Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth 4.1 Lightweight Stereo Earbuds with Magnetic Connection, NANO Coating Sweatproof Sports Headset with Metallic Housing & Built-in Mic (Black)

Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth 4.1 Lightweight Stereo Earbuds with Magnetic Connection, NANO Coating Sweatproof Sports Headset with Metallic Housing & Built-in Mic (Black)
From Anker

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Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Anker
  • Model: AK-A3235011
  • Dimensions: .47" h x 1.25" w x 21.77" l, .1 pounds


  • Listen Up: Precision engineered 6mm drivers, fed via Bluetooth 4.1, offer powerful and skip-free audio.
  • Find Your Fit: Lightweight design with customizable EarTips and InEar-Hooks give anyone a strong and comfortable fit.
  • Leading Playtime: Listen for up to 7 hours on a single charge. Enough juice to soundtrack your day.
  • Water-Resistant: Run in the rain or sweat it out in the gym. IPX4 water-resistant shell and internal nano-coating provide a double layer of water protection.
  • What's In The Box: SoundBuds Slim, XS/S/M/L EarTips, S/M/L InEar-Hooks, FitClip, Shirt Clip, Micro USB Cable, Travel Pouch, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

SoundBuds Slim
The Lightweight Earbuds that Defy Sweat and Rain

High-Fidelity Audio
6mm drivers deliver crisp, clear music to your ears via a smooth, skip-free connection.

Built For Active Lifestyles
SoundBuds Slim are designed to be slimline and light (15g), while offering serious performance. Magnetically attach together when not in use, or tuck away into the travel pouch.

Customizable Fit
Multi-size EarTips and InEar-Hooks provide a sturdy, comfortable hold. Cable measures 55cm for universal fit and no annoying tangles. Adjust your cable length with the FitClip, or affix to your clothing for extra security via the Shirt Clip.

Water Resistant
IPX4 nano coating ensures complete defence against sweat, or rain. Push yourself to your limit during workouts and SoundBuds Slim will handle your audio effortlessly.

Listen Longer
Play for up to 7 hours; longer than most earphones on the market. Bluetooth 4.1 ensures a connection range of up to 33 ft, compatible with the iPhone 7 or any Bluetooth device.

Intuitive Control
In-built microphone (with CVC Noise Suppression) and 3-button remote enable you to manage more conveniently - from skipping a song, to answering a call without touching your phone.

Worry-Free Warranty
At Anker, we believe in our products. That's why we back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.

*Playtime varies according to volume level and audio content.

Customer Reviews

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4Cutting the Cord was Surprisingly Enjoyable!
By Dale M.
I was a devout wired headphone guy. I have little need for another thing to remember to charge. However the price on wireless headphones keeps getting lower and the reviews are overall really good. When these Slim headphones came out I thought it was time to try them out. Here are my thoughts.

Easy to pair - now I wish apple would put bluetooth in the same menu as their airplay equipment, but that is not the fault of these headphones. They paired easily and re-pair without a problem when I turn them on. The in ear sounds make it clear that you have powered them on or off.

Comfortable and committed - After my initial pairing I put them on my ears as arrived and started some music. I them removed the left ear and started trying the different sized buds that came with the headphones (3 sizes). Once that part was comfortable, I repeated the exercise with the ear hooks (3 sizes). Once my left ear was comfy and the headphone felt like it was securely anchored I repeated with the right ear. Take some time to get this right, I find mine now fit great and don't feel like they will fall out (note: I haven't tried any running yet)

Store and go - When these are not in your ears, but you are not ready to store them yet, they have magnets on the backs of the earpieces. These clasp together to create a necklace so they don't fall off your neck; not the first to implement, but a really great idea. When you are ready to put them away, the headphones come with a velveteen bag with a squeeze mouth that works really slick.

Sound - Music sounds good to me. I am no audiophile, and most of my head-phoning is for audio books and podcasts. They work well for these. I have also used them for a few calls and nobody has complained about poor audio from my side, so I consider that a win. If you are wanting caviar at sardine prices I suspect that many things in life disappoint you.

Controls - I find that the controls hanging from one side makes the headphones seem uneven (any in this style, not just the Anker). I do not know what could alleviate this as I do not want the controls on the earpiece itself.

I haven't had them for a full week yet, but I am so happy to not have the cable pulling my iphone off the counter when I forget I am tethered to headphones, or have the cord tugging when I tun my head because it is caught in my lapel. Now I just need to figure the easiest way to switch between audio devices in the least number of button presses to use these in more places.

Your still reading? (I'm flattered and would love you to mark this as helpful) I would suspect that you have blown this amount of money on things less life altering than these headphones. Give them a try, you might be as impressed as I am.

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5Solid Build and Audio- Revised from 2 to 5 Stars
By Ryzeldorf
See my original review below, then read on for the outcome. I'm convinced Anker is a truly customer and performance driven brand.

My original review on February 17th.

"I'm pretty much a huge Anker fan. I have many Anker products from batteries to all sorts of cords and I especially love Anker's wall chargers.
Like all Anker products, I really appreciate the earpiece build quality. They are beautiful!
The cord could be a little stronger and I find the microphone/volume control tends to pull the cord to the right side requiring frequent repositioning.
Where I'm going to be critical is audio quality. I find that while they have good stereo balance, the tone is tinny and weak. Even with ear tips firmly in place and volume at 3/4, they have very poor bass performance and no warmth.
I listen to a wide range of music from Elvis to Swedish House Mafia. Across the range of music these were pretty bland.
Again I love Anker and these seem well built but if the goal is good audio quality these fail pretty bad."

February 19th.

I received an email directly from Anker regarding my review and apologizing for my experience with the audio quality of my Soundbuds Slims. The rep asked for me to try a pair of their NB10 sport headphones at no additional charge. They did request I send in the Slims for their evaluation and review which I assumed meant they'd toss them or refurbish and re-sell somewhere. They also sent a prepaid USPS label. I let them know I'd hold on to the Slims until the NB10s arrived so I could do a side-by-side to see if there was an improvement.

The NB10s arrived and didn't really sit well on my ears and the cord bothered my head and neck. Yes, they have warmer sound and deeper bass but I really loved the fit and feel of the Slims. So I sent a note asking to return the NB10s and keep the slims instead. I then received a new message saying they just made a change to the slims and wanted me to give them a try. They also said keep everything and just give it a shot and provide my feedback.

I received the replacement Slims and they are indeed improved. I played the same track on two iPhones and heard a huge difference in sound quality. They look and feel the same but the sound is much better. Not heavy or fake sounded, just cleaner and clearer. They sound awesome!!!! I have no idea what changed as cosmetically they are same. They are way more accurate.

I give Anker an A+ 5 stars for their build quality, audio quality and probably the best customer support in consumer electronics.

Thank you Anker!!!!

Edit 7/8/2017- Still in love. Battery life has remained consistently strong. I use these everyday on dog walks and while doing work around the house. They've made a couple trips to the gym where they stay put and work well. Even with daily use, they show no signs signs of wear. The cord is still strong, flexible and shows no signs of weakening.

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5Worth more than you pay: an audiophile review
By Ali
I am not easily impressed by headphones. I have used everything from Beats to Bose, Shure, to custom molded headphones. Some of my headphones easily cost 20 times if not more than what I paid for these sound buds. I wasn't really expecting much from these. Truth be told, I only bought them because I wanted headphones I can make phone calls with. They have a mic, check, buy.

I gave them a listen and wow. These sound good, very good, too good for their price. Bass is present, but not overpowering and the highs and mids are clean with minimal distortion.

They're also easy to pair (I've been switching these from my iPhone to Macbook pro with ease). Calls are clear and no one I've talked to has reported any issues with hearing me.

The magnets are a nice touch allowing me to keep them around my neck without worrying about them falling off.

Cons are pretty minor: The eartips that come with them are thin and flimsy. They seal, but I wished they sealed better. They do distort some at max volume, but again, for what you pay for these, you'll be asking yourself why you didn't buy these earlier

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