Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot

Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot
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  • Sales Rank: #3 in Digital Accessories 3
  • Brand: Amazon
  • Released on: 2016-05-08
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 1.00" w x 1.00" l,


  • Official remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot (Not compatible with Amazon Tap)
  • Connects to Amazon Echo and Echo Dot via Bluetooth
  • Includes an integrated microphone for when you are too far away or it's too noisy for Echo to hear you
  • Dedicated buttons for volume up, volume down, play/pause, previous, and next
  • Amazon Echo and Echo Dot work with one remote at a time

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2Has Trouble Understanding Commands, Volume Control Slow to Respond
By Jeffrey N. Fritz
As good as the Echo is, the Echo Voice Remote seems to leave much to be desired. Whereas the Echo Dot recognizes my voice immediately and correctly interprets my commands consistently, the Voice Remote is far less likely to do so. Sometimes I'm not even heard at all. I often have to repeat commands several times before the Echo responds to me. Plus the volume control on the remote is slow to respond. And I don't mean a millisecond slow. The volume won't change for several seconds after the button is pushed.

Yes, this is the New Generation Voice Remote.

"Aha!" You say. "You must be too far away from the Echo Dot."

Granted, I am on the other side of the house when I use the Voice Remote. However, that doesn't explain why the shuffle button works immediately and correctly--every time. Plus doesn't Amazon brag on the device's great range? If it was a distance problem, wouldn't the shuffle button have the same connectivity issue? No, either I have a bad remote or the Voice Remote doesn't work as effectively and effortlessly as the Echo Dot itself. That's too bad.

*** UPDATE ***

I discovered that there is a trick to being understood when you use the Voice Remote, but it also comes with a gotcha. When you press down and hold the Talk Button on the Voice Remote, it's the equivalent of using the wake word on the Echo itself ("Alexa," for example.) Since you can't see the LEDs on the Echo respond to the wake word, the Echo makes a tone to let you know that it's listening. There is a second a different acknowledgement tone after you release the Talk button. The Echo now knows that you have finished with your command or question.

If you wait for that first response tone, then issue a command, the Echo interprets what you've said correctly the majority of the time. But, here comes the gotcha. (Amazon engineering are you listening?) If you are in another room or in another part of the home with your Voice Remote, you can't hear the Echo's tone or see the LEDs on the Echo.

What Amazon needs to do to make the Voice Remote really effective is to place either a small speaker in the Voice Remote to relay the tone or, alternatively, add an LED that lights to let you know that the Echo is listening to you. It's this lack of feedback from the Echo that presents the biggest difficulty (for me, at least) in using the remote.

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5Great range, very handy, wish it had a home base mount still
By kemilie
As other reviewers I wish that the remote still came with the handy magnetic base like the first ones did. It does, at least, come with the battery still. Because I know the remote will disappear to a never been seen again realm without a home I have decided to swallow my irritation it doesn't come with a dock and buy one to use with it. From my research it looks like this is the best bet - TotalMount Fire TV Remote Holder. The Fire TV remote appears to be the exact dimensions of the Echo remote, so I'm hopeful this will be a great solution even though it irks me to spend another $10 on a solution for something that used to be included! **Update: I ordered the TotalMount Fire TV Remote holder and it works great with Echo Remote.**

We have a few Alexa units in the house and aside from the original one that came with a remote I haven't felt the need to buy another remote. Unless you blast your music it is normally fairly simple to engage with Alexa (at least how we have our rooms setup) even without the remote. However, my 3 and 4 year old have recently become quite the Alexa fanboys - checking the time, asking for jokes, listening to their playlists we've set up.... one of them can articulate clearly and Alexa responds, and the other can not. Before frustration got to a crazy level I decided a remote for the unit they normally talk to was the key.

They (and I) love that you don't have to say Alexa *just* right to get a response with the remote. You simply hold down the microphone button and start talking (no wake word needed). Happy campers now. The range is great, the Alexa unit connected with this remote is in the middle of the house upstairs and no problems with using the remote anywhere upstairs (about 2000 square), as well as from two floors down in the crawl space - tested simply to see if it would work, and it did! We use Alexa on a daily basis and the remote is a great tool to go with it.

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3No Magnetic Holster - But Remote Is Same
By Jeffrey C Drywater
The remote seems to function as the previous generation but the lack of a magnetic holster is a major disappointment. Having a place to "park" the remote was such a fantastic feature. At first, the Echo came with a remote (and holster). Then, I had to buy a remote separately with my second Echo, but it still came with the holster. Now, I have to buy the remotes for another Echo and a Dot and they don't have the holsters. Rather than raising the price or at least offering a choice, I feel like the quality is being stripped down with each new generation. I still like the Echoes okay, they fill a need, but I am worried about Amazon's choices in slowly cutting away the extras.

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