INSIGNIA FLEX TAB | NS-P08A7100 | 8" | 16GB Android 6.0

INSIGNIA FLEX TAB | NS-P08A7100 | 8" | 16GB Android 6.0
From insigna

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #6555 in Personal Computers
  • Color: black
  • Brand: insigna
  • Aspect ratio: Unknown
  • Dimensions: 5.10" h x 7.40" w x 10.20" l, 1.30 pounds
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Native resolution: 1280x800
  • Display size: 8


  • INSIGNIA FLEX TAB | NS-P08A7100 | 8" | 16GB Android 6.0

INSIGNIA FLEX TAB | NS-P08A7100 | 8" | 16GB Android 6.0

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By Kevin
my old tablet was starting to go. Since I just use it to browse internet and amazon I figured how could I go wrong with this one. Guess what? It's so slow and unresponsive that even just a text page on the internet bogs it down. The wifi connection kept resetting even though I was less than 10 feet from the router. Forget trying to go to amazon. Not worth a dime, much less the 40 I paid for it at a big box store. Do yourself a big favor and get something else. Even the Dragontouch tablet that I had 4 years ago was better than this pos.

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4Decent inexpensive Android tablet.
By Rob R.
This Insignia tablet provides the quality and performance that you would expect from an inexpensive Android tablet. I picked it up on impulse at Best Buy so that I could take advantage of the Apps I found in the Goggle store that didn't like my Kindle. This tablet comes with Android 6.0.1 installed and there are no OS updates for it as far I can tell. The tablet runs as it should while playing non graphically intense games, surfing the web, or watching a movie. Screen scrolling could be smoother. The display is an 800 x 1200 IPS panel. Touch sensitivity is good and the display itself looks nice for an inexpensive tablet. Movies look good with no noticeable playback lag. This tablet comes with a 4500 mAh Lithium battery and boast up to 4.7 hours of video playback. I found that estimation to be accurate. It has a micro SD slot that will accept up to a 128 GB SD card. Sweet. It also has a micro USB port. (No micro USB cable comes with the tablet. I found both the wireless and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to be good. The tablet also has GPS, a G-sensor, and an accelerometer. There is a 2 MP front camera and a 2 MP rear camera. These cameras are poor. The tablet's speaker is adequate. It can be turned up loud enough to watch a movie, play a game, or listen to an audio book but the quality is such I can't recommend it for listening to music. A headphone jack is available for that. The Insignia flex feels light and relatively sturdy but certainly nothing like an expensive tablet (which it isn't). Every tablet is a collection of pluses and minuses. Overall I feel there are more pluses than minuses with this tablet if you can get it at a cheap price. If you are a person who needs a tablet with the latest Android OS then pass on this one.

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2Look elsewhere
By Randy S.
I bought this tablet to perform some simple functions in the cockpit of my airplane. But by today's standards of devices I'd have to say this is well, poo poo. It is remarkably slow and hesitant and the Wi-Fi works part of the time requiring a reboot of the entire tablet even though the source of the Wi-Fi is 2 feet away. The hesitation is bad enough to where I sometimes feel I need to repeat a certain action in case it was me who didn't tap hard enough when in actual fact the device is just that slow. But maybe by the standards of a few years ago this was considered acceptable.

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