EACHSHOT 40m/130ft Underwater Diving Camera Housing for Sony HX90 + Two Hands Aluminium Tray

EACHSHOT 40m/130ft Underwater Diving Camera Housing for Sony HX90 + Two Hands Aluminium Tray


  • Brand: MEIKON
  • Manufacturer: Meikon


    Compatible for Sony HX90


Meikon 40m/130ft Underwater Diving Camera Housing Case for Sony HX90 
The primary application of this underwater housing is underwater photography/videography. However it can do a lot more by protecting your camera from weather hazards such as rain, dust, snow etc. Because of its compact size and all functionality, it is an ideal item to have while traveling. 

Please remove any protection filter that is installed on your camera, as well as any additional grip, before inserting the camera inside underwater housing. 
This model of underwater camera housing will fit Sony HX90 camera. 

Materials : 
Polycarbonate,ABS plastic,Optical glass,Stainless steel,EPDM rubber Every button has an O-ring seal 
Waterproof Grade:IPX8 
Waterproofing:Seal(crimp-type O-ring) 
Warranty:2 years 
Key features : 
Inbuilt leak detection sensor 

Two Hands Aluminium Tray:
Aluminium Tray/Grip has two 1" Balls allow for the attachment of accessories such as arms, to which you can then attach additional accessories, including strobes and focus / video lights.Has two screw holes for attaching at the bottom.Underwater Camera Housing has a positive buoyancy, But with Aluminium Tray/Grip the buoyancy changes almost to neutral! Made out of comfortable rubber material.The Handle Can be Used on both sides or one, whichever is more comfortable for you.(From our experience using both handles is the most comfortable option)

Package Includes:
1* Waterproof camera case
1* O-ring
1* Neck strip
1* hand strip
1* User manual
1* Two Hands Aluminium Tray