Limited Edition Premium Leather Cover for Kindle Paperwhite  - fits all Paperwhite generations

Limited Edition Premium Leather Cover for Kindle Paperwhite - fits all Paperwhite generations
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Product Details

  • Brand: Amazon
  • Model: A02300
  • Released on: 2014-12-31
  • Dimensions: .63" h x 4.92" w x 6.93" l, .30 pounds


  • Designed by Amazon to be the lightest and thinnest protective cover for Kindle Paperwhite (will not fit Kindle or Kindle Touch)
  • Crafted from premium leather featuring a ruggedly smooth finish, the classically styled aniline surface will wear and patina naturally with use, making each individual cover unique
  • Wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the cover
  • Magnetic clasp ensures cover is securely closed

Limited Edition Premium Leather Cover for Kindle Paperwhite

Limited Edition Premium Leather Origami Cover for Kindle Paperwhite

Better Together

A fusion of soft, premium textured leather and an innovative, form-fitted interior secures your Kindle Paperwhite without any hinges or straps. 

Crafted from premium natural leather featuring a ruggedly smooth finish - the classically styled aniline surface will wear and patina naturally with use, making each individual cover unique.

This innovative cover automatically puts your Kindle Paperwhite to sleep when it is closed and wakes it upon opening, making it easy to jump back into your books.

Slim, form-fitting covers designed by Amazon to perfectly fit your Kindle Paperwhite and provide full front and back protection.

Lose Yourself in Your Reading

Our top design objective is to make Kindle devices and accessories disappear, just like a physical book, so you can get lost in your reading.

We achieved this with a form fitted cover that does not require straps over the front of the device, enabling the cover to wake your Kindle or put it to sleep by opening and closing it. The subtle woven nylon interior perfectly colored to disappear along with the device. Additionally, the cover is designed to fold back, so you can read comfortably with just one hand.

On the Go

Thin, lightweight, and durable, this cover is perfect for taking Kindle Paperwhite wherever you go. When you are finished enjoying your content, simply close the cover to put your Kindle Paperwhite to sleep and you are good to go. The integrated magnetic closure will ensure your cover stays shut while in a backpack, purse, or briefcase.

Customer Reviews

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5Fine leather case with ever changing patina
By D. Jenson
Do you like nice natural leather products and love holding your Paperwhite? Then this is a really well made (and expensive) case you should consider.
As other reviewers mentioned, this case has a natural finish (not suede) that shows marks easily (see my photo how it shows "a to z" via a fingernail). If you're not fond of patina, take a look at the standard Amazon leather cases which have a very tough treated texture (the yellow case in some of my images). Or opt for one of the inexpensive paperwhite cases ($10 Fintie case shown in my multicase photos with a very dark brown color below the yellow case). In my opinion, the $40 Kindle leather case's leather feels the same as the obvious plastic "pleather" of the Fintie case. Just be aware that the inexpensive Fintie (other brands too?) cases don't provide as much drop protection as the Amazon Kindle branded cases (see my photo of the case interiors and edge profiles).
Amazon claims this is their lightest case. On my kitchen precision scale (second measurement made in grams):
Premium Leather Case: 4.8oz (135g)
Amazon Kindle Leather Case: 4.9oz (140g)
Fintie case: 3.1oz (87g)
Lighter yes, but by a negligible amount. Fintie case is noticeably lighter with its super thin edges and minimal drop protection.
Total weight with 2014 Paperwhite inserted into this premium leather case is 12.1oz (343g).

I personally thought the leather on the case looked dry. After making the "a to z" mark on my case (see photo), I applied saddle soap to the top of my case. (see photo that shows the darker cover with saddle soap rubbed on it and the untreated back of the case). Notice how the "a to z" mark has almost completely disappeared. My last photo shows how the saddle soap darkens the case, making it a darker walnut brown color. While the case can still easily be scratched, 50-75% of a light scratch can be rubbed out easily and quickly with a finger now that the leather is more moisturized. If you want to experiment with saddle soap (or other leather care products), make sure you test only a small part of the case first and ensure you like the result.

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5Beautiful cover
By Kevin French
Upgrading from my Kindle keyboard to the new 2015 Paperwhite and and decided to "go all the way" on the purchase of a cover. So glad I did.

It is important to know how this item is supposed to behave to scratches and normal wear. Many reviewers seem to miss this fact or don't understand the type of finish applied to this leather. The leather is treated for an aniline finish, meaning that the leather is treated, but not protected by the finish like typical leather products. The cover shows wear VERY easily, so be prepared for that - it is supposed to be this way.

This is exciting and terrifying at the same time. I am thrilled to see the eventual patina and wear that will give my cover it's future look, but at the same time, I want to make sure that I don't rest it on a wet spot or have someone sit a glass on it...yeah. I will be even more mindful of this than I would the regular cover for this very reason.

Just received my 2015 Paperwhite and it fits perfectly. The unit sits inside the cover very securely, and rests even within the border, so you don't have a weird rise or drop around the perimeter of the case.

The perimeter of the case is a softer rubber feel, like a protective bumper for your device. The inside of the case is a soft fabric that also protects your Kindle from scratches.

The magnetic flap also turns the Kindle on and off as advertised, such an improvement from the Kindle Keyboard power switch I am used to. I highly recommend this product for your Paperwhite!

48 of 49 people found the following review helpful.
5A Leather Case for Your Reading Adventures
By benjamin bannister
You will either love this leather Kindle Paperwhite case, or you will not.

This beautiful leather case is exactly what it's meant to be. There are some that thought this wasn't a good case and returned it; they didn't understand what they were buying. This is aniline leather—a type of leather that doesn't cover the surface with a topcoat paint, this means the leather retains its natural surface grain and texture. The design reasoning behind this choice was so that the leather could patina over time. What you see in the product photos is what it looks like, new. Over time, scratches, dents, and bruises are *supposed* to show on it, that is what gives your case life, *that* is what gives it character. Each case will end up looking unique over time.

— FIT —
The black plastic is form-fitting to your Kindle Paperwhite, not wasting a single millimeter of space. Your Kindle is secure and protected when closed because of embedded magnets in the cover, and you won't have to worry about cracking the screen or back. If you take care of your Kindle, you could easily sell it for a decent return and upgrade to a future model.

This is a beautiful premium leather case, and I love how mine looks now. It's certainly been through some exciting reading adventures [see photos]. This case also makes a great gift for people that treasure old books that read on new technology. Highly recommended.

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