Insignia Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphone

Insignia Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphone
From Insignia

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Product Details

  • Color: black
  • Brand: Insignia
  • Model: 600603165054
  • Number of items: 2
  • Dimensions: 1.00 pounds


  • Headphone Style: Over-the-Ear for comfortable extended listening
  • Noise Cancelling: No
  • Product Weight: 1 lb
  • Product Number: NS-WHP314
  • Wireless: Yes, transmits high-quality sound up to 45'

Enjoy crisp audio with these Insignia NS-WHP314 wireless headphones that feature a built-in lithium-ion battery for up to 8 hours of wireless listening. The docking station offers simple charging and storage.

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5Outstanding Headphones! Runs at 2.4Ghz.. may cause interference.
By 1080p
These are a steal! Mine were in the original packaging, it was just like buying an Open-box at Best Buy!

I Bought these for a TV I just installed in my workout / storage room. I used to be a Best Buy employee and typically the Insignia / Rocketfish branded products are good performers. These headphones are quite comfortable and work great for watching TV / Movies.

The audio quality is noticably compressed and sounds a little muddy for music but I'm really picky most people would probably never notice. The connect very easily and turn on and connect as soon as you lift them off the charger.

They seem to hold a good charge too. The charger itself is a little funky to place the headphones back in but not too bad. I do however wish they would have kept the design of using either 1 or 2 AA / AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries since these can be replaced.. Once the lithium battery inside these headphones gets older than 3-5 years it cannot be replaced.

Overall a great purchase! You can't beat them for this price.

NOTE Audio Dropouts:
One thing I've had an issue with is that my TV is a SMART TV and it is connected via WiFi (or at least it was) Most Wifi connected devices run at 2.4Ghz... These headphones ALSO run at 2.4Ghz which caused them to be spotty and drop out. I was able to run an ethernet cable to my TV instead since my router is in the same room which resolved the issue. If you experience issues like this it's most likely because something is causing interference.. In which case you will need to move it away from other wireless devices or try and run other devices on a 5ghz Wifi Network instead.. Just something to be considered.

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3These headphones do what they are advertised to do BUT at a price, please read before buying
By Linda
My husband works from home and his office is directly above our home gym. When I am on the treadmill I have to turn the TV up extraordinarily loud to hear it and needless to say it is really loud in his office. I knew sound would be a problem when we bought the TV and originally we were going to buy one of Samsung's wireless speakers and mount it close to the treadmill to minimize loudness. At the very least, ONE speaker would have cost us $325.00. I went into Best Buy to buy speakers and the salesperson told me about these headphones. They were $89.00. I found them on Amazon for $39.00 so I ordered them. These headphones do what they are advertised to do.

On the plus side there is no latency which is probably the best thing about these. Also they have a long range. My house is over 4000 square feet and I can walk to the opposite end of my house with minimal cut out. The headphones feel sturdy and the ear cups are fully adjustable and can be turned in a complete circle. Another neat feature is that it has it's own volume control AND the volume of the TV can be turned up independently of the head phone's volume level. I like this feature very much because if I have to take the headphones off I can still hear what is happening on the TV. The sound quality I think is very good but I am listening to TV so I can't really say how they sound when listening to music.

The cons:
These are definitely not worth 90 smackaroos mostly because they are not made of the highest quality materials. For example, the material covering the earpieces and the part that goes on top of your head feel like they are made of a really cheap plastic covering, maybe something akin to a pair of headphones I would've purchased in the '70s from a cheap store. Conversely, this might be advantageous if you sweat a lot. For $90 I expect a softer material. They are also not the most comfortable headphones. I have a pair of Bose noise reduction headphones and comfort wise, these pale in comparison. I have a small head, every pair of headphones I have ever had I've set on the smallest setting and they always fit well. These are actually a bit big on the smallest setting. What bothers me most is that they bend the tops of my ears down a bit. If I put a cloth on top of my head I find it raises the earcups up a little and my ears don't bend then. I suspect that most people won't have this problem. My husband complains that the backs of his ears start to hurt after 30 - 40 minutes. Also the left ear cup does not completely seal my ear so I hear room noises. If I open my mouth to yawn the headphones really don't seal my ears. Also, FYI - it takes the base a REALLY long time (5-10 minutes) to pair to the headphones. This is really annoying when I have a time constraint. I have just learned to turn the headphones on 5-10 minutes before I want to use them. Once they pair there are no problems after that.

These headphones solved A LOT of my problems and saved me a lot of money in the long run, but at a price. These headphones are not a $90 value - BUT - if it is your only solution to noise control it may be worth it for you, especially in comparison to a Samsung wireless speaker system. The problems with these are easily tolerated but I would expect more for $90. Overall I am pleased and would order these again at $39 but probably not at $89.

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3nice...except for...
By Dooner
these r good. the sound quality is good. no complaints. EXCEPT FOR 1!...

the only problem with these that i have found is that it is a pain to put the headphones on the base JUST RIGHT! SO THAT WAY THEY WILL ACTUALLY CHARGE! U HAVE TO BE VERY VERY CAREFUL TO DO IT RIGHT EVERY TIME CUZ IF U DONT & U TRY TO FORCE IT....U WILL BREAK THE BRASS/COPPER PRONGS THAT POKE OUT OF THE BASE TO MAKE CONTACTS WITH THE CHARGING POINTS INSIDE THE HEADPHONES! thus effectively breaking them. i fixed mine by taking stranded wire that i had, cutting it to the right width & length, stripping it & putting it side the broken prong hole to establish a circuit connection & thus charge the phones. i hav to put a weight (an ice pack bag) on top of the phones WHILE they r on the base so the weight will push the phone down onto the prongs to charge them. again these r great. but U HAV TO BE CAREFUL! OR ELSE!!! other than that....awsum!

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