Mlison Video Projector 2000 Lumens Home Cinema Theater Multimedia Projector, Support 1080P HD + HD PC USB HDMI AV VGA

Mlison Video Projector 2000 Lumens Home Cinema Theater Multimedia Projector, Support 1080P HD + HD PC USB HDMI AV VGA
From Mlison

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Product Details

  • Color: Bright black
  • Brand: Mlison
  • Model: ML100


  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS - 2000 lumens,Resolution: 800 x 480 (native),Maximum resolution(dpi) 1920*1080(1080i) Projection Distance: 3.9 ¨C 10 ft. / 1.2 ¨C 3.0 m, Throw Ratio: 1.86~2.04:1. Contrast (Standard) 1000:1, Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16 Display:9; Image size 30-100 Inches
  • MULTIPLE INPUTS - With HDMI/USB/ VGA/TV/AV/TF Card input,Mlison video projector can be connected with TV, TV box, Laptop, PC, USB drive, iPad, Smartphone, Connect PS3 PS4 or X-Box ONE Wii via HDMI to enjoy games on bigger screen
  • VIVID AND ACCURATE IMAGES. manual keystone correction, easily correct the trapezoidal distortion and get a best viewing experience at any angle. Adjust the lens with image focus button to focus image and get a super clear effect.
  • DURABLE AND ENERGY SAVING - CE,FCC,ISO,HDMI Approved,latest Smarteco Lampcare Technology, the Mlison home projector's LED bulb inside can save energy up to 70%, and lifetime up to 20,000 hours.
  • WARRANTY - This Video Projector comes with full 12-month warranty. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question with this projector.This Video Projector is not recommended for PPT or business presentation


Projection Technology LCD
Standard Resolution(dpi) 800*480
Maximum resolution(dpi) 1920*1080(1080i)
Brightness 1800 Lumens
Brightness Uniformity 90%
Lamp LED
Lamp life 28K hours
Projec0 inches¡«100 inches
Projection Distance 1.2m¡«3m
Projection Lens|Focal Length Projector special lens|F = 190mm
Contrast (Standard) 1000:1
Aspect Ratio Display 4:3/16:9
Keystone Correction Manual correction ¡À15¡ã
Flip the screen support
Projection Method Front/hanging cast/placed
Noise at Work (db) <35dB
Menu Language English and multi-language menu
Light bulbs LED lights
Total power consumption(W) ¨Q250W
Video signal PAL/NTSC/SECAM
Audio Input Audio input (RCA pin*2, left and right channels)
Audio output Built-in Speaker (2W*2)
Power source AC100-240V(¡À10%)¡¢50/60Hz
Accessories Power cord, VGA cable, AV cable,, wireless remote control
Weight 2.8lbs

Package Includes:
1* User manual
1* Power adaptor
1* AV cable
1* Remote control
1* Projector


Customer Reviews

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3Decent for the price. Otherwise 1 or 2 stars.
By Devin H.
*Please note that the picture of the image provided looks much better in the picture than in person!
This projector is decent. Obviously not as good as the $300-$500 projectors.
-Does have a decent picture if you're not concerned with a bit of fuzziness especially around the corners. Don't expect to use the tilt feauture because it will leave half of the projection unusable/un-readable no matter how much you try to focus it.
-features are ok and has decent imputs.
-dark around the edges.
- speakers are good for a projector
- don't expect to use this with any ambient light... - The picture does not exist except in pitch black environment.
- if you want a projector for the kids that can take the abuse and they won't know the difference, this projector is fine. Otherwise, if you want a home cinema on a budget spend a couple bucks more and invest in a better projector.

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5Perfect projector!
By Amazon Customer
I ordered this projector for my daughter's 13th Birthday party. The plan was to set up an outdoor theatre for her and her friends. Pinterest gave us all the ideas, we just needed the projector to complete it. I read all the reviews on this projector. I was a bit nervous but figured if it didn't work out, I could always return it. Upon opening the box, everything was included as listed. The aux cord, the power cord, the remote, the projector and the directions. We waited for night fall and went out back to try it out. The projector started right away. No problem with power. The picture is very easy focus. It was spot on and crisp! The only problem was the volume. The internal volume wouldn't work. Not that I planned on using it, but we couldn't get that to work. I hooked up a receiver and speakers along with my blue ray DVD player. Still no sound. I finally called technical support (English speaking, knowledgeable, EXTREMELY PATIENT). Rachel, the CSR, spent almost an hour helping me trouble shoot. It turned out that I had change the audio output on my DVD player from dolby digital to PCM. Rachel looked up my dvd player and walked me through the whole process!! After that, it was perfect!!
The girls started off with Beauty and the Beast then went to the Conjuring 2. You could see all the picture just fine. We used the white garage as our backdrop.

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5Pretty close to perfect.
By James
I bought this because I wanted a projector so my kids could watch movies outside. So very delighted with my purchase. The projector is easy to use, lightweight, and the picture is very bright and crisp.

About ten years ago, I researched like crazy to find the right projector, and decided on the Panasonic PT-AE700U as my main home theater display because it had all the right features - 720p, LCD (not DLP), analog keystoning, etc. That projector cost $3,000, plus a $200 bulb every year or so, plus hundreds of dollars whenever the heat from the UHM lamp would melt the LCD. The whole thing was so delicate and expensive that I was afraid to use it too much, mess with the settings, or generally touch it. After a few years it just got too expensive to fix that I let the repair company keep it. List price on that projector was $3,000, and it was rated at 1000 lumens.

Fast forward to last weekend when I went to Amazon, hoping to find a decent projector for my kids (toddlers) and came across this Mlison model for $109. The reviews were great, but I couldn't find any specs on it. Never heard of Mlison. Couldn't find a website. No video reviews, nothing. But those reviews - number one on Amazon, five stars with about five hundred reviews, all for $100 - I had to take the chance. I figured if it showed up and sucked, I could just return it to Amazon. My projector arrived today and Let me tell you, I am not returning this baby.

When I saw this box on my doorstep. I told my son not to get too excited, because the box was so small and so light weight, a decent projector couldn't fit inside. Turns out this Mlison projector is about a quarter the size of my Panasonic projector. My expectations immediately lowered upon seeing this because I thought no way could a projector this lightweight and small be any good. It was not pico projector size, just smaller than I was expecting. Happily, I was wrong because this thing turned out to be awesome.

I hung a full size white cotton sheet from the patio, and brought the kids outside. I popped in an sd card with a bunch of movies on it and plugged this tiny Mlison projector in for movie night. I worked through the (very straightforward) menu, found the right input for the sd card, and our first pick for a movie, had no sound. I think this may be a problem with the codec, because some of the movies worked and some did not. Once we got a movie with sound, I was VERY IMPRESSED. We stayed up past the kids' bedtime watching The Lion King on a screen that was BIGGER than a full size sheet. We could have made the video bigger or smaller, but sized it to the screen (sheet). There were street lights and traffic, and we still had fantastic picture. Note that In order to adjust the screen size ("throw") to make the picture bigger or smaller, you have to physically move the projector closer to or further from the screen. You cannot adjust the throw by manipulating the lens. A small drawback, but no big deal.

So far, I have only watched one movie on this little machine, but I am VERY VERY IMPRESSED. The picture is sharp, clear and bright. Much brighter than the $3,000 Panasonic PT-AE700U; quieter too. The size and weight of the projector is a benefit, because it makes it so much more portable than more expensive projectors. Plus, this thing has built in speakers, which My Panasonic never had. Fair warning, the speakers sound like listening to music from a smartphone so you may want to use a Bluetooth speaker or sound bar. This Mlison projector has plenty of inputs and outputs, (including audio out) and beats a $3,000 projector in almost every category.

The specs say that the Mlison has a native resolution of 800 x 480, but I could not tell that this was not "true" HD. Sure we were just watching The Lion King, but it was crystal clear. If you are a pixel snob or need to run CSI style facial recognition algorithms, go spend a grand or more on a projector and tell all your friends (if you have any, nerd) about your pixel count. If you want a giant, bright, awesome screen to watch movies with your family, get this and use the $900 you saved to add stadium seating to your home theater.

Bright screen
Vivid colors
Clear picture
Lots of inputs
Lightweight and small(ish) footprint
Analog keystoning
Built in speakers

Built in speaker is tinny (use a jambox or Bluetooth speaker)
No lens cover included
Did not play sound on some sd card files (could be operator error)
Not a true hd picture
Cannot adjust throw (if you want the picture bigger or smaller, you have to physically move the projector)

Incredible bargain. This projector is worth ten times its price.

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