

2 - UPDATE 7/10/15 -

Used the Cell Phone finder to just try it out

It's sorta annoying when using the Cell Phone finder. It has a beeping/paging dial sorta not really like an old fashion dial up but similar. It does work to locate a cellphone. It calls the cellphone, as the base unit keeps making that weird beeping/paging noise, as it dials the cellphone number to find it. To turn it off the cell phone locator noise, just press the button. Great if you lose your cellphone a lot or the kids keep taking it. It does work but kinda takes little longer to go through the motions of dialing the number and getting the cellphone.

Seems like it would have been easier to just have dialed the cellphone by hand on the phone. Kinda what's the point. might be helpful but then again 'like really'!

The next model up from this phone is where one can use the Cell Phone Finder and actually talk to the cellphone if someone picks up. The model I have all it does is just call the cellphone and one can not talk with cellphone from the phone.

3 - UPDATE 7/11/15 & 7/21/15 -

Noticed the time was wrong, picked the phone up off the base and the time corrected itself. Then looked at the other 2 phones and noticed the time was off and again picked the phones up and corrected itself. Next day the same thing happened. Very weird. Can change the setting to manual from Caller ID auto in the Time Adjustment in the settings for Set time and date.

There is something wrong with the time settings that is affecting the time on the phone. The Caller ID time should be controlled by the phone company. That's how it was in the beginning when it first came out. When the lights go out, the time would stop and not update until someone calls to reset the time.

The time did update and correct its self when someone called. So just a little hiccup in the phones. Have not had any problems since I first noticed this. Just happened on 2 days and have not happened again. So if you don't use the phones much there will be some problems with the time.

4 UPDATE 7/21/15 -

A robocaller called did not leave a message. after it called, I looked at the phone and noticed this “Voice mail msg. via phone co.” being displayed on the phone. Note I do not have voicemail on my phone nor that I have ever had this service. After looking it up and reading about how to remove it from my phone. The message would not go away unless one calls voicemail, which I do not. after reading up it at the panasonic help site, I finally got the message removed by pressing # for 5 seconds. In the settings under the Voicemail settings - VM tone detect, put OFF.

Really odd how robocalls can jack with the phones.

Overall had slight problems but always got the problem fixed. No major problems so far.

One thing I kinda what to see a change is that soft rectangle menu key. That key should have been a hard plastic. It gets tiresome to press it. It's too soft and too small. I feel it might wear out, like the key will like peel off or something. Have to use the side of my thumb or my other fingers when pressing it. I have small fingers.

UPDATE 2017. Still working no problems.

Noticed there is another phone just like this one but with a few different buttons. - Panasonic KX-TGE433B - I like that one better but the phone I have still going strong and I don't need a new phone but would love to have Panasonic KX-TGE433B since it has the one button call block.

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