Mission Cables USB Power Cable for Fire TV Stick (Fire TV not included)

Mission Cables USB Power Cable for Fire TV Stick (Fire TV not included)
From Mission Cables

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Product Details

  • Brand: Mission Cables
  • Model: MC9G
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 1.00" w x 12.00" l,
  • Battery type: Lithium Polymer


  • Avoid Hassle - eliminates the need to find an AC outlet near your TV by powering Fire TV Stick directly from your TV's USB port.
  • Advanced Technology - includes special power management circuitry that enhances the peak power capability of the USB port by storing excess energy and then releasing it as needed.
  • Declutter Your TV Area - ideal length for conveniently connecting Fire TV Stick to the TV's side USB/HDMI ports.
  • Universal - compatible with all powered USB ports. The integrated energy storage circuit embedded in the cable enables the use of Fire TV Stick with any powered USB port.
  • Patent Pending Design - innovative product designed specifically to power the newest generation of Fire TV Stick.

Mission Power USB cable allows you to power your Fire TV Stick directly from your TV's USB port. It's the quickest and simplest way to set up your Fire TV Stick. Mission Power USB cable includes proprietary circuitry that stores excess power from the USB port and then releases it during brief intervals when the Fire TV's power load exceeds the power output capability of the USB port. In this way the Mission Power USB cable is able to increase the peak power capability of your TV's USB port. With Mission Power USB cable, even low power 500mA USB ports can support the peak power requirements required for downloading and watching videos, gaming, etc.

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By Gerald Wolf
as advertised, great price

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3Sketchy documentation does not fully explain the features. May not be necessary for most users of FireTV Sticks.
By M. Erb
[[VIDEOID:29de0e3116617887c0b196bd6325470e]] This is a review of Mission Cables' USB Power Cable for Fire TV.

Well, I don't really know whether this is useful for not for most FireTV users. In my case I have been successfully using my FireTV stick on my HDTV with a simple short USB cable plugged into my HDTV. I never used the AC power adapter with my FireTV Stick since the USB port on my HDTV provides what seems to be adequate power to the FireTV stick. I measured the USB output as .49A.

This Mission Cables USB Power Cable apparently has a capacitor or small rechargeable battery inside it which stores power and dispenses it to the FireTV stick if needed during power hungry events. Perhaps if you have an app on the FireTV stick that is processor intensive, that might be an example of when current draw could be more than what your typical .5A HDTV USB output might be able to provide. That is where this little device should be able to help.

In any case, it may work as intended or not. Since my FireTV stick works just fine without it, I can't say. But what I don't care for is the incomplete documentation that is shipped with the unit. The tiny inline box has two LED indicators on it. One is lit all the time when it is plugged into a powered USB port, the other goes off after a period of time so I can only assume that that indicator is telling you whether the battery or capacitor inside the device is fully charged or not, Again, since there is no documentation explicitly saying this, it's only a guess on my part.

I'd say that unless you are having issues with your FireTV stick cutting out on you when you are using a USB port on your HDTV to power it, this device is not necessary

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3A nice way to use the fire stick if short on AC outlets
By Rebeccalynn M
The primary purpose for this Mission Cables USB Power cable for the Fire TV stick is to eliminate having to use an AC outlet which will reduce the number of cords and make the area cleaner. It is good idea especially for anyone who may have to use extensions for the TV, Cable box, and other items that may be around the television. It works with the TV's USB ports. Perfect for older houses that do not have many outlets.

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