AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to HDMI Adapter

AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to HDMI Adapter
From AmazonBasics

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Product Details

  • Color: White
  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Model: L51G
  • Dimensions: .59" h x 1.46" w x 9.25" l,


  • Compatible with Apple iMac and MacBook
  • Adapts a Mini DisplayPort to a HDMI input
  • Supports up to 1920 x 1200 resolution

Customer Reviews

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1Gave my external monitor issues.
By TeeTeeReviews
Bought this to hook up my MacBook air to the external monitor. At first my monitor kept flashing black every few seconds and sometimes would stay black for a few seconds before resuming. I had no idea what the issue was but it was getting very annoying. I was troubleshooting from unhooking my cables, to restarting my laptop, to changing my laptop's settings, this and that, etc. etc. Nothing worked!! I didn't expect AmazonBasics to be an inferior brand, so I didn't suspect this title thing. In the end, I decided to swap this cable out with another Thunderbol and WAH-LAHHHH. Fixed the issue. This was the culprit of my flashing issues... so ended up returning it. Maybe this was just a faulty one.

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1Did not work for me (MacBook Pro 2010 and Surface Pro 4)!
By Jeff S.
Tried it with 4 different HDMI cables (that work fine with other HD devices) and on 2 different laptops (MacBook Pro 2010 and Surface Pro 4). The only way I could get it to work with the MacBook Pro was when I changed the output to be 480p (all other resolution settings yielded a 2 second flash of the correct video signal then a black screen/no signal). On the Surface Pro 4, all resolution settings would flash on for half a second then go to a black screen/no signal. First AmazonBasics product I've bought that didn't work.

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5Apple isn't the only one with great apple accessories
By Joseph Carter
I recentky purcahsed a Macbook Pro for school and need an adapter to be able to attach the 27 inch HP HD monitor I have at home. I did research on a lot of brands and read review after review. The same thing kept popping up. If you have a Mac, buy Mac products to use with it. I personally thought that was a bunch of bull and decided to see what Amazon had to offer.

I came across the little piece while doing an initial re-search on brands. This adapter rocks. It has more flexibility in it than the Apple adapter I played around with in the store and is a fraction of the cost. It works like a champ.

Apple seems to have some sort of cult following about their products that the die hards seem to always say "if you have an Apple device, buy apple accessories" and this adapter has proven that to be otherwise. Well done Amazon, this is a great piece and for a fraction of the coast of the named brand.

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