NES case for Raspberry Pi 3,2 and B+ by Old Skool Tools

NES case for Raspberry Pi 3,2 and B+ by Old Skool Tools
From Old Skool

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  • Brand: Old Skool
  • Model: 150719830
  • Dimensions: 1.73" h x 3.50" w x 3.66" l, .16 pounds


  • NES case specifically designed for Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and B+
  • This firm design, made out of plastic is held together with the 4 provided bolts
  • Easy access to the SD-Card and all other ports without opening the case
  • Inspired by the Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System inspired Raspberry Pi case was designed to relive childhood memories. This unique design is made out of durable plastic and was designed to fit perfectly on the Raspberry Pi 3,2 and B+. We're all about bringing the Old Skool back! The 4 provided screws assure that the case is very firm and steady. The NES case provides access to every outlet of the Raspberry Pi without opening the case. The air vents provide good ventilation while in use. Note. This is just the case, Raspberry Pi is not included.

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5This is by far the best Pi3 case you can get right now
By RobotWare
This is by far the best Pi3 case you can get right now. Nicely done

*** To make your own Red Led Power light ***

--- This Kit linked below has all the components needed to add Red Led Light
--- CanaKit Raspberry Pi GPIO Breakout Board / Cobbler Bundle (40-Pin T-Shaped - Assembled)
--- Aketek 50 PCS Jumper Wires Premium 200mm M/F Male-to-Female
* 1 Red LED
* 1 Red Jumper Cable
* 1 Black Jumper Cable
* 1 10K Ohm Resistor ( in the strip of 5 )
* Black Electrical Tape
* Hot Glue Gun ( Vastar Hot Glue Gun with 30 Pieces Melt Glue Sticks Melting Adhesive Glue Gun Kit for DIY Small Craft and Quick Repairs in Home & Office, 20 Watt )
* Soldering Iron ( Vastar Full Set 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit - Adjustable Temperature, 5pcs Different Tips, Desoldering Pump, Stand, anti-static Tweezers and Additional Solder Tube for Variously Repaired Usage

--- Pics included to show steps ---
*** Keep in mind the Longest leg on LED light is the +Positive side
*** Using Red Jumper cable for +Positive, solder end to 10K Ohm Resistor
*** Solder other end of 10K Ohm Resistor to +Positive end of LED light
*** Using Black Jumper cable for Ground, solder that to the other leg of LED light (shorter end)
*** Connect other end of Red Jumper cable to spot 4 on GPIO of Raspberry Pi 3
( Diagram included for GPIO on Raspberry pi included with Kit above )
Pic included but on right side it's the 2nd and 3rd down from top 4-6
*** Connect other end of Black Jumper cable to spot 6
*** If it lights up, then proceed to wrapping each cable in Electrical tape, i then taped both sides
together but only after you wrap them independently to avoid contact with each other.
*** Using Hot Glue Gun to place and secure the cable and LED to hole. I used a small amount first under
the LED light to give it something to rest on, then proceeded to tack it down

That's it, and a Big thanks to Old Skool Tools for making this beautiful little case for us to enjoy ;)

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4Great idea, great look, but some practical problems.
By Ultimate Outsider
I love that this thing exists. I (like probably thousands of others) only started learning about using the Raspberry Pi as an old-school game emulator when I realized that I was never going to be able to find one of those NES Classic Edition deals at anywhere near a reasonable price, and this case mostly makes up for Nintendo's sins. I have two complaints about this case, that hopefully might be addressable in a future model:

1) The case came with screws to fasten the two halves together, but the screws are virtually useless; they don't hold the top to the bottom. I had to tape the two halves together to keep the whole thing from falling apart every time I had to plug/unplug a cable.
2) When USB devices are connected (which is always, for us anyway), the "cartridge door" of the case is always open, exposing the bare port header of the Raspberry Pi, with a fair amount of open space behind the connectors. This really breaks the spell of the device, appearance-wise. I'd have preferred a design where the cables come out the back, or at least something that covered up the guts of the pi when USB devices are connected (which, again, is always).

Anyway, still love it.

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4Just a couple tweaks and it'd be 5-stars
By Vistar
Great case, great price. The flip-up lid is a little delicate as it's held on by 2 little nubs on either side, and it doesn't open up very far--just far enough to clear the input ports.
Other than that, I love it! Cutouts fit the raspi perfectly. Very cool old skool case.

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