Canon CLI-251 Creative Park Premium Ink Cartridges Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow - 4 color pack

Canon CLI-251 Creative Park Premium Ink Cartridges Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow - 4 color pack
From Canon

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #521 in Office Product
  • Color: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
  • Brand: Canon
  • Model: CLI-251 BK/CMY 4 PK
  • Fabric type: Ink
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.30" h x 4.60" w x 2.50" l, .20 pounds


  • Value pack ink colors include black, cyan, magenta and yellow
  • Compatible with selectPIXMA printers
  • ChromaLife100+ System
  • Inks dry instantly - photos are ready straight from the printer
  • Optimized for photographic print quality when used with genuine Canon photo papers sold separately

The Canon CLI-251 BK/CMY 4 Value Pack Ink for Canon InkJet Printers provides great ink savings. The pack includes CMY ink colors Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. The combination of inks and media deliver exceptional beauty and longevity. Plus the inks dry instantly so your photos are ready to be enjoyed as soon as they come out of the printer.

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3no more egregious than any others I have used
It is OK, I feel defeated writing about any ink cartridges for home printers because in my experience they are all so expensive and do not last very long, regardless of the brand. So, this package is no more egregious than any others I have used.

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5XL ink tanks cost per page vs. non-XL (i.e., regular ink tanks) cost per page
By Dee Fields
I did a little research using adjusted cost per page when the products were bought at Amazon and the bottom line is, it is cheaper to purchase individual XL tanks for the 4 color tanks than it is to purchase a 4 pack of the regular ink tanks, despite the seemingly great looking price of the 4 pack.

You can basically stop here. From this point on I go into detail, including some math, as to how I arrived at this conclusion. If you are interested in the background, please feel free to read on.

At the time I wrote this, I saw on Amazon that they are selling packs 4 regular ink tanks, one of each color (Y, C, M, BK) for $37.94, which is about $9.485 (bear with my fractional cents here, there's a purpose) making it cheaper per ink tank than Canon's list price of an individual regular ink tank of $11.99. So it got me thinking, is the XL really cheaper than the regular-sized ink cartridge 4 packs? Canon's list for the XL tanks are $17.99 and Amazon cells the same XL ink tanks for $16.99, some XL color ink tanks on Amazon at the time I wrote this are even cheaper at $15.06 per cartridge. I did the math at the more costly $16.99 to show there is a savings at this price, meaning there will be more of a savings for the XL color cartridges that cost $15.06.

Let me explain with math:

I found a web site review of the MX922, that actually broke down the retail ink tank cost to a per page price. At Canon retail prices, the regular-sized ink tanks cost $0.166/page (16.6 cents/page) and the XL at retail cost $0.128/page (12.8 cents/page). Now that gives me a baseline to which I can figure out the cost per page of Amazon's price on an individual tank in the 4pack vs. an individual price of an XL tank on Amazon.

The math goes along these lines:

Cost of the regular tanks in the 4 pack when bought on Amazon is: $0.136 per page
a.k.a., 13.6 cents per page compared to Canon's retail on the regular tanks of $0.166 (16.6 cents/page).
[If you want the math, here it is: (($0.166) x ($9.485)) / $11.99 = $0.136]

Cost of the XL tanks per page when bought on Amazon is: $0.121
a.k.a., 12.1 cents per page (rounded up the last digit) compared to Canon's retail on the XL tanks of $0.128 (12.8 cents/page)
[If you want the math, here it is: (($0.128) x ($16.99)) / $17.99 = $0.121]

Canon regular tanks bought in the 4 pack at Amazon costs 13.6 cents per page
Canon XL tanks bought at Amazon costs 12.1 cents per page (even less for the XL tanks that cost $15.06)

Bottom line:
Despite the great price break of the 4 pack, it is still cheaper per page to buy the individual XL tanks.

The baseline prices of retail Canon ink tanks were done in a review of the MX922 printer and the review included the printer's ink usage cost for the different size tanks. The review was conducted by a third party meaning their website is outside of (and for that matter). Amazon rules say I cannot provide a link to the external web page that reviewed the product and it's per page price testing. All I can say is, those really are the results of the research and I did this cost break down in this review because I am in need of purchasing all ink cartridges and am now going to be buying all individual XL ink tanks as a result of my research into the Amazon cost per page breakdown. I thought I'd share what I figured out in cost savings since this stuff is pricey to begin with. 12.1 cents per page is still pretty pricey, (ouch!), but my printer is about out of ink in each of the tanks that came with it. I have to bite the bullet and purchase the XL tanks now (I need to do more grey scale printing to save on buying all the color tanks every time!).

Hope this helps!

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5Fine color printing.
By Ancient Mariner
As with all other size Canon ink cartridges I have been using for over twenty years,
the color is superb and the price is commensurately high.
I have learned to mostly ignore the "I'm running out of ink" complaints from
the Canon printers, and keep going until I see a deficiency starting to show up.
At these prices I recommend getting every gram the things hold, and I ALWAYS
use the XL option when available.
You get what you pay for with Canon inks and you
printer won't get gummed up.

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