Amazon Tap Sling Cover - Tangerine

Amazon Tap Sling Cover - Tangerine
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Product Details

  • Color: Tangerine
  • Brand: Amazon
  • Model: FC87FR
  • Released on: 2016-05-19
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 1.00" w x 1.00" l,


  • Durable silicone construction protects from drops and bumps
  • Clip it to your bag, hang it in a tent, take it to a party - the built-in loop allows increased portability for all of your adventures
  • Custom-fit design provides easy access to media controls, buttons, and rear charging port*
  • Made in six brilliant colors that let you personalize your Amazon Tap
  • *Not compatible with Amazon Tap Charging Cradle


Customer Reviews

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5Provides Excellent protection for my new tap that is out and about with me as we speak!!!
By Devin Stephens
Sling is simply awesome and so is the Amazon Tap!! My tap arrived this morning along with this sling and I am currently testing both products out as we speak!! This sling allowed me easy access to carry my tap to work today!!

One nice thing I like about the tap is that this sling is not required but it is a very nice addition.. It provides great protection for the tap, which is what I needed it for.. My tap is going to be like a mini, portable Sonos for me.. It's going to be a speaker I take with me daily!! So I wanted this sling to protect my speaker and keep it from getting dinged up.. Even though it provides minimal coverage for the speaker, it still protects it from dings! The minimal coverage is needed not to hurt the sound quality coming from the speaker... Taking the speaker to the beach, camping, hiking, to parties, I wanted something to protect it while in use!! This sling is going to do just that!!

Another thing it does is allows me to hang it from my bag!! At first, I was afraid the silicone wouldn't be strong enough for that and would stretch.. Well so far, no issues!! I use a carabiner and attach it to my bag!! No stretching and super easy to carry my tap with me!

1.) Can access all buttons in the sling
2.) Can charge with the sling on (Via USB port not dock)
3.) Allows personalization of your Tap
4.) Protects your Tap from dings and since my tap isn't for home use, this is great
5.) I love the bright and vibrant colors
6.) Silicone is plenty strong enough for hanging
7.) Doesn't adversely affect sound quality

Overall: I do feel $20 for the sling is a little high but for the protection it provides my brand new tap, I very happy with it.. I didn't buy my tap to sit still at home.. I purchased it to go out with me!! This sling performs excellently for that and provides great protection while I am out and about!!

I now plan on ordering more colors! I love being able to personalize my Tap and this sling is going to allow me to do that!

Update: 7/25/16 - still holding up well! The sling still has original color and not marking up in anyway.. carry it daily

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5I also own a Echo and if you own a Echo you will love the Tap
Ok first things first, I also own a Echo and if you own a Echo you will love the Tap.
Now you will see a lot of reviews around the internet of people saying they wish the Tap was voice enabled like the Echo. I happen to think those people are not completely thinking things through. Because the Echo is not meant to be a mobile device. It generally sits somewhere in your house and the voice command is then a great feature to have. But the Tap is meant to be mobile, and therefore I am happy it's not a Voice command device. I would not want to be at the beach or on a subway or at the coffee shop and having this thing think the world is taking to it. So I actually think not having a voice command is a well thought out feature. I have the Echo on my kitchen counter and the Tap in my Studio office. And when I leave my office I just grab it and go.
I bought this on sale for $89 and I went to the store and listened to many Bluetooth speakers. And while yes the charge 3 sounds better, all the charge 3 can do is be a Bluetooth speaker. While the Tap is so much more for less $$. And the Tap sounds Great. After looking online I was a little nervous that it would not sound that great, but I was 100% wrong about that. There is no other product out there for $89 that sounds this good and can do what the Tap does.
I was not paid or given a Tap to write this review. I'm just a consumer who was it the market for a Bluetooth speaker, and I could not be happier with my choice.
Also if you buy this device buy the Amazon sling as well. Trust me you will want it. And honestly I am again happy I got the one that covers the bottom of the Tap. Because if this was sitting on a table and someone knocked over a drink I would not want the bottom where the charging rings are to be exposed.
That's it, that's all. Buy it, you won't be disappointed!!!!!

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4Updated review (after 2 months)...
By Jbird
I am updating my review from two months ago.. My initial review for the sling cover was based on first impressions after just receiving it. Today I have been using the Tap and sling daily for over the last two months and I felt like I needed to modify my review. I originally did not recommend this product, but after living with it, and growing to like it, I am changing my recommendation.

The truth is, the base and top feel more protected than the appearance would have you believe. I have dropped it a couple times and it was protected by the sling. I think the rubber absorbs most of the force of the fall. Also, it has been sat into a puddle and the bottom is protected by the rubber sling.

I initially was upset by the sling preventing me from charging on the charging dock, but it isn't as big of a problem as I thought it would be. I just pull off the bottom of the sling and charge it (leaving the top of the sling on). easy off and easy back on after.

My only real lingering complaint would be the price. $20 for essentially a thin piece of rubber wrapping the top and bottom still seems a little excessive. I am increasing my stars by one. Really the price is the only thing keeping this from a 5 star for me. I have come to really like the sling. I have also bought a cheap pouch to throw it into while transporting it. That has eased my concerns about keeping it clean/safe while throwing it into a work bag.

My original is below. Overall, I would (and have) recommended the sling to protect the Tap.


Received the Tap and the Sling cover in the last 24 hours. First impressions are:

+ Bright color (I got blue) is vibrant and attractive.

+ Hole to loop a finger for transport is a nice touch.

- It doesn't appear to do much in way of actually "protecting" the Tap. It adds a little protection for moving it around the table, but not if it fell off the table. I cannot imagine it being too protected thrown into a gym bag or work bag.

- $20 is too much of an asking price for what you get. Seeing now what actually was sent, I wouldn't recommend paying over $10 for this.

- The Tap has a brilliant cradle charger (just sit the Tap on the charger and it's good to go!). This case prevents you from using the charging cradle. Either you have to remove the Tap from the bottom of the sling every time you charge it (possibly stretching out the sling), or you have to charge by plugging the charger into the back of the Tap. That isn't so horrible, I guess, but what a waste of a charging dock... sitting on the table not being used!

I guess overall there are more negatives than positives. Had I known what I was getting (specifically the lack of real protection and that the charging dock wouldn't work), I wouldn't have bought it. I am contemplating a return tomorrow. What a shame, this could have been so great!

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