Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit with 1.44 Inch Display and USB Car Charger

Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit with 1.44 Inch Display and USB Car Charger
From Nulaxy

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #60 in Consumer Electronics
  • Color: B Black
  • Brand: Nulaxy
  • Model: 4326596310
  • Dimensions: 2.10" h x 4.90" w x 6.40" l, .20 pounds


  • 1. BROAD COMPATIBILITY - Nulaxy KM18 car fm transmitter works with Bluetooth enabled devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablet, Smartphones or MP3, MP4 Players via 3.5mm audio jack.
  • 2. BIG LCD DISPLAY - Car battery voltage level will be detected and displayed on 1.44 inches LCD while the car starts; phone number for incoming calls & name of songs playing through TF Cards could be displayed as well (songs via Bluetooth will not display).
  • 3. CRYSTAL SOUND QUALITY - Nulaxy KM18 utilized most advanced interference and noise cancellation technology, to grant most crystal sound quality. Please be noted, due to radio frequency interference and car ground loop noise, it is almost impossible for any transmitter to produce a perfect audio, but Nulaxy does one of the best work in the market.
  • 4. USB CAR CHARGING - Comes with a 5V-2.1A charging port to charge most USB devices.
  • 5. WHAT IS MORE - Built-in microphone feature supports hands-free talking; support TF/MicroSD Card in FAT format up to 32G; support A2DP; support MP3/WMA format; support AUX output and input.

Nulaxy KM18 is one of the most favorite Bluetooth FM transmitters in the market. It utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 technology, equipped with a USB charge port and TF card slot. KM18 is your ultimate car kit solution, for your hands-free driving and in-car stereo streaming. Smartphones could be connected to KM18 through Bluetooth, and then streamed through car FM system or AUX port. Smartphones or MP3 players could also be connected to KM18 through AUX port, and then streamed to car stereo speaker through FM.

Bluetooth Version: V3.0+EDR
Frequency: 20 h- 20KHZ
Sensitivity: -41db+/3db 360
Voltage: 5 V + / - 0.5
Working Current: 45mA (Max)
Stand-by Current: 25mA (Max)
Frequency: 2.402 ~ 2.480 ghz
Effective Range: 5meters
Sensitivity: -92 dBm
RF Output: 4 dBm
FM: 87.5MHZ-108.0MHZ
Transmitted Power: 87dBuv/107dBuv
Effective Range: 2 Meters

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4Get's The Job Done BUT...
By Lewis Beasley
[[VIDEOID:43e7973bfb3bc921fecb9081ea182cec]] INSIDE THE BOX
Inside the box you'll find…

• 1 x Nulaxy wireless bluetooth FM transmitter
• 1 x User guide
• And 1 x 3.5mm cable

The Nulaxy wireless transmitter is made out of plastic, so it's light weight. On the right side of the unit you'll find a 3.5mm insert and an TF card slot. Attached to the back is a plastic flex tub that allows you to bend and adjust the position of the unit in any direction. The end piece is the cigerrette lighter adapter that plugs into your cigerette lighter. Attached to the back of the cigerette lighter adapter you'll find a 5V/2.1A USB port.

On the front of the unit you have a 1.44inch back lit color display for navigating throughout the devices software interface. The channel plus and minus buttons allow you to set the the FM frequency of the device and the Next and previous buttons allow you to skip forward or go back to a previous track. When held down….the "next" button will also allow you to switch between your bluetooth connected source and the TF card slot source. The dial knob turns your volume up and down and functions as the pause button when pressed in.

Setting up the Nulaxy Wireless Bluetooth transmitter with my cell phone was pretty simple. Simply plug it into your cigarette lighter port and you'll notice that the led light on the knob will flash. This indicates that the device is ready to be paired. On your portable device, navigate to your bluetooth settings, find the KM18 source in your list of devices and connect. That's it and it was that simple! The only other thing left to do is set the Nulaxy to a free open FM channel and then change your FM radio to that channel as well. After that you can play anything on your portable device and hear it through your car speaker system without wires! You can even take and make phone calls using your car speaker system as a speaker intercom.

So for those of you who drive older cars and even newer cars that don't come with those added bluetooth wireless media features. This product might come in very handy for you. Now before run off and add one of these to your amazon cart, let's talk about my overall experience. The good, the bad and the ugly.


○ First off, one of the things annoying for me was the sound quality when transmitting to an FM frequency. Let me mention this as a disclaimer. Not everyone will experience this issue. It depends on the quality of your vehicle's stereo "grounding" and the intensity of FM interference in your area. However for me, I still get a little static in my audio when listening wirelessly via FM. There were a few occasions where switching the FM station to another frequency helped out, but it wasn’t 100%. At times, I could still hear a little static here and there.

Now the alternative around this would be to use the 3.5mm port. So if your car stereo has a 3.5mm auxiliary port, you can simply plug one end into the Nulaxy and the other end into your car stereo port. This would eliminate ALL FM interference.

○ My second gripe is there's no way to power off this thing unless you unplug it. When I turn off my car and get out, the unit will remain powered on if still plugged up. So every time I'm done using this, I have to unplug it and put it away. Then when I'm ready to use it again, I have to get it out and plug it back in. Not really a deal breaker but a little bit of a hassle. I feel like it would be more ideal if you could just simply power this thing off and on whenever needed. That way it can remain in the cigarette lighter port in an off or on status. That being said, there are more convenient and positive points on this product then there are gripes.

○ One of the things I think is REALLY useful is the Once paired, always paired Bluetooth connectivity. In other words, you pair this once and it will automatically pair for you in the future.

○ Also, believe it or not…but this thing has a caller ID feature. So if it's paired with your phone and you receive a phone call while listening to music, that phone number will pop up on the Nulaxy screen. Now that's pretty convenient!

○ Being able to take hands-free phone calls in the cabin of your vehicle is one of those Luxury conveniences offered as a feature in this unit. When a call comes in, simply press the center knob once to accept it or hold it down to reject it. There's also a tiny microphone on the front of the Nulaxy that allows you to speak to the person your talking to without having to hold your phone handset.

So all in all, what this device was designed to do, it does it very well. For those of you wanting wireless streaming capabilities and hands free phone calls in your vehicle, this is the device that will do it. I think it's worth money. That's why I bought two!

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5SETUP best settings. Read for thorough review. AWESOME!
By Jeffrey Belanger
I am very happy with this product. Very clear music no static. Here is my setup that is working excellent.

Plugged in and turned my phone (HTC One) bluetooth on and it didn't see the device. Held down the large volume button on this device for a couple seconds and it popped up on my phone and connected.

Match radio station with the frequency on device and browse until you find station with the least amount of static while your music isn't playing and your stereo is turned up. (Most come through with close to the same static, but some are less than others.)

Turn volume on phone all the way up, turn the Nulaxy volume to 23 to 25, and for my radio I do about 30 to 35 for volume depending on the song. ( I like my music loud.)

Bass sounds better than ever.

Before I was using a wired FM transmitter and had to put my bass up at +5 on the stereo. Now I turned my bass down to 0 and it's amazing very clear very nice. Treble is at +5.

I am using Google Play Music and the next button does work to skip tracks and the large volume button does play/pause when depressed.

I love not having a wire anymore and just using bluetooth. Received a call and it showed the phone number, not the name saved in my phone. Pressed the large volume button to answer. My girlfriend said my voice came through pretty loud, but clear and that it sounded like me not muffled and no distortion or anything like that.

OVERALL: Very satisfied. Highly recommend.

Definitely keep phone volume all the way up, Nulaxy volume around 23 to 25 never all the way up, and you can fine tune to your system using the stereo volume with the Nulaxy volume and your bass and treble.

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By Amazon Customer
Bruh I got a 2003 BMW Z4 and I don't have no aux cord . I saw this had had good reviews , so I had to try it ... WHEN I PLUGGED IT INTO MY CAR I WAS BUMPING THAT NEW BIRDS BY TRAVIS SCOTT BOY!!! IT SOUNDED SO CLEAR I would recommend this if you want to rage

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