Epson EX9200 Pro WUXGA 3LCD Projector Pro Wireless, Full HD, 3200 Lumens Color Brightness

Epson EX9200 Pro WUXGA 3LCD Projector Pro Wireless, Full HD, 3200 Lumens Color Brightness
From Epson

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Product Details

  • Color: Black, White
  • Brand: Epson
  • Model: EX9200 Pro WUXGA 3LCD Projector
  • Platform: Windows 8
  • Dimensions: 3.20" h x 11.70" w x 9.60" l, 5.70 pounds
  • Native resolution: 1920x1200


  • Far more accurate color with Epson - 3lcd, 3-chip technology for 3x higher color brightness and up to 3x wider color gamut than competitive DLP projectors
  • Look for two numbers: 3200 lumens Color Brightness for more accurate, vivid color3200 lumens White Brightness for well-lit rooms
  • Pro-quality projector - WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200) offers 4.5x more resolution than SVGA for Full HD 1080p content; Throw Ratio Range: 1.38 (Zoom:Wide), 1.68 (Zoom:Tele).Speaker:2 W (mono).Fan Noise:ECO mode: 29 dB.Normal mode: 37 dB
  • Wireless - project from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone4 without plugging into the projector, so you can move freely about the room
  • Share HD videos directly from your smartphone, tablet or streaming device - supports MHL-enabled devices, including Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick.Compatible with the latest laptops and media players - supports HDMI, the standard in connectivity, for digital video and audio with just one cable
  • Including feet: 11.7" x 9.6" x 3.2" (W x D x H) ; Excluding feet: 11.7" x 9.6" x 3.0" (W x D x H)

3x Higher Color Brightness and up to 3x Wider Color Gamut with Epson. 3200 lumens color brightness and 3200 lumens white brightness. Pro-quality; widescreen resolution; wireless, MHL.

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5Runs circles around my Optoma HD141x
By esanta
The EX9200 Pro is a business projector first. It's compact, the casing has a very regular shape and fully embeds and protects the lens system, it offers flexible display options and automatic keystone correction, has excellent color fidelity, is quiet and best of all it's very bright -- and it even comes with a convenient padded carry case.

It uses a triple LCD WUXGA display system (1920 x 1200, so the 1920 x 1080 of full HD video fits nicely).
An extendable foot at the front allows flexible adjustments for temporary setups, like in a conference room for instance.
The zoom provides excellent flexibility: at a distance of 15'11" from my screen, it allowed for picture width between 8'10" and 10'8" (excluding overscan -- the actual imaging area is a few inches wider)

I also own an Optoma HD 141x, a DLP projector of similar size dedicated to home cinema in the same price range, so I tried to compare the two as best as possible, using the same source images, screen and lighting conditions. As is obvious in the attached photos, the Epson easily trounces the Optoma in brightness, contrast and saturation.
The first three images were taken using the EX9200 and the next set using the Optoma. In both sets, the first picture is taken in a darkened room, the second is a detail from the picture under the same conditions, and the third was taken with the lights on (8 x 150W equivalent LED bulbs, the room is 20 ft x 19 ft). The projector is at the same distance from the screen and setup to cover the same image size.
With the light on, the Optoma is so washed out it's practically unwatchable, whereas the Epson is still pulling it off very nicely. With the light off, the Epson is still brighter and offers better color.

An iOS and Android app is available and lets you control the projector as well as display photos, documents and web pages (I only tried the iOS version which works very well but it's clearly designed for business presentations and not to stream videos wirelessly).
There are two HDMI inputs (one of them supports MHL, a standard common on Android devices) as well as a legacy VGA port and a composite input if you miss those standard definition NTSC days. There is also an analog stereo audio input, and acceptably loud built-in speakers.

Lamp life is announced at 10,000 hours, a very high value -- and the replacement lamps are very inexpensive.

As a business projector, the EX9200 is an obvious choice and an excellent performer. For home theater applications, it's also a very good choice thanks to its brightness and placement flexibility: while its zoom offered a range from 8'10" to 10'8" picture width, the Optoma HD 141x at the same distance from the screen only allowed me to go between 9'10" and 10'11". The only missing feature is 3D -- something most people never end up using anyway. I'd rather have a bright projector capable of fighting ambient light than a 3D capable projector whose picture washes out completely in ambient light.

An excellent all purpose budget projector and a spectacular performer. Recommended.

1) EX9200Pro, darkened room
2) detail from 1)
3) EX9200Pro, with room illuminated by flood lights
4) Optoma HD141x, darkened room
5) detail from 4)
6) Optoma HD141x with room illuminated by flood lights

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4Amazing quality, but very limited wireless...
By Claire Jordan
Updated: 1-25-2016 I'm using it now with an Apple TV and it works they way I expected it to out of the box. It's a shame I had to spend another $150 to get this projector to work the way it should have from the start.

Original Review: I haven't owned a television for over a decade. We live in an rustic old plantation cottage and there's just not any place where a television would look right so we use a projector instead. Over the years we've had several, and they've always been top-of-line when we got them, but the technology has advanced so much with this one that it makes the old ones look like shadow puppets! The detail and color range is truly impressive and the projected image can be HUGE and still hold the nuance --- in daylight with the curtains open!! It's just beautiful and honestly, even a year ago the price for this kind of quality would have been in the thousands, so I consider this an amazing deal.

My only gripe about it - and I'm a little embarrassed that I have a complaint at all when the picture quality is this good - is that they say it has "Wireless Connectivity" but it seems to only have very limited wireless capabilities. Maybe it's me, but when it says it's a projector with wireless, I immediately thought that I would be able to stream a movie from my computer or iPad directly (or via my wifi network, I'm not picky) to the projector... wirelessly. But, no, there's a super-clunky app for your ios or android device that has a limited browser that let's you view very basic webpages, and photo and document support that allows you to show photos from your photo album or select a document that you've pre-loaded into the app - and yes, the document can be a powerpoint presentation so that's good - but that's really it. I tried to load several different formats of video into the app but it wouldn't recognize them nor would it play video that was in my photo album. It wouldn't even play a PowerPoint presentation saved as a movie that I loaded into the app or, even more disappointing, a video embedded into a PowerPoint presentation (it plays the PPTX, but it just shows a placeholder screen where the video should be.) They tease you with the menu item called "web pages" where you can view a webpage from the browser that's built-in to the app, but, you guessed it, you can't play a video from a website either. When you go to youtube, hulu, netflix, etc., the webpages are projected but when you hit play on a video, though you can see it on your phone, the projected version is just a black box. The app is extremely limited, there's no screen mirroring and no streaming.

The connectivity with a computer, at least with an Apple computer, is even clunkier and less usable. After installing the Epson software I tried to step through the set up guide, but it wouldn't recognize my projector though it was turned on and only a foot away. So I tried to set it up manually, but the software required an IP Address for the projector and the projector wasn't giving up that info. I set and reset every possible option in the projector menu, but the most it would give me was a blank field on the IP Address listing. I'll keep at it, because I'm just not ready to give up on the idea of wireless streaming to my projector, but I'm not predicting a good outcome here.

The good thing about this projector, unlike the others in this model line, is that the wireless module is built-in. I had to set up a lower model in this Epson line for a colleague and to get it to be wireless capable you have to semi-permanently mount a dongle to the back of the projector that sticks out about two inches. On this one the wireless is self-contained, which is much better.

Like I said it's hard not to love this projector and for my purposes it's not completely inconvenient to connect it with a cable to my laptop or my iPad, but when the product description said "wireless connectivity" I assumed that they meant that the same features that are available through a cable would be available via wifi. I wonder if anyone at Epson reads these reviews - if so I'd like to make a formal request for the ability to stream a movie wirelessly to my projector from your app on my iPad! Thanks in advance! - I'm sure there's a very good reason why they don't support wireless video, though it might just be a lack of vision because the other extremely obvious feature that Epson's app developers overlooked is the ability to control the projector through the app. A remote is the weakest link in a projector - it's the part most likely to be broken or misplaced, especially in an office or academic environment and they're difficult and expensive to replace. It just makes so much sense to provide an app to replicate all of the features on the remote, but there's no control capabilities on the Epson app at all. Maybe next version (please!)

Ultimately, I'm overwhelmed by the gorgeous quality of the projected image on this unit and underwhelmed with it's current wireless capabilities - if you want amazing quality for an excellent price - this is your projector. But if you're looking for a wireless projection solution for anything other than PowerPoint presentations from last century you may have to be patient because while Epson knows how to build great projectors, they haven't quite caught up with the needs of their target market.

PS - Writing reviews has become an accidental hobby for me, and it always makes my day to know that people find my reviews helpful (and if not, why.) Also, if you have any questions, clarifications, or comments please feel free to leave a comment below. I usually respond pretty quickly and almost always within 24 hours. This item was provided for review consideration.

Cheers! Claire

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5Excellent for Photography Presentation
By Phil De
I bought this projector to do mobile presentations of my photographic work. I was looking for excellent resolution and color rendition, with small size and sub $1,000 cost, and I found it in this projector.

My presentations consist of still photos and video photo slide shows set to music, typically done through PowerPoint. After trying all the various connectivity modes, the HDMI connection works best for me. I bought an Amazon Basics Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable AmazonBasics High-Speed Micro-HDMI to HDMI Cable - 3.3 Feet (1 Meter) - Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return to connect my Asus Zenbook to the projector, to carry video and audio. I configure the projector as a second screen so I can use a different resolution for projector vs. my laptop screen, so I can use a custom ICC color profile I created for the projector, and so I can use PowerPoint's presentation controller on my laptop while projecting the show on the projector. The VGA connection works the same as HDMI, just without audio.

The USB connection mode from laptop to projector was fine for still photos, but full-frame video can't keep up. I'd estimate that I was only seeing about a 5 frame per second update rate on the projector. I thought maybe it was my laptop being slow, but I got the same results on my desktop. No difference observed between USB2 and USB3 ports. Also with USB, I didn't see any way to apply a custom ICC color profile to the projector, or to make the projector a 2nd screen. On the positive side, the USB really was plug-and-play with no hassle.

Same observation about the point-to-point, Laptop-to-projector WiFi connection. No problems whatsoever connecting, but the same limitations as USB connection mode: slow frame rate video, no ICC color profile, no 2nd screen.

I also tried the advanced WiFi mode where the projector connects to your home WiFi hotspot. The connection couldn't have been easier -- I typed in my painfully long WiFi pass phrase (irritating when you're using the remote control with arrow keys to move around a virtual keyboard on screen). Connection to my WiFi was immediate. I was surprised to find that the video frame rate was MUCH faster in this mode. I could still sense it wasn't quite full rate, but it was much less jumpy than with USB or point-to-point WiFi. No problems controlling the projector through the Espon WIndows Apps.

I also bought a Bose SoundLink color speaker to play the music with my shows. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker (Black) It's got great sound for a small device, and its internal battery and bluetooth make for less connections for me to futz with when I'm setting up.

Connection was also easy to my Android phone. I downloaded the app, and connected immediately. Picture quality was excellent, and control of the images to present was easy, but I didn't see any way to play videos from the phone.

To color calibrate the projector, I used ColorEyes Pro software and a Spyder 3 device. No problems calibrating (I used 2.2 gamma) and the color match is outstanding to my laptop and desktop. I use RGB mode on the projector.

I do mostly wildlife photography, and animal whiskers and eyes require a sharp focus. I found this projector's sharpness and resolution to be outstanding.

You will notice the relatively lower contrast ratio on this projector. When the projector auto-keystones vertically (no operator intervention required), you can definitely see that the black area around the keystone corrected image is not a true black.

But the bottom line is that I'm very pleased with the projector, as have been people who have watched my presentations.

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