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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #642 in Video Games
  • Brand: Oculus
  • Model: 301-00036-04
  • Released on: 2016-12-06
  • Platforms: Oculus, Windows
  • Dimensions: 4.10" h x 3.80" w x 4.50" l, 1.00 pounds


  • Bring your real hands into virtual environments with this pair of controllers for Oculus Rift.
  • Natural gestures and finger movement create a sense of true hand presence for more realistic, memorable, and tactile VR.
  • Constellation tracking lets you manipulate objects in your virtual environment with extraordinary precision.
  • Explore an expansive list of groundbreaking new Touch experiences on the Oculus Store.
  • This is an Oculus Rift accessory only. Rift headset sold separately.

Oculus Touch is a pair of tracked controllers that give you “hand presence” - the feeling that your virtual hands are actually your own. It takes interaction to the next level. Touch enables natural hand presence, requiring little thought about how to use your virtual hands or what to do with them. Think of it as a set of human hands in the virtual world. Touch lets you manipulate all kinds of objects in the virtual space with precision. Pick up toys, drop blocks, throw firecrackers and fire laser guns - all with intuitive, natural hand movement. By capturing nuances of human expression, Touch enables gestures like pointing, waving, and giving a thumbs-up. It unlocks a social element that's never been experienced in VR before. Touch controllers feature traditional action buttons, thumb-sticks and analog triggers that add familiarity to new experiences. These are your controls for grasping, lifting, and more. Oculus developed Toybox to let you enjoy hand presence without restrictions. Toss objects, light firecrackers, play ping-pong with other avatars - the world of interaction is infinite.

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5Must buy for Rift owners
By Derek B.
Absolutely amazing addition to the Oculus Rift. If you have one, you need these. I liked my Rift a lot before but once you get these in your hands, it's such an incredible experience. To have your hands be displayed so accurately in game and to actually interact with these environments is such a difference compared to using a traditional gamepad. I highly recommend Superhot VR, you'll feel like a movie star and you can have someone, who has never used VR before, hop in with ease and be blown away. The few people who tried it out at my house over various holidays parties won't stop talking about it/inviting themselves over. They fit in your hands amazingly and are so intuitive, especially compared to traditional controllers.

While these downsides are not enough to lose a star, I will mention a few things that they lack, especially in comparison to other products like the Vive's motion controllers. First of all, these come with a single sensor to add to the one you already have for the Rift. Unlike the Vive however, both sensors are still designed to go in front of you, meaning no 360 degree coverage. While you rarely will have an issue with the Touch controllers being recognized in Oculus games since they are designed to be forward facing, 180 degree games, there are amazing games like Onward in Steam VR, that are designed to be roomscale experiences. As soon as something gets in between the sensors and the Touch controllers, like your body or arms, your hands will suddenly drift or stop moving. FYI, this is called "occlusion".

I've gotten a third sensor directly from Oculus and use this one behind me in my setup to achieve roomscale. It's almost perfect coverage but when I face the one corner that I don't have a sensor in now, my controllers can get blocked by my arms or body and thats noticeable in games like Onward when you're holding a gun up. I've played the game on Vive before and I did not have these issues as much. Vive only uses two sensors as well so from a technological aspect, it's certainly possible for improvement from Oculus in this aspect. I should emphasize however, this is a rare issue and only occurs when I'm playing games and I face in one particular direction. Also, the Vive's lighthouse system was not perfect in my limited experience either so they both have some definite improvements they could use.

As I said, this is all nitpicky and doesn't happen all the time or even in most games. The controllers are certainly a must buy if you already have the Rift.

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5Make sure to thoroughly test your controllers so that everything registers especially the capacitive sensors.
By xeiram
The control and feel of the touch controllers are superb. Highly recommend a third rift sensor to avoid loss in tracking, especially when playing games like bullet train. Make sure the capacitive touch sensors register because I had to go through two defective items before finally receiving a functional pair. When I received the first shipment one controller would not allow me to do the finger point gesture. Ordered for a replacement but, it ended up being defective too because hand gesture was locked at thumb rest, when lifting my thumb. So, it failed to do the thumbs-up gesture.Sent it back a second time for a third replacement and everything within the touch controllers now register perfectly. To those who are considering the touch controllers, make sure the sensors work.

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5Best vr controllers's
By Edgar
Love these controller's. I was going to get a HTC vive but after demoing oculus rift with these touch controls at best buy I decided to go with a rift. I watched many YouTube videos comparing the vive and rift controller's and everyone seems to be likeing the rift better than the vive.

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