Halter Manual Adjustable Height Table Top Sit / Stand Desk (Cherry)

Halter Manual Adjustable Height Table Top Sit / Stand Desk (Cherry)
From Halter

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  • Sales Rank: #20754 in Office Product
  • Size: Manual (Cherry)
  • Color: Cherry
  • Brand: Halter
  • Model: 3415784
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  • Crank control for easy height adjustment
  • Fully assembled; easy set-up
  • Switches from sitting to standing position in just a few seconds
  • Fits most desks in any office or cube
  • 1 Year Warranty

Switch gears while you work!
Crank control for easy height adjustment: Crank to the right / left to adjust the height of your table. It's that simple!
Switches from sitting to standing position in just a few seconds.
With high quality gear and spindle drive systems, movements up and down are extremely smooth!

Universal size:Fits most desks in any office or cube
Just place the desk on top of a table / desk / etc. and you're all set!
Enjoy the freedom of sitting or standing while you work!
Sturdy even when at standing height!

Make standing a part of your work day!

Standing vs. Sitting
Standing = Healthy:Five or more hours of sedentary sitting, is the health equivalent of smoking a pack and a quarter of cigarettes!

Recent Studies
Studies have shown that our bodies can benefit from simply standing up, contracting muscles, and moving. Think of standing as pushing a reset button on your body. If you press the reset button before the timer hits 20 minutes, you'll avoid any of the negative side effects of a sedentary job.

Model: U-101
Manual Operation
Length: 47.2" (120cm)
Width 23.6" (60cm)
Extension: 13.77" (35cm)
Revolutions to reach max extension: 45
Weight: 35.2 lbs (16kg)
Maximum Load: 44 lbs (20kg)

Instructions: Turn the crank clockwise until you have reached your desired height. If a decrease in heigh is desired, turn the crank counter-clockwise.

Customer Reviews

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4Happy Now. Was Bummed
By SD Dad
Original 1-star Review:
Bummed. The mechanism arrived with significant rust. The table rocks back and forth because the feet are not straight. The vendor is unresponsive.

Updated 4-star Review:
The vendor contacted me shortly after posting this review. They took care of the issue.
I have been using the table top for over a month and am very happy. It is stable and works great. I would give it 5 stars if is wasn't for the initial issues.

19 of 19 people found the following review helpful.
5EXACTLY what I was hoping for!
By Romanos
**Update: I have now been using this every day at work for 8 months and I still love it. I raise and lower it multiple times every day. I have not had any problems whatsoever however I will note that the only weight I keep on it while raising / lowering is a telephone and computer keyboard. I keep my monitor mounted on a stand behind the workspace. I hope this continues to hold up because it has completely changed how I work and I simply love it. I'm a standing desk convert and will make sure I have one wherever I work from now on.

Looks like I was a lucky winner! I'm very happy with this purchase. I received mine in two days (thank you prime!) and in excellent condition. The packaging is admittedly minimal, but as long as your box isn't abused, you shouldn't have any problems. Mine arrived in perfect condition. I'm most pleased to report that my unit had a crank assembly in the middle which is actually the best placement as long as you don't mind removing the crank. If it's on the sides you can't angle this table across an L shaped desk, for instance. With a crank at the side, it would hit the table. So I'm very pleased about that. The mechanism appears very sound and mine was in great condition, no rust, no wonky screw placement. It appears that mine is either new stock, or perhaps from a different production run. Everything is painted black and was greased where appropriate. My legs were straight and there are neoprene pads on the bottom to protect your table top (great!). My laminate top and sides are in excellent condition and are no lower quality than any other laminate furniture out there. In fact, this seems to be the type that is made of plastic and more durable than the thin paper laminate placed over some particle board products so I'm happy about that too, although it is a lighter / whiter color than I was expecting (but that's perfectly ok for me.) The best analogy I can think of is it is that "whiteish-tan" color that some wicker furniture has... like it is tan wood covered in a coat of watered down milk.

It raises up to 13" which doesn't sound like much, but trust me, at average table height, should be more than enough for the vast majority of people. The table is surprisingly stable, especially front to back (which is great since that's how you will put pressure on it.) There is minimal wiggle on the longer dimension, but it is truly negligible. The mechanism works by a small steel wire that is mounted to a metal block. That metal block sits on the crank thread. As you turn the crank, the mounted block moves forward or backward. As it comes forward, it pulls the steel string by means of pulleys around which it is threaded. The wire attaches to the far back corners of the table and draws half of the "X" frame forward and lifts the table up. It's an ingenious and "simple" design that seems to be well executed. I imagine the only thing dictating the weight limit of the table is ultimately the fine wire. A larger gauge wire would have likely accommodated more weight, but I digress... Since I do not plan on placing my computer or monitor on the table, just my keyboard, mouse, and papers as I work, I have no doubt that this will suffice for quite some time. Finally, a standing desk that doesn't cost a whole leg and actually has a usable amount of space! Huzzah!

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5Love this product. How did I get along without it?
By Kelly
This table top works perfectly for me. The top is big enough to have my phone, dual monitors, keyboard and room to write on documents. It looks nice and goes nicely with my existing cherry desk top. My back hurts much less now that I stand about 80% of the day. My only problem is that the crank is on either end and I have a U shaped desk, so the crank hits the other edge of the desk when the desk top gets too low. I remedied that by using a ratcheting wrench and socket. Works perfectly. The picture that I included shows my chair in front of the table top, but this is in the elevated position.

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