Amazon FreeTime Kid-Proof Case for Amazon Fire (Previous Generation - 5th), Pink

Amazon FreeTime Kid-Proof Case for Amazon Fire (Previous Generation - 5th), Pink
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Product Details

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Amazon
  • Model: SP51NC
  • Released on: 2015-09-30
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 1.00" w x 1.00" l,


  • The perfect kid-friendly companion, designed to protect your Fire (only compatible with 5th Generation - 2015 release)
  • Provides protection against bumps and drops
  • Designed to be easy for little hands to hold
  • Made from a lightweight, durable, kid-safe material
  • Easy access to buttons, ports and cameras


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5Video Examination and Some Kindle Fire 5th Gen Tossing (Seriously!)
By Tinfoot
[[VIDEOID:987bd7086417e820d28d4f4a226f1a92]]Yes, I bought myself the Kid-Proof Case. Why? Because I wanted a case that made the rather thin corners of the 5th Gen Fire feel comfortable and fully supported in my palms, as well as keeping my thumb off the screen (all those smears just from holding it, yeeeesh!). Plus, even adults love to have "Free Time"!

I had wanted a silicone casing, in the same overall design as this, but currently there is precious little for the 5th Gen aside from all the same-o, same-o flip covers. And I am more than happy with this robust foam. As I show in my video, this puppy has some SERIOUS depth to the bumper protection insets (yes, I toss my Fire about on my work table in my video to demonstrate). Yet the way the power button is still easily accessible, sight-unseen, shows foresight in design. I have a flip case for my Samsung Tab 3 that makes finding and pushing the power button a Peek-a-Boo game every time.

Fantastic grip texture, too. Even with damp hands (like when I am sitting in my hot tub with this, watching Amazon Prime Video). :)

Here is the Amazon link to the tempered glass screen protector I put on (the two fit like peas in a pod): Fire Screen Protector, SPARIN® [Explosion-proof] [Repeatable Installation] Glass Screen Protector for NEW - Fire (7" Display, 2015 Released), Retail Packaging

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By TJo
I actually bought this for my hubby's new Fire. He has arthritis in his hands, and drops things constantly. This is perfect protection for just that purpose. He really likes it, and says it makes it easier to hold onto.

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5Great product that actually works!!!!!
By jessicahkiefer
OMG I love my cover!!! Let me explain myself first. I'm disabled and my hands don't always hold things like they should. To say I drop a lot of things is an understatement. I've owned 7 Kindles and I've dropped and broken the screens on every one before I got this cover. My husband bought me a Kindle Fire for an early Christmas present and he thought to buy this cover with it. Let me describe it: It's made of foam rubber, kind of soft yet firm. It reminds me of the little inserts you put under your shoe pad to help support your instep that Nike offers with their tennis shoes. Only much bigger..... Now to the part where I drop my Kindle at least two days a week. I have hard wood floors and this cover has saved my Fire from biting the dust often in the month that I've owned it. The only downside is the look and color of the cover. It's childish.... but, it's made for children so I can't complain now can I? My favorite color is orange so my hubby bought the orange cover.... Reminds me of an orange... haha. Anyway, it does protect your Kindle and that is what my hubby bought it for. Believe me when I say I've "tested" its quality and durability!!!!

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