#1 Greenpointselect Acrylic Speaker Stand for Amazon Echo Show Smart Home Décor Guard Station Protection Holder For Alexa (Clear)

#1 Greenpointselect Acrylic Speaker Stand for Amazon Echo Show Smart Home Décor Guard Station Protection Holder For Alexa (Clear)


  • Brand: Greenpointselect
  • Color: clear
  • Manufacturer: Greenpointselect Techonology
  • Model: ES-1


  • Enjoy your Echo Show with our stand for Alexa and don't worry about the risk of it getting knocked over. Fit for Amazon Echo Show. UE Boom speaker Exclusive product
  • Keep the speaker in its base and save some time with our horseshoe-like gap in the upper ring - no cumbersome unplug-replug hijinks
  • Impress your guests not only with Alexa's skills but also with looks - They'll know you're smart AND that you have good tast
  • Our gorgeous Acrylic bases vary so each Greenpointselect will have unique grain and patterns with a slightly varying hue. Your stand for Alexa will be elegant and understated, 4 anti-slip mats on the bottom.
  • This is Greenpointselect Amazon Echo Show speaker protection Guard only, Amazon Echo speaker sale separately



The Greenpointselect echo dot guard is an Amazon Echo Show accessory that holds and protects your helpful friend Alexa from accidents such as falling over or being knocked off of your kitchen counter or an end table (or wherever you choose to put it!). This Amazon Echo Show accessory is uniquely designed for the Echo Show, it will not alter the sound of your Echo Show or Alexa's ability to hear you.


This speaker stand's base for your Amazon Echo Dot is made from real clear Acrylic. The spun aluminum support dowels are friction fit into the base and into a clear acrylic ring. The Greenpointselect isn't easily moved once it is holding your Echo.

The Greenpointselect is Made by top quality with care.

Keep your Echo Dot plugged in!

The Greenpointselect features a space in the acrylic upper ring so that you don't have to unplug Alexa and fish the power cord through the speaker stand to plug it back in, unlike other Echo accessories on the market. Just plug the Echo into the wall and slide the power cord through the gap in the upper rings of your speaker stand. It will save you time and frustration. This might sound minor but other stands require un-and-re-plugging the Echo in to even use them, and it's time consuming.


Each Greenpointselect Echo guard has a clear acrylic base that naturally will have different grain patterns so each one will be one of a kind. We designed and have these manufactured by top quality with care and will refund you if we cannot satisfy you with our products. Greenpointselect is not affiliated with Amazon Inc, Amazon Echo Show is a registered trademark of Amazon Inc. Greenpointselect Amazon Echo Show Stand is a standalone product which does not include the Amazon Echo Show itself.