NES case for Raspberry Pi: 3,2 and B+ by Old Skool Tools

NES case for Raspberry Pi: 3,2 and B+ by Old Skool Tools

Price: $14.85


  • Brand: Kintaro
  • Manufacturer: Old Skool Tools
  • Model: 150719830
  • Weight: 15


  • NES INSPIRED: NES case specifically designed for Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and B+
  • INJECTION MOLDED: This firm design, made out of plastic is held together with the 4 provided bolts
  • TINKER FRIENDLY: Feel like adding an LED or working buttons? Whatever it may be this case gives you plenty of room to tinker around with.
  • RETRO DESIGN: Inspired by the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • EASY ACCESS: Full access to all ports without having to open it, giving you the opportunity to connect your favourite controllers in a heartbeat.


Taking your Raspberry Pi back in time

Give your Raspberry Pi a retro touch with your NES inspired case. Easy to build and designed to fit your Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and B+ You'll be able to start playing your favorite retro games in no time.

Tinker friendly

There are plenty of options to really make this case your own. From adding your cooling fan to implementing working buttons, this case leaves plenty of room to get creative. So get creative!

Click "Add to Cart" now and take your Super Kuma on a trip down memory lane.

Safe Travels!