OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Edition 10W+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Richer Bass, 30-Hour Playtime, Dual Proprietary Drivers for Superior Sound, Water Resistant IPX5 Wireless Speaker by Cambridge SoundWorks

OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Edition 10W+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Richer Bass, 30-Hour Playtime, Dual Proprietary Drivers for Superior Sound, Water Resistant IPX5 Wireless Speaker by Cambridge SoundWorks
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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #123 in Speakers
  • Brand: SoundWorks
  • Model: OontZ Angle 3 Plus
  • Dimensions: 2.78" h x 2.90" w x 6.42" l, .81 pounds
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion


  • Cambridge SoundWorks Engineers designed the OontZ Angle 3 PLUS to deliver the Quality, Features, Ease of Use and Style that make it the Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker of choice --- Richer Bass output -- Exceptional 30 Hour Battery play time -- High Quality Sound -- Splashproof IPX5 Water Resistant -- Loud Playing Volume with No Distortion -- Fast & Easy Bluetooth Connection -- Sleek & Stylish Design comfortable to carry and hold ....... The Perfect Gift
  • RICHER BASS & HIGHER QUALITY HD SOUND --- Dual 1.7" Precision Drivers crafted with Neodymium deliver Clear Mids & Highs for excellent Stereo Sound, carefully matched to 10+ Watts Output Power for surprisingly Loud Volume without distorting; proprietary Passive Bass Radiator faces downward to enhance the Bass Output without interfering with the Clarity of the Stereo Drivers
  • WATER RESISTANT IPX5 --- Splashproof, Rainproof, Dustproof, Sandproof -- Outdoor Shower Speaker, perfect for the beach, poolside, car, boat and golf cart -- IPX5 rating speaker can resist gentle water spray & splash but cannot be partially or fully submerged
  • EXCEPTIONAL 30 HOUR BATTERY PLAYTIME --- 4400MaH battery capacity provides up to 30 hours playing at 2/3 of max volume -- Ultra Portable Design just 13 ounces, and 6.5" long and 2.8" high, perfect for travel and long weekends trips -- Stylish Design and High Quality Audio make it an ideal home speaker
  • THE PERFECT BLUETOOTH WIRELESS SPEAKER for: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, All Smartphones, Tablets, Kindle Fire, Windows 10 computers, Echo Dot, Echo -- For Windows 7 systems, TVs and non-Bluetooth devices connect using the included 3.5mm audio cable to the AUX-IN jack on the speaker -- BUILT-IN MIC for Handsfree Speakerphone for use with Smartphones and iPhones -- Comes with a Micro USB charging cable and a 3.5mm audio cable -- Official OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Carry Case sold separately on Amazon

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5Thorough (long, detailed) review for non-audiophiles
By Goldie
This is a great time for bluetooth speakers, there's a ton out there, and that means lots of competitive prices, but also confusion.
I'm a nerd who likes doing lots of research before I buy even a cheap item, which frustrates my wife, but especially when it comes to electronics or audio. Audio-wise, I own from cheap bluetooth speakers for the kids (who'll eventually destroy them), to Amazon Echo and Sonos around the house, and from inexpensive wired/bluetooth headphones to professional studio headphones.

Like you, I love music, but 80% of the time I'm listening passively, not studying the entire soundstage. And I think this speaker is perfect for that: passive listening, play-and-forget, and portability (more on that in a moment).

- comes in very basic box which had me initially concerned. Where's all the money spent on fancy packaging and marketing fluff?! (I work in marketing/brand management). Well, it looks like they decided to put in into the speaker and keep price down, not fancy materials that go in the trash.
- When you unwrap the speaker, you're greeted with a pretty solidly built, rubber guy that was much smaller than I expected when I saw side-by-side comparisons versus the previous Angle 3. You can see in my picture its size. Discreet in any room, and easy to carry around.
- Comes with your standard micro-USB cable and 3.5mm male to male cable. Nothing fancy, will suit your needs, or you may want to upgrade.

- Not much to say here. If you've paired with bluetooth before, you'll have no problem. Hold power, it flashes and makes a tone, and paired in seconds with iphone and Android.
- NOTE: the one interesting thing while trying to pair is that I was expecting to see a bright flashing light as many of my bluetooth items have, but didn't . I thought I didn't turn it on correctly, but turns out both the power and bluetooth lights are very small, and not bright. To me this is AWESOME! Gone are the days of having to cover up the obscenely bright blue lights with electrical tape. It's subtle enough to see, but not to light up your life (see picture)

- Very simple and intuitive. A dedicated bluetooth/phone answering button which is separate from the power button (I like this), volume up (+) and volume down (-) which also function to skip tracks back or forward if held 2 seconds, and a play/pause button
- All buttons except the power button are on the right side. Some may like that, as it makes the speaker more simple looking from the front, however I find it a little annoying, and think they should have been placed on the top edge. The reason? You PRESS buttons, which means you cannot do this one-handed or the speaker moves, so you have to brace with your other hand. If they were on top, a quick 1 finger press would suffice. Now, if you choose to have this speaker standing upright, it wont be an issue.
- The usb and 3.5mm jack are on the back, and are slightly recessed. Please note this if you are thinking of getting an "L" angle 3.5mm jack as I was, since it may not fully plug in.
- As for range, I live in a prewar building, very solid walls that are great except when you want wifi or bluetooth to travel. I was able to effectively control the speaker from a phone at least 30 feet away and with 3 corners in between (i.e. around the hallways and through bedrooms). Controls still worked but sound started skipping at about 40 feet. This is really impressive given my stupidly thick walls.

- Yes, the most important thing (I think). The sound, at this price point, and given the features you get, is really pretty amazing, and I'm not usually easily impressed.
- Easily fills up a very large room with clarity, and I could hear it very well anywhere in my apartment. If you're having lots of people over, it might be more suitable for 1 large room (if there's lots of talking).
- Loudness: I'm not one to play super loud out of speakers, I keep that to my headphones, but I tested it and there seems to be no limiter as some experienced on past speakers. VERY loud for a speaker this size. I was afraid I might blow the little thing up. NOTE: some people forget that for maximum volume this is dual controlled, i.e. you adjust the volume BOTH on your phone/computer AND the speaker itself.
- Clarity: this is where its a bit interesting. They definitely favored the bass on the development of this, which is I guess where the average consumer's interest lies (?). I'm maybe of the minority where I like a broad soundstage, but understand that is not a 'relaxing' experience. This speaker is definitely more relaxing as the mid and even upper bass is there, mids are fine, but I found out the box the highs were not as bright as I prefer. BUT, then I remembered the easy solve - use your equalizer!! I was playing through Spotify and used the native equalizer to adjust, and voila! A much better balance of treble mids and bass. Various styles of music I tried now could sound as meant to....I tried country, classical, industrial, synthpop, britpop.
- If you don't play for about 15 minutes while using battery, it'll automatically power off to conserve. GREAT feature if you forget or have kids like me. While plugged in though, it wont power down, and yes you can play while plugged in which some speakers dont do. Also, I did not hear any of the static/hiss that some speakers give off while plugged in and playing at the same time, well done Cambridge!

- The size of this, and its features make it pretty versatile!
- I connect it to my Echo Tap and it's great! Clearly much better quality than I get from my full-size Echo's speaker. Just be sure to keep it a few feet away from your Echo, and away from the wall a bit, or your Echo won't hear you as well.
- Battery takes 8hrs to charge from full drain. I haven't been able to fully drain it yet but will update my results. This is ridiculously good battery life especially if you go camping or to the park/beach....and on that note.....
- IPX5: what does it mean? Well I think this is really important to understand given the claim made that its rain and shower proof. While true, caution should be taken. The first number is for particles (dust, sand) and the second for water. An X just means it wasn't tested, not that it doesn't have any protection from dust/sand. The 5 means it withstands water jets, or to quote the IP standard: Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects. Test duration: 1 minute per square meter for at least 3 minutes, water volume: 12.5 litres per minute, Pressure: 30 kPa at distance of 3 m.
So yes, very great protection from water spashing on it, but do not submerge it! :)

- Great sound, but advise to use an EQ to customize to your tastes especially for highs
- LOUD! (use both phone and speaker volume adjustments)
- Battery for days (I'll update when it runs down)
- IPX5 water resistance
- Power and bluetooth lights that wont bother everyone within 50 feet.

- Only the button placement on the side, but this is personal, and remedied if you stand the unit upright.

Happy to answer any questions.

*****UPDATE 7/28/17*****
Have been using this speaker for a couple hours daily, and still enjoying it. It's taken a few hard drops thanks to the kids, but has survived them all, possibly thanks to the rubberized sides? I've seen some comments I can address:
1) "Not bass heavy enough": This to me is very personal and subjective. I'm not a 'bass head', so to me its got plenty, but I prefer a more flat sound signature (thus liking Audio Technica studio headphones for example rather than Beats) so I can hear the spectrum. I actually felt this had more bass than I wanted, but......
2) "Doesn't have an equalizer": I didn't know there are speakers out there that have equalizers, I haven't experienced one. Usually the input device, not output, has the EQ. The simple remedy for me is using my phone's equalizer app, or build-in EQs in apps like Spotify. Problem solved.
3) "Loud enough for noisy environments?": Honestly don't know as I listen mainly in places like my home or parks/beaches with not many people around me, so I've never really had to turn it up at full volume. When the environment is super loud, I prefer over-ear headphones. :)

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5USPS LLV Comparison: OontZ Angle 3 Plus vs Anker SoundCore
By Kai Hardzog
First off, I am not an audiophile. This is a review from a simple person who wanted music at work.

I am a Rural Carrier for the United Stated Postal Service. I deliver mail in an LLV truck and these vehicles are basically mobile tin cans. Every panel rattles, making for quite an unpleasant environment, audio wise. I tried playing music directly off my phone, but alas my speakerphone is only so loud and is constantly drowned out by the LLV.

So, I researched Bluetooth speakers and, based on the reviews and popularity, recently purchased two:
-Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker with 24-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range & Built-in Mic, Dual-Driver Portable Wireless Speaker with Low Harmonic Distortion and Superior Sound - Black
-OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker - Designed & Engineered by Cambridge SoundWorks for Richer Bass, HD Sound, and 30-Hour Playtime, 10W+ Power, Water Resistant, Portable Wireless Speaker

The Anker SoundCore is being returned while I am keeping the OontZ Angle 3 Plus and here is why.

I tested both speakers in my home at first. My very first impression, out of the box:
OontZ Angle 3 Plus - was nice to touch and just felt solid and very well built.
Anker SoundCore - just felt like a simple lightweight brick. It really didn't give the impression of longevity or durability.

The set-up guides were quite different from each other.
OontZ Angle 3 Plus - Extremely easy to read, follow and understand (remember, I am not a music nut lol. This was my first time ever using a Bluetooth speaker and was in completely uncharted territory.) It was all in English, and only English and the diagrams were detailed and made the entire set-up process seamless and carefree.
Anker SoundCore - This guide was very hard to follow. It is printed in darn near every language, in tiny print and the diagrams were quite small as well. I ultimately did get the speaker paired with my phone and figured out what buttons did what, but it took nearly 15 minutes to do so.

Bluetooth Pairing
With both speakers and my phone lined up on a table (well within the proximity specified in each set-up guide), both speakers paired, however:
OontZ Angle 3 Plus - MUCH faster in pairing (mere seconds!).
Anker SoundCore - took nearly two minutes to complete the pairing process.

Pause/Play Button
Since I dismount to deliver packages to a customer's door routinely on my route, I really need to have a simply way to pause my music. I really like how both speakers offer this function on directly on the units, saving me from having to handle my phone.
OontZ Angle 3 Plus - I barely press the Play/Pause button and the speaker immediately reacts. There is NO hesitation.
Anker SoundCore - I press the Play/Pause button and there is a delay of about 5 seconds.. just long enough to make me think I didn't press hard enough and reach to do it again only for the speaker to finally react.

Volume/Overall Playback Quality
OontZ Angle 3 Plus - Wow. Just wow. It is truly unbelievable to hear such full sound, and bass(!), coming from such a small unit. I found myself perfectly pleased with the output without ever reaching max volume on the speaker itself. So I am looking forward to how well it will work in my LLV during my first road test. As for now, I am thoroughly impressed!
Anker SoundCore - I maxed out the volume on my phone and the speaker and was just not impressed. If I could guess, I'd say the max output this speaker achieved was only about 25% more than my speakerphone alone (while the OontZ Angle 3 Plus blew it out of the water with close to double, if not more, output than my speakerphone alone).
I also noted some kind of distortion or interference type background sound with the Anker SoundCore at mid volume and above.

I was able to answer an incoming phone call on both units as described in each set-up guide. The quality of in-call sound on each speaker differed:
OontZ Angle 3 Plus - My husband's (the caller) voice was crisp and clear, as if he was sitting talking right next to me. There was no distortion or feedback out of the speaker. Husband reported nothing but a clear voice on his phone.
Anker SoundCore - Husband's voice was clear, but echoed horribly. No matter what volume level I used. There was no distortion (I was expecting this given the distortion with the music playback) bu the continuous echoing is a major issue for me. Husband reported a slight "faded" type of echo on his phone.

Road Test (in my LLV)
OontZ Angle 3 Plus - The sound is amazing in the truck! Thinking I would need it, I maxed the volume on both the speaker and my phone then pressed play on my music. Well, I certainly don't need max volume. I reduced the volume on both the speaker and my phone and found a very happy medium output. This speaker performs perfectly in the loud, rattling setting of a USPS LLV.. even while bouncing down rural dirt two tracks and washboard gravel roads. I am extremely pleased with this tiny speaker.
Anker Soundcore - Even with maxed volume settings, I could not get this speaker to perform anywhere near as well as the OontZ Angle 3 Plus. It had volume and was loud enough to hear over the vehicle's own noise, however the distortion/interference mentioned earlier was still present and in the truck during the road test it had what I would describe as an echoing effect on the music, specifically the singers' voices. It just wasn't clear. (I hope that makes sense.)

Battery Life/Listen While Charging
OontZ Angle 3 Plus - So far, the battery life is impressive. After receiving it, I charged it overnight (as recommended). I then had it connected to my phone for about an hour of home testing. Turned it off and I next used it at work on a Saturday.. had it powered on and connected to my phone and actively playing music for about 5.5 hours. I then used it again on Monday (much longer and busier days in the USPS, FYI).. had it on, connected and active continuously for nearly 9 hours. I have yet to see the low battery light come on. I plan to see just how many days of work I can get out of a single charge.
Anker Soundcore - I have no information for this section on this speaker since I am returning it.

At first, I had the OontZ Angle 3 Plus setting on the dashboard of the LLV. This didn't last more than two stops. Despite having the four rubber "feet", the speaker still slid around causing more of a distraction than I would like. I ended up setting it on top of my personal bag, in a bin by my feet with the speaker facing up. This move really helped my piece of mind, knowing it will not go anywhere. This speaker has a soft rubber exterior. It is quite nice and feels luxurious, however... this exterior attracts all dust particles within 50 feet! USPS LLVs are *not* known for being the cleanest and even though I moved the speaker from the dust-ridden dashboard to a bin, it was still slathered with dust and dirt by the end of my route. I figured it was a fair trade, sacrificing the appearance for the gain of having decent music. But.. I got home and went to clean it. I will tell you, my expectations of this working were very low. I didn't think the dust would come off that supple rubber. But with a wet paper towel and a few slow wipes, it did. So, it can be cleaned up!

I did purchase the case for this speaker ([Official] OontZ Angle 3 Plus Bluetooth Portable Speaker Carry Case, Neoprene with Aluminum Carabiner, reinforced zipper, by Cambridge SoundWorks [NOT FOR OontZ Angle 3]). I was mainly wanting a safe way to transport and store the speaker, but after reading the other reviews I was hoping I would be able to keep it clean in the case and still enjoy my music on my route. I received the case and used it yesterday. The case is extremely nice and I appreciate the interior mesh pocket. I have no need for it now, but I'm sure it will come in handy if I ever take this speaker on vacation and need to take the charging cables along. As for playback while in the case? Yeah, it was terribly muffled. It didn't work for me as it apparently has for others. Yet, the case itself is exactly what I was wanting for taking it to and from work. It is not as thickly padded as I would have expected, however it does protect the speaker.

Overall, for my specific purpose and intended use for a Bluetooth speaker, the Anker SoundCore simply won't cut it. However, it is still a nice speaker and will perhaps fit your needs perfectly. After all, most people don't drive LLVs and have the same high demands that go along with that. For me, the OontZ Angle 3 Plus is what I'll be bopping down the road to, mailbox to mailbox.

Happy hunting! Hope this review helps you out!

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5Great bluetooth speaker for the price!
By Eduardo
I have several bluetooth speakers including a Bose Sounlink, Braven 405, JBL Flip 3 and this one Oontz Angle 3 Plus and will review this one based on the qualities I tested during my use. First of all the delivery was very fast. Ordered it on January 12 and got it on January 14 without having Prime membership.

I already know this brand because my brother has the Oontz Angle 2 plus and it has lasted two years and still works great.

When I got the Angle 3 Plus I started using it right away. First thing I noticed is the sound is great for the size and price of the speaker. Bass is nice and not too strong to distort or mess with treble. It sounds really balanced. Now the thing that really impressed me was the battery of this speaker. Battery last a long time. Since I got it on January 14 I used it on full volume for four days almost all day. I have never seen anything like it. Thank you Oontz for that!

Compared to tge other speakers I have:

Bose Soundlink: the Bose sounds twice as loud but it cost $300 at the time I got it. Also it is not splash resistant and battery of Bose is short.

Braven 405: this speaker sounds balanced but it falls short on sound and is priced at $80. The good thing is that its battery las long time and is water resistant.

Flip 3: Love the sound of this little speaker but the battery falls short and the bluetooth range is not good. Priced at $99.

In conclusion if you want good balanced sound, great bluetooth range, excellent battery and save money you can't go wrong with this bluetooth speaker. I paid $35 for it and firmly believe my money was well spent on it. Thank you for reading and hope it helps you on your decision.

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