Amazon Elements Calcium Complex, 195 Capsules

Amazon Elements Calcium Complex, 195 Capsules
From Amazon Elements

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  • Released on: 2017-02-20
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  • Calcium Complex formulated from marine algae
  • - Vegan Calcium Complex fortified with Vitamin D2
  • - Does not contain allergens, artificial colors and flavors, chemical preservatives, gluten, or soy
  • - Discover the certificate of analysis for your vitamins by scanning the code on the bottle
  • - Made in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility in the USA from US and imported ingredients

The Complexity of Calcium

Algae from the Sea

Amazon Elements Calcium Complex contains calcified red marine algae harvested off the coast of Iceland. Calcium is often derived from hard minerals, but our formulation uses marine algae from the Lithothamnion subspecies genus. Because our Calcium Complex is plant-based, the magnesium in our formulation is naturally occurring. Once the calcium is fully cleaned, screened, and milled it is delivered to our manufacturer and used as the active ingredient in our product.

Sourced in

Meet Our Manufacturer

We chose our manufacturer, Arizona Nutritional Supplements (ANS), because of their 20 years of experience in the world of dietary supplements. Located in Chandler, Arizona, ANS is known for their high quality standards and thorough evaluation of products and ingredients at every stage. From raw materials to finished goods, their rigorous program ensures that you receive a high-quality, unadulterated product that you feel good about taking.

Located in Chandler, AZ

Ingredient Origins

We know it’s important to you to have a transparent view into the product you’re consuming. That’s why we include details about the ingredients in our Amazon Elements Calcium Complex, including its origins and purpose. The active ingredient, Calcium, is made from calcified marine algae and fortified with Vitamin D2. Other ingredients in the supplement are designed to help keep the blend consistent, prevent it from caking, and support the encapsulation process. Our Calcium Complex does not contain allergens and the equipment used to make the product is cleaned and assessed prior to each use.



Active ingredient that comes from calcified red marine algae from the Lithothamnion subspecies genus, harvested from the Iceland seabed. From Iceland.

Vitamin D2

Active ingredient created by combining whole-cell yeast with molasses and exposing it to UV light. From Raplamaa, Estonia.

Vegetable Capsule (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose)

Holds, seals, and protects the formula. From USA.

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Microcrystalline Cellulose

Ensures each capsule is consistently filled. From Brazil.

Magnesium Stearate

Lubricates the formula so that it can be easily encapsulated. From Jurong Island, Singapore.

Organic Rice Hull Concentrate

Prevents the formula from caking. From California, USA.

Silicon Dioxide

Prevents the formula from caking and sticking to the manufacturing equipment. From Baltimore, Maryland.

Still have questions?

    • Does this supplement contain allergens?
    • No, this product does not contain allergens, including gluten or soy. The equipment used to make the product is also cleaned and assessed prior to use to verify the prevention of allergens and cross-contamination.

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    • Is this supplement gluten-free?
    • Yes. Gluten is not used in the formulation or creation of this product. As an additional precaution, we also test the product for the presence of gluten to ensure that it has not been cross-contaminated.
    • Is the capsule made from animal gelatin?
    • No. No animal products are used to create this product.
    • Is this supplement vegan?
    • Yes.
    • What is the difference between a supplement in a capsule and a tablet?
    • A capsule is used as the vessel to hold a powdered supplement formulation. The formulation remains a powder inside the capsule, whereas in a tablet, the supplement formulation is compressed.
    • What is magnesium stearate? Why is it added to the supplement?
    • Magnesium stearate is a chemical compound of magnesium salt of stearic acid. It is a white, water-insoluble powder used to lubricate the supplement formula so that it can be easily encapsulated.
    • What is silicon dioxide? Why is it added to the supplement?
    • Silicon dioxide is a chemical compound most commonly found in quartz and living organisms. It is used to prevent the supplement formula from caking and sticking to manufacturing equipment.
    • What is microcrystalline cellulose? Why is it added to the supplement?
    • Microcrystalline cellulose is a refined wood pulp. It is used to prevent the supplement formula from caking to ensure that each capsule is consistently filled.
    • Where is the product made?
    • The product is made in Arizona, USA, by Arizona Nutritional Supplements (ANS), from US and imported ingredients.
    • Who tests the supplements?
    • We use the ANS state-of-the-art facility as well as ISO accredited third-party labs to validate the potency, purity, and integrity of our products. Each lab is responsible for performing different tests.
    • How long are supplements potent?
    • Supplements degrade naturally over time at varying rates. We test our supplements potency after each production and include those results on the certificate of analysis. This means that the potency for your bottle may be lower than appears on the certificate of analysis depending on its age. To ensure you get the most from our product, we designed our shelf-life to account for this.
    • Is this the certificate of analysis for my supplements?
    • The certificate of analysis on this page is from our latest batch of product. You can access the certificate for your supplements by scanning the barcode on the bottle. Simply open the Amazon mobile app, click the camera icon in the search bar, and scan your bottle’s barcode.
    • How did you verify the safety and quality of this product?
    • We developed a robust program that includes testing the raw materials and finished products for integrity (microbial, heavy metal, and chemical), purity (identity and authenticity), and potency (concentration of ingredients) to ensure their safety and quality.
    • How did you establish the safety and quality standards for this product?
    • Amazon Elements quality standards are based on industry practices, state and federal guidelines, and consultation with scientific research and analysis, in addition to risk assessment of the raw materials, products, and manufacturing facility.
    • How do I access the certificate of analysis for my bottle?
    • This can be accessed through the code located on the front of your bottle. Simply open the Amazon mobile app, tap the camera icon in the search bar, and scan the barcode on your bottle.
    • I took this Calcium Complex and now I feel sick. What should I do?
    • Please contact your health care practitioner. You can also call our customer service at 877-485-0385 or send a letter to the address listed on the bottle to report any adverse event you experienced as a result of taking this supplement.

Customer Reviews

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4Seemingly Good Quality Calcium Supplement-But Uses Vitamin D2 & Unsure How Calcium From Marine Algae Compares To Other Calcium
By Robin
This Amazon Elements calcium supplement is a plant based supplement. One serving is three capsules daily and provides 750 mg of calcium as Lithothamnion from marine algae, 600 IU of Vitamin D2 as ergocalciferol from cultured yeast and 50 mg of magnesium as Lithothamnion from marine algae. I've read calcium should be taken in doses under 500 mg at a time with 4 hours between (per Livestrong) so I split mine into two doses. Like many supplements, I can't really evaluate how well this calcium is absorbed and any benefits to my body in the short run. I can say the capsules are easy for me to swallow and digest. I don't have any side effects, such as an upset stomach or any burping up. This seems like a good quality supplement that's vegan, gluten free and free of artificial junk, plus it's been tested thoroughly for metals and impurities that are fully disclosed.

I wish I knew with confidence how calcium from marine algae stacks up against other calcium types. I've read it's basically the same as calcium carbonate, except it has additional minerals that may enhance bone absorption and have other benefits. It sounds good, though it sounds like not enough testing has been done in humans. A 2016 BerkleyWellness article concludes, in short, that there isn't yet enough unbiased evidence about the efficacy and safety of supplementing with marine algae over other types of calcium. This supplement includes 600 IU of Vitamin D2- which I assume is included because Vitamin D aids calcium absorption. Notably, the label says that's 150% of the RDA, but it seems mistaken as Mayo Clinic and other sources say the RDA for D has been raised to 600 IU (so I believe 600 IU is 100% not 150%). Also, one shouldn't assume this calcium supplement with 600 IU of D2 is also an optimal Vitamin D supplement because it's not- it's a calcium supplement with some Vitamin D.

Dr. Weil and others recommend 2000 IUs of Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol daily (even for vegans) as Vitamin D deficiency is common and Vitamin D3 has many benefits and is superior to D2. I have a strong preference for taking D3 over D2 and take an extra 1000-1500 IUs of D3 as cholecalciferol daily while taking Amazon Elements calcium. I'd prefer this supplement had D3, but also understand vegans and others may not take D3 as cholecalciferol because it's derived from lanolin from sheep's wool. For vegans and those who can't take D3 as cholecalcifero, an additional D2 supplement of about 1400 IUs (unless a doctor says differently) should be taken while taking this calcium supplement. I rate this supplement 3.5 stars (rounded to 4 stars) as it seems like a good quality supplement, though I'd prefer a D3 version. Also, while I think calcium from marine algae sourced from Iceland sounds potentially excellent, I'd like to see more studies confirming benefits by comparing this form of calcium to other types or placebos in humans.

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4but definitely good quality
By ̲H̲̲a̲̲r̲̲v̲̲a̲̲r̲̲d̲ Han
On the pricy side, but definitely good quality capsules

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5Five Stars
By Leann Hall
Great price and product!

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