Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand for Laptop / Notebook / iPad / Tablet and more - Pink

Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand for Laptop / Notebook / iPad / Tablet and more - Pink
From Halter

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  • Sales Rank: #200510 in Office Product
  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Halter


  • Ventilated laptop stand helps to keep your laptops running cooler to help prevent hardware damage
  • Mesh metal platform helps to draw heat away from laptop / tablet
  • Adjustable height (6 positions) for increased airflow and comfortable viewing, reading, and typing
  • Can be used with laptops / iPad / tablets and more
  • Anti-Slip feet keep your laptop in place and protects any surface it is placed on

Looking for a sleek, lightweight, functional adjustable stand for your iPad, tablet, or laptop? Trying to get rid of issues that can permanently damage your hardware because of a hot laptop? (slower performance, malfunctions, system crashes, etc.) Look no further than the Halter Ventilated Adjustable Tablet / Laptop Stand. It'll keep your laptop running cooler with it's metal mesh ventilated panels and gives you 6 different viewing positions, so you'll always have complete control of your viewing experience.

- Sleek ventilated metal mesh construction looks good and keeps your laptop nice and cool. Improve your airflow and evenenly distribute the heat away from your laptop.
- 6 different adjustable viewing positions puts you in complete control. Whether you are looking to type something out, or sit comfortably and watch a movie, this has you covered.
- Anti-Slip feet keep your laptop in place and protects any surface it is placed on

9.5" (left to right)
7.5" (top to bottom)

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5I love this stand, and I don't usually "love" any item.
By marcgpmp
It's smaller than I thought, but regardless, it holds my 15" laptop just fine and steady. It seems well built, very portable and it doesn't move on my desk, even when I am typing. I'm confident my laptop is safe on it and it will not fall. I've even shook my desk vigorously to test it, and it came through with flying colors.

It makes working on my laptop a pleasure again because the screen is now set to my eye level. Since I am not a perfect typist, I often have to look down then back up at my screen when I type. With this stand, I don't have to keep cranking my neck, looking up and down as I type. This stand makes it so my head stays steady and I can see the keyboard clearly as I type. A bonus is that it's also much easier on the wrists when I type. I am not a huge "gamer", but I do play one game for usually about 10 minutes a day just to relax. It's a free, online WW2 flight simulator called "War Thunder". There are many keyboard controls in this game, and I don't know how I was ever playing it before without using this stand.

This is something I will use for the rest of my life. I don't usually rate things as "I Love it" when I write a review; If it's shipped on-time and it works, I rate it 4 stars because it is "good". But I love this stand and this is something I will use for the rest of my life. I highly recommend this item and recommend using a laptop stand in general.

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5`Only 1 slight problem , with an easy fix !
By Kay
I LOVE the small foot print of this stand ! Even though it's only 9.5 ", it holds my 15" laptop with no problem. Typing with it at it's lowest position is quite comfortable, with the added bonus of the screen being almost at eye level.(Which was my goal in buying the stand.) I did have the problem of my laptop wanting to tip over backwards when I opened the screen more than straight up. =/ I solved the problem by putting a piece of 2", "heavy duty self-stick" black Velcro (purchased at a fabric store) between my laptop and the stand close to the stand tab that keeps the laptop from sliding off.

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4A good value in a laptop stand
By neurodoc
This is a good value in a laptop stand. Once the height adjustment is in place, it feels solid and reliable. However, changing the height adjustment requires removing the laptop for safety and to be able to use both hands on the mechanism. Also, the two raised pieces of metal at the bottom, whose purpose is to prevent the laptop sliding down off the stand, are so high that they cut into your wrist as you use the laptop. The trick I used to deal with this problem was to put a foam sheet under the laptop to raise it up to the point where the two raised pieces were no longer an issue. I realize that this is a generic stand and that laptops come in all thicknesses but I still think the supports could have been made lower and possibly even padded.

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