ARCHEER 25W Bluetooth Speaker (A320) with Super Bass, Loud Bamboo Wood Home Audio Wireless Speakers with Subwoofer

ARCHEER 25W Bluetooth Speaker (A320) with Super Bass, Loud Bamboo Wood Home Audio Wireless Speakers with Subwoofer

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #874 in Speakers
  • Color: A320
  • Brand: ARCHEER
  • Model: A320
  • Dimensions: 5.25" h x 3.14" w x 9.75" l, 3.09 pounds


  • Superior Sound Quality: this powerful speaker features dual 5W Drivers deliver crystal clear Mid and high Sound, one 15W subwoofer pumps out amazing & thumping bass. Great for home TV set, mini projector, small party etc.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Connectivity: Up to 10m/ 33 Ft operating range, enjoy room-filling sound via Bluetooth 4.0 from your snartphone, iPad, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled devices, or connect with your laptop, pc or non-bluetooth enabled devices via 3.5mm audio cable.
  • Longer Playtime: Built-in 5200mAh Li-ion battery, the upgraded battery ensures estimated 11hrs at 50% volume. USB charger needs to purchase separately, we recommend ARCHEER 17W 3.4A wall charger.
  • USB Recharging: recharge the bamboo speaker via the coming usb cable with separately purchased 5V/2A USB charger. Use 5V/1A charger will cause red indicator flashing charging failure.
  • What You Get: 1x Upgraded ARCHEER A320 Bluetooth Speaker, 1x Carrying Bag, 1x USB Cable, 1x 3.5mm Audio Cable, 1x User Manual; ARCHEER's 40-day money back guarantee, 18-month hassle-free warranty with considerate customer service.

We upgraded the 25W bamboo speaker with more stable charging port to improve customers' experience.

Breathe the Nature
Made from high class natural bamboo and skin-friendly rewind fabric material, the ARCHEER A320 indoor Stereo brings the breath of nature and soothing melody to your leisure and cozy entertaining time with mild feel in control.

Flawless Integration
The warm colored & vintage appearance makes it an indispensible interior adorn for rooms decoration, Have one in a café, a restaurant, an vintage cloth shop or a dance studio. It integrates flawlessly into your room and matches seamlessly with the texture of your wood furniture as a reflection of far-reaching impact of classical aesthetics.

Stunning Sound
As a new generation of HI-FI home stereo, sound quality values the most. With 2 crystal clear tweeters and 1 powerful subwoofer, the room-filling 2.1 Channel Stereo sound with clear treble, alto voice, and abundant bass will be reproduced in an immersive, stunning and powerful genre.

Considerate Control
Connect A320 Bluetooth speaker to your Smartphones, tablets or laptops via Bluetooth or to your conventional music players by using the included 3.5mm audio cable to start your own music entertainment in just one step. Skip tunes and nearly all playback control can all be operated on the stereo. Enjoy your music, your lyrics and your soundtrack in a unique and highly personalized style.

Technical Parameters
Output Power: 2*5Watts+15Watts=25Watts
Signal to Noise Ratio: Bass≥75DdB; Treble≥80dB
Frequency Effects: 80 Hz-20 KHz
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Rated Voltage: 7.4V

Customer Reviews

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5Incredibly rich and detailed sound, with tight and strong bass response. Just amazing, a wireless stereo shouldn't be this good.
By jonas_RT40
Let me start by saying that I review products as a hobby, and was provided this product for that purpose. However, I don’t mince words, and I don’t hesitate to point out flaws.


So, I am an audio nerd. I spend way too much time, money, and effort on listening to things. I build stereos and amplifiers using all different kinds of speakers (drivers), and really enjoy the variation of sound that can be produced from big expensive systems all the way down to sub-mini portable speakers. I wouldn’t label myself an “audiophile” because of ridiculousness the label carries (I don’t buy $200 cables), but I have spent hundreds of hours testing or building audio equipment.

A bit of my audio background for perspective… I have a set of Pluto speakers that I built (designed by Siegfried Linkwitz) which run about $2000 and sound mind-blowing. My daily stereo for TV and things is a 7.2 Onkyo/Yamaha setup. I have probably a dozen other stereo setups, including some very small open-baffle designs, and own a dozen or so Bluetooth speakers. I have also built a high-end portable stereo running on a sealed lead-acid battery.

The surprisingly thing is, this Archeer bamboo speaker is simply the best battery powered stereo that I own.

This is not something that I say lightly, but it’s true. I can tell a considerable amount of time and expertise was spent designing this system. Notice that it has two drivers for the middle to high frequencies, and a single woofer in the center for low-frequency extension. Getting these two types of speakers to jive together involves a “cross-over”, so that the frequencies go to the correct speaker, which is difficult to design well and usually results in noticeable frequency spikes. For example, many stereos will have good bass and clean highs, but the middles are muddy. Others have a sharp or shrill spot in somewhere in the range of high female vocals. Incredibly, this unit has a very impressive clean sweep up the frequency band. I suspect the ~4inch center woofer has considerable range, and allows good blending with the tweeters. Furthermore, the box is tuned very well using the woofer port on the back of the case… again, something that often causes a “boxy” sound or muddled but strong bass.

What this means to you, is that the stereos just sounds great. I played a wide range of music, including hip hop, indy, acoustic, rock, classical, folk… it just sounds incredibly clean and spirited. The low end has plenty of room, you will not get this stereo and be disappointed in the bass response. Importantly, the bass it puts out is clean and sharp, with each beat well separated from the other components of the music. The highs are clean, which isn’t that hard to achieve, but the middles are shockingly tight and clean as well. Listening to something bass-heavy with mid-range vocals, like Nick Drake, produces lovely, rich sound. I’m just really impressed with how great this sounds while being in such as small package.

Besides audio quality, the construction is heavy and solid. It paired with my iPhone in less than a few seconds and reconnects as soon as the speaker is powered on. It has great volume output and cranked up about to 60% of max was able to fill my living room with a concert. The bamboo is thick and beautifully finished, and it looks as good as any stereo that I own. The fact that it is wireless and battery powered is shocking; it shouldn’t be able to sound this good!

Beautifully clean, rich sound. The bass is very tight and strong, and blends incredibly well with the rest of the music. It looks expensive, feels expensive, and sounds expensive. Quite an incredible combination, especially being wireless and battery powered.

Being this small, and sounding this good, it is hard to think of any complaints. Like most stereos, the sound loses some clarity is turning up to 100% volume. However, I notice no distortion even at 95% volume, which is very good.

It is very impressive how some determined individuals are able to engineer beautifully rich sound from such a small package. The drivers were well chosen and implemented, and the result is detailed, impressive sound. It doesn’t hurt that the thing makes my interior décor look more classy at the same time : )



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3Almost flawless, but one serious concern!
By Craig D Scroggins
The product itself is amazing, one of the best built and sounding speakers of this size I've heard. No one would or should complain about the sound quality, except for audio snobs who can somehow hear frequencies no one else can.

So, the one major issue is the battery and charger. This speaker needs an AC adapter. It uses a micro-usb cell phone charger instead of an AC adapter. This seems to be the way a lot of devices are going and I hate it. First, the battery last a decent time and forever on low volume; however it takes forever to charge with the micro usb charger. Second, you can't really listen to the speaker while it is charger, so basically with an AC adapter yiu can keep it plugged in inside the home; this unit is pretty much designed to run on the battery only.

I noticed this flaw when the battery was dead, I assumed I could connect the charger and keep listening, but the unit kept turning off because the charge was not yet high enough. This makes me question the long-term value of the speaker, what happens when the battery will no longer hold a charge? With an AC adapter you'd still be able to use it inside the home. I am still keeping the speaker because it sounds so great!

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5Archeer 25W Bluetooth Speaker
If you listen to bass heavy music such as EDM or rap and hip-hop, this unique looking Bluetooth speaker by Archeer is one of best bang for your buck wireless speakers on the market in terms of pure bass performance. It is powered by three speakers; two tweeters each at 5W for all the mid and high notes, and a 15W subwoofer which results in all of the bass the speaker puts out (total of 25 watts).

The design is very modern but minimalistic at the same time with the three speakers on the front without any grills covering it. The front is housed in a dark bamboo wood finish that makes it look very nice. Around the sides is a foam type material and all of the buttons are located on the top of the device (volume up/down, next/previous track, play/pause, and power on/off). Once we powered on, it went automatically in Bluetooth paring mode and we were able to sync our iPhone up on the first try. The build quality is very good and it seems like a solid unit with plenty of heft to it. Battery life is rated at up to 11 hours of playtime and is recharged with the included micro USB cable.

Like I mentioned before, there is plenty of bass with these speakers. I have other speakers (in the 10-15W range) and while they product a decent overall sound, the bass reproduction on these speakers blows them out of the water and the result is a crisp and clear sound that is not muddled at all. Overall, this is probably the best battery powered Bluetooth speaker I own.

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